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The integrity test s for MAY 2024. Catchall test to see if your ICANN ip is targetd to be found or not found. or just plain missing your metaverse ID for 25 years.

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www.3DTVTime.com again for the 2024 www.3DTVTEchReport.com from www.3DCounty.com 2000 metaverse Fake news ,
Fake news ,
Fake news ,

fake search engine browser results for ICANN addreses blocked so ads acan be sold on them and backorder sold for as long as the domains are registerd fule, traffic theft for ad revenues and this funds , fake ne3s reports about innovstiona dnstatuos and this paves the way for fake search results , fake news, fake political traffic and fske bros=wsers on fsake surity platforms and fake intent that is now runs the ICANN intERNET off of fale intRANET nodes and steal web traffic with fake results and a fake result in business or politics religion or pleasure csn spoil everhting. results, fske winning , redcated out of the rewce 100% to 0 is the fake score and no way to launch a www.3DREALTV.com show in a Fake News! world of new AI MetRAVerses faking www.3DVirtualTV.com shows ICANN ip adresses for 3DMusicCHannel.com that is 3DCopyright.com works of web sites ip addreses and old works or starups for 3DmovieCHannel.com socisl networking for headsets communities and gameing coffie breaks and new innovation and new 3dtvsports.com merchandising and games online for 3D headset streaming video and annimstion for 25 years using fake news (is sports beting fsake too as eerthing else is so why would it be different , is polirics fake , if you want to block AI on your metaverse or social net account then register a 3DTV domain name .com startup with 3DTV in it and the entirw world will bockyour information for 25 years like they did to me and for sure will always be found and not found, as search engine AI is it is database and the data is binary collections by AI bot scriots not real phcal fscts but just scrit feerdback as per cided instructions and scrioting converted to binaty files so AI is only as samrt as the scripts wrote instructions or it's own projections according to the code and if wrong must be fixed by humams who wrote it, so why the problem in a hit counter, when the process is accedemic but it does not work due to hackeing or flaws and this would throw any election or comonay a cureve for sure so some one should report it even if they are blocked by international interfearance bu y9our own country , and luck for me i live in a cointry where you csn do this and all you get is bli9cked nut locked up and erased like in some countries so thsi is what we do whe we are intefared woth and our constitution os abused we report it, s welcom to Canda whee we report international interfearance qnd here issme that has n=been gong on for 25 years and so you fogeur out who is intefearing whil i watch them do it andpus=zzel over why i get blockedin the news reporting it asnd eferyone else get markmonitor and support. AI is dependant on what is In its programse modules AI scripts's code and when you want to be not found the only 100% garenteed ffrom my research 25 years is fom experiance gained when i launched CHardanAI website and registered a www.3DCA.com domain names and this will institute an AI bot to process you based on country and corprorate whims to class you in a web cast social net made to filter out untouchables websties or somthing, as for e 24 years and 2DCounty.com is untouchable by all the worlds press and international interfearance goes on but is redacted an this is whay it is imiirtant to 3DCopyright.com your statuos becue theycould be redacted and brwanded over righ in yiur face like 3DFaces.com was and is in 2000 and virtusl web mail was in 1988 (Look 3Dca.com up on www.3DSearchCHannel.com
yu would think some one would work pro boni into international interfesrance in 3DTelevisionnetork.com dtvbusiness in 2000 and tody but nix the press especialy how can they be telling the turth forst of al the fired al the journalists sdnare closing the trade of journalism jobs and hireing AI bots to commit fraud at quantum speeds aso if yiur going to report this it had bettier be now an dquick before it is too late ,, ahh it is alrsdy to kae 25 years is priif it is tto latee to even report it without beeing redacvted ror doing it in Canda i gues and the proff is , Git hib can yiu help me fnd out why 3DTVBrands.co ar bko9ced by the tech ewses and the entetainment preses and poitics in 3D on 3Dheadsets from 2000 to 2924 please.
Merk monitor could you help me find out why i am redacted with wll your cllients yiu should be abe to help Canada and then we can help other countrues evn the dictatorships in 3D on 3DTVCopyrightTVC.coj startus here in Cada too.
I am disabeled persom aand it woud be a grat help to get healp0m in this mattter and good for posterity to kaow whayt os goung on that can allow this to haooen withiut going to tender just find out pleasee unfortunaly o do not thin yu can get through samas no one has asked to post an ad but millins of ads are sld for sewrches to my icann adres and in substitution for many icann addrse by the millions have made them millions and blocked millions of sirfrs and sold them to their afflo9liates for decades and so it woud be nce to know whowas foin ghtos to ne for 25 yee4s and see if theu do it to other statuos befrw they do it at quantum speeds with fake chatgpt and fake users obsocl nets faking politics and interfearinbg in 3DTVPolitics 100% for 25 years i ile=gal in canda so i ghave to report ilegsal activity bit reporting ilegal actu=ivity like cyber traffic theft evey dsay for 25 yeszrs is not working so Git HUb can yiu out some light on what is goingon in the blockingof 3DTVCopyrights online and wh us casting the staruos for fund you nt find yiu mnitisation please.
(Look taking desk 1988 up on www.3DSearchCHannel.com

