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For the last 40 years was AI good thing or bad?

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The history of Chardan AI
3D County.com

About US CHarDan AI LLC.

I am D E Collins
I started behind a TV set like my Father before me, as a TV repair journeyman at the age of 6 till 1070 my first corporate job was as systems technician with RCA Canada.
We engineered, sold and repaired wireless, status, messaging, radio, cable systems, PA, audio, video, sports, CCTV and custom security and data systems.

July 16, 1969 AI went to the moon!.

Apollo 11, the first space mission to put people on the Moon.




Invented in 1921, pagers—or "beepers" as they are also known, reached their heyday in the 1980s and 1990s before the switch the entrance of the cell phone it was the "beeper".
The beeper was "it" To have one hanging from a belt loop, shirt pocket, or purse strap was to convey a certain kind of status—that of a person important enough to be reached at a moment's notice, in elevators , church, theaters, and operating rooms even class rooms. Jan 30, 2021 or 1980

TouchTone phones

On November 18, 1963, the first electronic push-button system with touch-tone dialing was commercially offered by Bell Telephone to customers in the Pittsburgh area towns of Carnegie and Greensburg, Pennsylvania, after the Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) system had been tested for several years in multiple locations, including Greensburg.

ARPANET was launched in 1969 Called innternet

in 1970s LAN systems ON PC arrived and Microsift spoke of a concept Called Desk Top Small Talk, and networkng and midscape and gamers moved to ip forums ( metaverse ) gameing by another name, interneting.


1970 push-button system phone HDTTMF and ARPNET via floppy disk AI using machine language and latwr Desktop From Teech periodicals (old git hub chat coffie break forums for social netwroking via dial up , if you could get you to a link on dial up Node social net or exe txt png or een s .com program on a phone line, if after 3 am to vote on a servy, that is.


1970 floppy disk AI Voice From Muse on an Apple

QX 10 IN 1980 EPSON introduced the QX 10 PC

Business at home or office on QX 10 PC and HX20 portable laptop and VALDOCS platform to replaced the telex at all branch operations and for sale for branch and franchise data messaging and it ran dial up email , spread sheet word processor and database , stand alone platforms and VALDOCS software ran home or office messaging and data tabulations could be sent by phone at will or as planned for month end after hours and or as an answering machine during the day poit of sail Ai system during the day.



And CHARDAN AI llc launchd in 1988 and went on the telephone lines.

Value Added AI Digital for IBM PC Touch-Tone Messaging and Voice Mail card and opem source software in DBASE or FOXBASE wirh optional text to speach Software and pigy back card app. August 22, 1988

1988 with a direct dial to a bbrd node on the phone land lines was now like a web.

Chardan launced Talking Desk the first home PC commercially available AI Receptionist sotware and hatdware value added systems (with optional music or Dungeon and multy function hold options like DnD hold games or your parts and service and new product metaverse and in general business and games part line and call forward , optional 2 line phone ) was introduced
Open source interfacing ment point of sale advertising and shopping cart database platform for dvertising touch tone phones and commercial or private messaging and opto switcheng text to speach and call forward over current fiber optic switching analog and digital interface and using any softwares (AI) and dbase, word or a spread sheet, with text to speach processing apps for IBM PC in an inexpensive solution to 1970 platforms was the future for messaging on the phone from your home or office interface for Hx20 or Epson Valdocs QX10 system in 1980 or open source for c or zenix 4th cobal pascal cad cam ... visa digital scripts.

AI point of sale and data access 24-7 after closing hours, order entry was released in open source dBase c, ms dos apple soft or fox base code and available from the launch of CHARDAN AI in 1988 called TALKING DESK ( called it a web system).

