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Back in the 1970-80's I worked for EPSON CANADA and we sold mechanisms for printing digitally , so many in fact that the Epson printer codes became a standard, the mechanisms were distributed to selected signed distributors, dealers and OEM and Val manufacturres and EPSON America sold so many that they became the name brand in every country for these SEIKO mechanisms that they became known to the world as EPSON Printer mechanisms ( actually made for them and machined by SEKIO) there after and we were a Canadian company forced to use the Epson Namebrand as that is what people wanted an EPSON as it was the most popular so we did not miss the tide, and it was a great success, and a good idea, as always and even today, I never made a dime from a good idea, same as 3DTVCHAnnelCHina.com all I ever got was my web traffic stolen and advertised on in the last 25 years. Go figure some things never change , and I digress.

So many people wanted an EPSON printer and the manufactures they flew off the shelves and Atari and COMODORE and the oem Orical, unix, and C data centers liked the synergy of the idea especialy the telcos and big techs as the EPSON Printers were recommended to governmanet, schools and businesses so I told the president that as the rep for the Canadian west I neeeded an EPSON printer with the OEN VAL and PC the maker's name plate stuck over or in place of and in stead of EPSON's name plane so remove it and let them pot thier own tag on the MX80, like the name ATARI or COMODOR and the OEM and VAL Telco and in BIG letters for their techs to soup up and make into a 'LOW RIDDER' printer that the companies needed a different color would help too to match their hardware inoculations colors and next thing I knew the top brass in Japan agreed and the EPSON became a common printer for these businesses so they grew.

Today, www.3DTVCars.com startup for cars and travel metaverses need A few million Chinese electric cars and our auto industry needs to upgrade them for our climates and auto Val and OEM industries , some need then to modify them into 'LOW RIDERS' and put Bigger engines resell them suped up, we need to make parts here for them , and they will need bigger tires on them we need them to 3DPaint innovate new jobs and modify them for custom internal uses outside work and pleasure and make a city and long haul hybred for the poorly financed OEM businesses and workers strapped for money from lost jobs from poor vigilance.

Most of all we need them for stopping climate to cool things down for now is the time for all good people to make hay while the sun shines and Chinese tourists driving in a car they made would be noticed anyways if they are coming and in the millions so they would know come to Canada and the USA and see the GRAND CANYON and the Salmon runs they would see we are not aggressive just free people trynbg to get along like always and see farms and people here they sell (almost) everything under the sun to for decades and to drive through the rocky mountains and the great food here in the Pacific North west and we need to socialy network on more than one or 2 state run social nets so as to use ICANN addresses globally and stop international interference blocking 3DTRavelTV.com on metaverse and searches so as 3DTravelCHina.com because they definitely need to be “Low riders” too on both sides of the Pacific.

As anyone can see just by looking around here in the west most everything is made in china anyways and a few million cars would be a a boost to industry innovation and climate changes is also if you think about it for a bit, just the same,.

SO I figure 3DTVCHAnnel.com and search engines electric cars and a name what's in a name that anyone cares about and wherte it was made makes no difference to international interfearance and you csan make things better by by putting some ones anyone's Name tag on imported products and this can change the world, create job opportunity in a few years an a boost to the EV lowrider industries too.

Canada and China must put their cell phone problems with the USA and Canada to bed and get on with life in the fast lane line they were a 3D Printer.

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