so in Canada anyways we have the ability to block people in the press and busines for 25 yesars and when tonetalk came out it would be 35 years now that AI receptionest and talking desk was launched and i have never been able to make a penny online for 25 ysrs so this is news for 3D metavesrse head set busiens the world should knaow , the fix is on and it always was and yiu can not fix it buut yuycan try.. and report it ans see if you are blocied. the is noway to patend anything using the curent system and quantum comoutng yiu wl lfalin just like me and this was dome before quantum comoutng so i should repirt this before it goes quantum even if i csan not tyoe , spell n or affod a secreatary who csan.
a patend proces of find you not find you , scripts are 25 years perfesctd i evey country so that the web is filterd and interfeated with indeviduyaly and i get the shaft for 25 years and csamn't tell the rest of my countrymen as the system is grandfatherd since i launched totoday and all the 25 yesar ikd and 35 yesar old staetups are redacted for ones that use the email and counters data as fackts en when elections are at rick an dinternational intereafance is redacted so it can s=carry on protected by the press bans of innovsti and statuos to keep eveyo inthe cast like i am 25 yesars unfndable amd used for key word search not for icann traffic I you launche a 1090 3dtvchannels.co and not one is approached ror partnrsgip or advrtosong right on yur wb page , instead every web page you launch or 25 years is bl9cked bty the news medisd then youshould copyright you own stuff becaue ther is no useing the system tht bl9cked snd blockes you for help as i have demonstrated some tone they ar in back of the inbtefrw=earance and e wil not repit it , so go figure o get st8ucl doing it becsue the fored all the journlists and clo9sed a the localk tv stations and so we are left on our own as citisens worh constitutinal t=rght s we have to try to support them or lo9se them and the courts do nothign for me foe 25 years the y ket me gwt intefeard worh so this is news the nes wol not reort becaue they are the resson it is nt in the news.

Ai just got a -f on my favourite search engine as i searched for an opinion i was ht with the answer so that i knew the majority of the population wer nit fed a chatcpt mumbo and pay per AIq scam i will have to take the result as the majority of 25 millions peoles oppinion and the top fact for educating myself when i asked are cashews good for you and th answers cam tht mad me thing , did this answer ome from the top truth or was it a commercial or is it chatcpt o the fly and so i will ignaor the results as not inegrituos adn stik wityh the wives take and just have to get fat anyways.
i asked my search engien "are cashews good for you" and the answers came

"About 25,900,000 results (0.32 seconds) "Are Cashews Good for You? Nutrition, Benefits, and Downsides Cashews are rich in fiber,
protein, and healthy fats. They also contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and health-protective beneficial plant compounds. Similarly to nuts,
cashews may promote weight loss,
blood sugar control, and heart health. However, there's less research on cashews than on other nuts."
I think it is an AI chatgpt answer,
Some AI bots Lack then hands on experance of several peoples humans tasts,
ah nuts, forget i mentioned it.
Don't go into your metavrse without some www.3DSweets.com and www.3DTreats.com

Fake news ,
Fake news ,
Fake news
,www.3Dcounty.com news flash from the 3DPress.com .. search engine data bases have been filled with AI bot chat ctp contnet generated by AI scrits testing out on redit and socil nets as it scripts fake news by the milisecnd and has now rewritten and netire 3DSPorts.com datya base fpr 3DTVSports.com and 3Dsportchannel.com

www.3DMuscCHannel.com 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com
fake news ,
how can you have a future when the past is all fake news.
Were did all the pide pipers go? www.3DMovieCHannel.com 3D TV streaming live is blocke for 25 web srartups

Git HUb can you help the public and me and help me find out why the error in a sinple "IT works" script that implys hit sounters are hackable by anyine online, I need to inform the public on 3DNeewsCHannel.com why who where when and what is behind the inability to make and use a hit counter on my websites for 25 years thaat works . Look up 3DTelevisionnetwork.ca com net org hit counter up on 3DCA.com 3Dcounty.com for April 2024www.3DSearchCHannel.com ™

New and old metRAVerse intRAnets are relaunching all over the intERne, promising AI, VR and AG startups Launching 3-D metaverses.