ICANN launched in 1988 using an improved simaler Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) based system for addressing millions of ".com" named prog fileson dial up too, Free Software APP with the purchase of a Tone Talker card for IBM PC as AI's first commercial available software for inbound outbound HDTTMF and analog, digital and fiber optic interfacing via a private radio, phone line or business s-1000 x10 switch or local LAN network switching system via modem

1988 AI Video receptionist was animated gifs flash script advertising and order entry messaging BuRAnet platforms (websita ARPANET phone line swcript for AI Text to speach and Speach to text data base acessing bytouch tone or music or speach recognition pass word log in ad applied by AI scrits for logical assemble of usr friendly responces based on voice recognition were to become the metaverse AI bots of today, CHardan AI prepared to take of oppertunities in the future as they arrived and when ICANN shoed up selling .com addresses the world changed for messaging via AI scripts and Voice Recognition

Durng this 80's time subdirectory files on turnkey secure PC. were the Apple users goups and coffie breaks of social ntwroking going online via servers for binary fil‎es script handelers and menues saved on directories of hard drives l.ke a dir menue on the Apple users group library of free software on dial up modem login 300 baud bullitin boards in a neighbourhood near you.
Many .com and dbases were dialup pc's and their disk drives via acessed modem and dial up phone number addreses each hooked up to different programes on peoples pC drives all calle this and that ",com ", .com files on nodes commercialy and publicaly avaliable and hosted and created for the directories like admin, parts, billing, directions, video games even press news coffie breaks like "Sheep sheering today"ideo recording educational films , and in that directory was a .com or .bat and the scripts "AI" apps or peoples works and programs with the .com suffix as there was no "internet ICANN" as of yet only phone and user direct contact and you might have to Wait till 2:am to get loged on and through busy phone lines for your graduation grades or a listing, on the universities pc. hard drive on these early web platforms
Software apps and AI cgi coded messaging files went from a dot.com aps files on a person or school-business and offie pc. program for coffiebreak , news and information , and messaging or chat, priate groups had the phone number and an account for social networking groups on a co-op hard drive sharing a private (not party line) telephone jack and phone line to an intTERnet-averse place on the eather-net line called where a prgramm that does this and that “whatever.com" on a telephone number as an addrsses's computer hard drive system and was called a “whatever.com" address by the same name on any dial up pc available by DTMF private phone modems and a land line .

Messaging bbrd and software for handling internet DTMF addresses on x10 became available to run on talking desk systems first available via floppy disk and launched online 1988 we solvpc's and scobot's rhyno and sevrsal lines of AI bot for educational institutions and CHarDAN AI / Collins eductional supplies was opened.

ONline Headsets

3D virtual headsets. In the early-mid 1990s consumer virtual reality headsets were first released by video game companies.

1990 ms and iie morfed into windows 95 -98 and Mac OS Platforms.

1992 Commercial phone intRAnet dial-up and server scripts for Internet access were first being offered in 1992 by Sprint in the United States and by Pipex in the United Kingdom.

1988-2000 and the end slow home modems and of dial up until ICANN set up 1999 the new independent global addressing for multi platform and fiber wifi radio and phones made way for 3DVTV.com ™ 2000 and 3D animation on headset metaverses mindscape on intRAnet headsets nodes all over the direct dial intRAnet social nets linked up and businesses systems hosted their scripts.

ADSL was first commercially available in 1997 but very low volume. It was after windows 98 and about 1999 before early adopters started using it.

Broadband early 2000s

Broadband first started to replace dial-up in the early 2000s, with half of all Internet users having a broadband connection by 2007. Broadband allows a much higher volume of data to be transferred at faster speeds by using an ADSL.

In the early 2000s for Y2K


Chardan launched over 367 web startups to celebrate sappers who surveyed 200 towns for lots for sale by aucion and built hospotls and town halls and courts and drinking water for 2000 stsartuo town i British Colublia with a capitial city and then cleared a 49th parrallel boarderder betwrteen usa and Canada in 5 yesrs with 367 sappers and no bulldosers or chain saws and all o salery , then went nd built sapperton a town for themselves and turned inthe the royal canadian mounted police and so in theri honor for Y i launched 3Dcounty.com and with 367 new 3DStores.com and t websites for streaming copyright TV and 3D content with all my (dollars) on WWW 3Dcounty.com 3D and TV com addresses and nodes for 3DVirtualTV and parked them in a metaverses www.DCounty.com and published the plebisciteCanada.com podium and 3DDomains for giving away ( i still can not find any way to contact woth s class barrire blocking the mases and putting somne people and theri startups up o a pedistal and the rest blocked and used for advertiign so as to perpetuate 2D tv for 25 years in sports is the only reason i can think of why theh news would redact 100% of 3Dcounty.com soccial nets adn advertsng portsls for 25 years, unless you have a bettwr idea as to why 3DSportsVHannel.com is blocedked by all the news of sports in 3D online gameing and in vortual3DTV.com for,]mat too.