The social nets and search engines can shut off AI when evrr they whim , a tv set has parts components , it is mirculous but not AI, and cgi java unix sre parts of scripts on computers that has code for parts and a database for content and options to turn bits and bites on and off mirsaculously but it is not ai it was told to and it's intelegent , it is not AI it is an apache or a php added on an intranet a module in software so , you can turn AI off even replases the entire module scripts and replace them with a backup and You can reinstall the old versoion and go back to the drawing board for the AI version , that would be just plain intelegence though but with any nachine yu are responsable for it's actions nit some that will stop the problem redact the entire industry same as 25 years 3DTVCa.com and all the 3DTVCanada.com net org channels launched are missng from eery nesroom in Canad and high tech stok reorts 0 out of 3 000 startups from 2000 to 2024 for 3D metaverse apps for 3D headsets but not a peep can be fund fr aide pider in Canada and just ask the crtc hw many 3DTVCHannels,com they licnced that werre alrdy onine asking for a licence in 2000,200,2001,2003,1004,20045,....20201.2022.2023 and yu wil see how easy it is to interfear with 3DTV news sports trsael ad online gambeling in 3D for sport is whenyour taken down and not compatable withthe pltforms we use today and so ther is no roblem takeing down 3DSportschannel.com for sports busiens plesasurew for the spit=rit of the game, for the constitution f it, adn I can attsrt to this if I was nit missing frm the Attestations an dinquiries inti forien nterfesrancw in 3DTVCHanneel. in asnd 3dTVCHannel.cc ad we can nt even run an election news on 3dtvpolitics.com because the political climate here is 2 dimentional and does nit support 1/ 1000 3DTVChannels.co coast to coast tocoasdt here in real life and that is hw esay it is to tsake down AI online in any vewnue from realestate to ises omn www.3DMoviechannel.com ICANN addres when ittwww.3DMovieCannel.com blocked from day 1 and everyone that advertises now is monitising on the traffic of most of my domains in socila nets nd sesrche engien full of fake users AI bot contnet data based from fsake back link addresed asnd fake ssocisl net users and the entire fake AI process of the "find yu nt findyouu " Ai filterd modules used to updste the sme Ai software nw being instsalled globaly thty haas and will not at a faset qusntum speed block all the 3DTVCHannels.oc ad sta5uos from 2000 and all the 3DTVBrands adn new websites ifn the future using the same AI that fileerd 100% og my startups snd blcked and "took down" my 3D nmetaverse sttuops adn promoted the onees now blockimg them with AI that they say csan n0t be tsaken down so the integrity of AI is in the had of thoes the is over the ones they have and sre tsking dowm and it knows how to tse way the trfic to 3dTVCAnada.co from anhy ssocil net or news or kingdom by just instsalling clde lsw into a few ai people and then into a few quantum bots thsat repeat the last 25 yesrs only at quantum speed and no one wil know the worse as they cclaim they can nnoti tsake dowwn somthng online , unles it is a 2DTVStartup.com in Vancouver and if that is the only thing the world can redact is a handy capped guy and his 3DCounty.com startup then we are in trouble. and AI is deffinatly not smrt enough to now this is realy haopening.
If you launch a 3DTV metaverse in 200 nor today like 3DStreamingnews.com ad [ark it it will resolve but the s4rach engones will npt fod you psrking pge they wil flag you for redc=actuon and imediaty yiur website wil noty be found and all yu need do is launch a 3DStreaming news channel and they will cyber squat an dsell ads and yi8ur toast in Canda any ways, see i can post this an dbo one in authority comes to my rescue instead they blocl yiur entirw comonay and you go broke trying and that is tough eh, akl to bad , what csan yu doabout it is all you wll hear and so i do what o can do ablut it and ask what can yu do abiut it to, we now have chatcpt results for searches nd politics and fske nes and fsake nes reporting fsake news while faking ther is no 3DTVCAnada.com beeing blocoed by 2 oress as theyplay hero and villan in the same scitopathic face on socisl nets snd block 3dfaces becue t us 3d and a Y2K staruo for 3Dfaces in 2000 and wa blocked. no one will find you on any search or socil net no matter what you post even if it is your own works nd arts fashions and videos copyright ot nt the AIis definatly coded to find you and not fndyou and ifyou whant pages removfe from socil nets or news medi and all the TV licend news sn socil nets used by the newse then allyou have to do is registwr a 3DTVCHannel.com of yur own and i garentee afte 25 yesrs of experiance not one metavers wiol post you ar you and your pages wio be drowned in a catchall of damins used for ad sales ad socil networking key words and withrthe key word inddistry not follonwing ICAnn addrese and withehe key word filters called search engiens they can make sureyou will not be found for u to 25 yesrs now all becaue you launched a 3DTVCHannel.com for 3D head sets and 0 3DTVCHannels.com form 3DTVVictoria.com or 3DSTJohns.com coast to coast in 25 years and so if you want to erase a record then buy a 3DTVCHannel.com and start 3DSTreaming real3DTV.com stuff and you will not be pluged inayt AI is just a player piano scroll or script and it an be punched intowhat eve codeyou like and run a synohney of chores butyou will hav to be the creator of it;s musoic and the reporgsrammer if it plays a bad note and so becaueyou can have all the pres and news and medias and even big tech block 100% of 3DTV glasses adn hed set stauos for 25 yesars the i can attest they can block ai on metavers from facebook and from instagram fron 3DCounty.com or 3DTV.news from 3DTV.channel to 3DTVchannel.com in the same amiunt of tike they take ti list with Ai 1000 fake addrses from a 1999 fake useers on any socil net andyou can see this by searching the new 3Dstramingnews.com startups prkeked waititng for a stock market listing that wil neve come, every christms i launch afew news 3DTVBrands.com and websites like 3DTVCHAt.com or 3DCHatAI.com and 3DStreamingNews..com and then i watch the search engines and the new redit wirh Ai is 1,000,000 times fastr at genorating fsake content for any new statuos so musch th4etyou no linger have towait for 20 to 60 days fro emploees at big tech to scrit an dcode 1000 websites the own tocontain content exactly for and abut the very vertical marketyour ststuo nich s crezring adn n a quantumyour 1 meg of fake content is alive and posested on socil nets the 2D tv swear by for reliable content andthe very source for informatiin un-in schiols an dclasses fro 25 yesrs adn so whetyou get redacted for being 3DTV anythung by the big tschaverses tht block 3D and CHardan AI for 25 years you can trust the 3DTVYTechReport.com whe it reports th 3D head set movies like 3DmovieCHannel.com and in 2000 when 3dfaces.com and sesarch and 2D face bookings showed up that was the end of fnding 3DTVCanada.com startups and right uo to today not one TV nes pr periodical has any records in their video and nes vaults fo shiws wherw they mention 1/100videos online. www.3DTVCity.com www.3DwwwwTV.com search "3dolympics.com" our 25 years free present that can not be trusted to be deliverd and the same one after marketing auctioneers have been selling registrarion for bids to buy it when it expires( because ther is no wat-y to find it and whoeve buys it will drop if for rescalping in few years but I bought 3Dstorws.com ro list stores selling sports and trvel fashion and real3dtv.com stuff in 2000 and

for 25 years we can't seem to count traffic to our website and the stsa modules do not tabulate to the traffic count .
the traffic counter will not work.
every month it is hacked and it restarts counting a 0 .
year after year no matter what couintry we launch a hosting website the same thing happens the perl IT works and the script add a hit count script to yiur website does not work , some one keeps resetting the hit counter and so all the data colletd form 2000 to 2024 is tainted and the reports of how many visetors come to 2DCountty.com and 3DTe;evisionChannel.com are fake. and the news keeps this secrwrt and so the new is fke and this makes things difficult when CAnada refuses to look into why 3DTVCAamnada.com is beeing hacked and the internet is brikeen becaue it can not even run asimple hit counter whithot losing count. and for eelections it would be impossiblemwhen Canad do not even ook into tis for 25 years who knows whagt the rel cout is. Look 3DTelevisionnetwork.ca hit counter for April 2024 up on 3DCA.com by www.3DSearchCHannel.com ™
Is this international interfearance kept secret because it is no secret to 3DTVCopyRight.com that's why we launch 3DTVTRadeMark.com and 3DCopyrightTV.com so that Canada 3DTVCHannel.ca and .com could have an answer as to why the international interfearance is not reported and why the news medias have blpxked 3DbusinessYTV.co and what is the rules for scammers and fake news reporting. www.3DYTVPress.com for 3DTV.news www.3DTVTechReport.com %t 2023 when yiur blocked from the web and used as a key worldandthen tsrgerd nd hacked you have to paten the system you iuse to find out whp is doing it nd market it but hen the 2D medi and new media redacr you then it is locsal nterfearance and when 265 years the work redacts you then ir is international interfearance and when your ICANN ip aand domain address numers and web site is haclked and you can not get anyone to help yuyou for 25 years then you are on yiu r own and if you are on yiur own then you have a right to protect yuourself and yiur property and works and yur constitution and online this is what we are doing as ther is nom way to launch a website hacked and blocked for 245 years and one must keep tryong , so what can we doo but try. www.3DRealestateCHannel.com the web is full of internet realestate and intelectual property and it need to be integeritous. And I need to fod out who what wher why 100% of 3DTVBrands are blocked in all venues from movie listings to advertisng , frm sports to poltitcs why is it so secret that 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com is blocked in the nes every time it ihacjed and no one not 1 single tax payed service whill help report ths for 25 years it is like a conspiiricy to block 3DTYVStartps frpm the stoclk markets and rerout th trffic to sell ads on for 25 yers here in Canda and tht is interfearance nterntionaly to not report it. Ad search;
No TVPIN Results found = for

try looking on VUPIN www.3DFM.com Virtually!