why are *M of stsartuos used fro advertisng by a few 2d social nets if it is theris intent to run a secute and real3Dtv.com netwroks hten why do they block investment in 3Drealtv.com id they are going to sell ads on 3DTravelTV.com then why do they block 3DTravelTV.com for 25 years why do they block 3Dstores.com if they are tryng to sell 3D stuff in 3D metaverses if they do not intent to blck 3Dstor.com then why do they do it ssssss so that no one can invest in the stock markets on 2D tv in a single 3Dstores.ci store for 25 years and if the 2D tv news os not blocking 3Dstores.com then who is? 4Dtv.

WWW.3DJournals.com And joined the stereo messaging and several coffee break groups chats and the social networking industry grew, we gave away in 2000 over 80 free world wide web .com and .net addresses for a Y2K Pot-lash celebrations and the Launch of www.3Dstores.com 2000,

3DCounty.com with 3DStores.com and 3Dfaces.com, www.3DTravel.com and 3DCity.com web pages perfect for apps stores and merchandising over a wide internet of users was ready for higher speeds for social networking in 3D platforms over 3DGlasses and future networking in 2000 to 2007

For months with traffic security and bandwidth problems in comparability on the the phone services and load switching and backup resources

Y2K CHarDanAI launched it's first web servers ,www.3Dcounty.com metaverses and www.3DStores.com for copyright 3DVIDS.com platforms during the peek of bootlegging startups for file sharring period so as to have copyrights for 3Dcounty.com strtuos on CRTC TV we applied for the firsrt 3DTVCHAnnel.com to the CRT and was told they were not interesed in internet tv or streaming 3D tv and would call me when they werew , flass forward to 2924 and we arw stil blocked by all the kings crtc newses and how do yur give away frew starttup org reaffic when it is stolen pre-emptivly and sold ads on it for 25 years , who do you trust any more when the 2D tv news redact and covwer for them and sell ads on 2D sports and politics elections, how can you launch a 3Dtv chanel like this, when your blocked by this kind of charity mnipulating and news content so we were givings an new mission in 3DJOurnals.com and we carried on reportung the coveruo as it progressed into an international interearance in 2024,

With new 3D and 3DTV message boards vertical markets like the tld suffix growth today and many 3D venues for better coffee breaks, messaging and commercial use and pleasure in 3D online for sports and fashion movies and travel in the wings.

3D headsets and social networking and video ADSL broadband and blackberry privacy synergies for traffic over broadband to WiFi speeds and messaging websites for 3D HD TV Channel startups in verticals content on headsets and cell phones messaging networks just around the corner it was 3DTVTime.com , for 3DTVPhones .com startups and 3Dcounty.com software for 3Dtvchannels.com to come out of the closet by 2010.


2005 www.3DTVCanada.com relaunched 3DTVCity.com ™ 2000, 3DFaces.com, ™ 2000 startups on Broadband , servers for ADSL Dial up , www.3DFaces.com 3DTVity.com on www.3DCounty.com on 2 servers ns1 and ns2.3dcounnty.com the first online for the worlds commercially available 3DPhotodates.com social net and more 3DTVCArs.com all from opensource in later talking desk revisions and custom formats. Headsets and 3DMovieCHannel.com for copyright cotent to social network in 3DCounty.com www.REal3DTV.com on real 3DStores.com shelves n a Real .3DCounty.com icnn address so as t secure our brands id and trade names and apps for movies. Beginning in the 2010s, next-generation commercial tethered headsets were released by Oculus (Rift), HTC (Vive) and Sony (PlayStation VR), setting off a new wave of application development. 2021 AG VR and holodigital technologies and new metaverses fr gsmeing and untrwl tournaments in 3D Headsets for gmeing . Today metaverses are popping up all over the web.

2024 And quantum computing AI scripts are forging new methods of messaging communication and work , Data messaging pleasure online today.

D Collins

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