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no longer resolves to the 3DtelevisonNetwork.com and we are working on it . Sorry.
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Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

AI ia a script with the knowledge of a few million PHD and Dr degrees in evry venue of knowledge in a body of a 2 tear old child and able to pull a 2 year oll's like tantruum in quantum and cause all kinds of interfearance ant messy affairs and thats only when they get their handss on a telephone. there is no politics religion business or pleasure that can hide the nesses they make forever. www.3DTVtoons.com

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Keep your Head Set Tech Tc with VR/AR Association (VRARA) via LinkedIn, There is always hope!
When building a pyrimid of pages for your web site and the bricks are all identical in phisical cinstitution and they are just to heavy to move then yiu have to induce harmonic resonation and hoin in all the voices so as to make the brick vibrate and float magicaly along so that you can move it with 1 finger in harmony. like the firwalls fo traffic theft adn the bricks and morter that block 3DTVStrwming news medisas the way to remove thee mnsterious unconstitutional bl0cks os to use your voice in harmony and resnate. www.3DeducationalTV.com on gthe old old 3Dcounty.org 3djournals.com but frget the 2D tv news consortuin they are on a divverent frequency and not harmnc withthe voices of 3DTV.news and their voice ns not carry 3DTLDs.com so it csan not move a single 3DTVSTartup.combrick and morter 3DTVchat.org on hold aiting for the right instriment and crowd to lainch it magicaly into place harmonically.www.3DTVCHAt.com waiting to be afiliated with things that are omnious so as to be unredated and safe in a country that would unredact them and until then sare in a parking page that is integrious waiting for a sports that is abut soorts and nt the rrsdarion of it andfh store that is nt readng 3dstors and a travek that is nit readacting 3dtravek and poltics that is nit redacting 3dtvpolitics and for anyrhing to haooen that is thge keast looking like a comoetiton bureau loiing into why 3DTVCanada.co is gaged by ann the consortiums in 2D tv and allt are doing ata this particular timne t of 3DCoytightTV.com in news.

Is AI a consrtun maling uo rools to get tax grants for contnet a and blockimg 3DTV for 25 years whule they lobby a good thing or bad thing?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Is a voice a good thing or bad thing?

If when you are the only 3DTVnewsconsortium in "competition" with your self then yu can claim to be the most watched and popular news in Canad or sports but when yiu bastie allk the comoetition then yiu become the most resented adn not liked news media in Canada becaue yiu are t yiu make a block and he only news media and ther s no one else to not like but you and whe yiur the most redacte 3Dtelevisionnetwork.com in the world then yiur the most watched redacted 3DTVchhanel.com inthe wordl and that is us www.3DTVCAnad.com sports on 3DTVCHannels.com and 3DSportsCHannelc or the most watched redacted tv metaverse for sports in the lasty 25 years evewr to be hagged and rwdatec by al the 2D tv news mediss rea=dacting sports startios online and this is a good thing to tesft if of yuur ever ask the question in 2D on 2Dtv then the 2D tv answers has to be redacted in 2d TV too. www.3DTVCHAt.com the most redated chat ever launched in 2-3D in ant metaverse

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Virtual Sports History!. www.3DCruises.com
the Guinness World Records holder of the most redacted and blocked strwaming 3Dtv starttuos and innovstions in 25 years in a row . unbeaton by any gig tech by a few thouysand redactd and key search ICANN addrsawed ever cyber squatted on by the most cyber squatting conssortiums inthe most countries for sports ttreavle news and all venuse even politic online in the history of messagng and bastileing. the secret is how csan they redact 3DTV.news and stsartuos for 3DCopyrightTV.com et orgs for 25 years and ot gt redacted for doing it in political areans withiut inside asnd or political international interfearance and keep tyher 2d faces www.3Dfaces.com a place for 3DTVSports.com faces in sports that re redacted untill 3dtvsorts.com itself is unredacted in the news it is a bastile production

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?www/3DTVSports.com Canada'sleading 3DTVSport.com and first to be redacted by all the 2D tv newses instreaing sporta startuos for 25 yearra the most bloced 3DTVCHannels.com net org on the plnet. 32DTVCopyright.com 3DTVBrands.com the most follwed 3DTVNews.com in the bastile.

thanls to AI the most revenue generating ICANN adresee ever blpcked by a 2D tv news newrks in 25 years. a

63% if Canadian give up on the idea of ownng a house, od age pensioners give up on beeing able to feed house and pay for the costs of living and are in the streets homeless , 3DTelevision startups for 3DSportsa travel news can not find a country or a free matket that will house them and rent evections has moved to registrars and hosting as they buy uo web server round robon catchalls and cyber attacvk your website with porn that you can buy omn demand from any cab;e or streaming vidion company thaty the 2D tv ne or media use or are in back of and they use the same content to back link your web startups so they are yain3ed on search and browsers scirpts and markd andmonitored for web traffic theft and resale of or dilution of your brand soas it is confused and your trade markable plus the registrar is sold and flopped and your rents are raised and all the time for years and years you are cyber attacked (serch the word ICANN )"internationally") and so AI is used to block yur 3DTVSport.com is stuffed in a web traffic bastile and redacted in poitics d=same as journalists converged and bastiled with 3DTVCanada.com startuos for mags and web sites streaming3DTV.comn news shows ar bloked and bastiled by key words iCANB traffic theft nd steal traffic and fence it through 2D tv news and their silos and when yur country converge news into the same vidio clip for every city bthe country and ilimate 100% of the 3DTelevisionNework.com startups and the 3DNewsnetwork,con for entertainment and bisnness or a shagged as the 3DMovieCHannbel.com ther is only one busines left that is AI traffic theft and with no politcians or banks or new mediss oscil nets or police and judges runing on politics that allows 100% od 3DTVBrands.com to be redacted in public news content for 25 years then who need a dictatorsho all yiu need os acorrupt 2D tv news monoply and the advertsing they the oly neews medasd left un readactrd is the most poular news in the country as facty then yiu caught in a catch 22 yiui can bt use the poitician or and banks aor the news medis or the oi9ce to even mentioncyber trfoc theft and dolkution by search and browsers pkafors thy bock and sell ads on ICANN cromes are the only online buiseses to maske billios an dblck who evertheuy whim so who dneed dos=ctators wl yiu need s a monooly in news and blick to justice political pyuromid platform and 100 rhe news media to block yiu whim and yiu have the most pipular news channel in the country even if it is blocing innovation and political and educational conter in 2d for 2d ovwr 2d coups set uo toe redoect the iCANB traffic righ tinbto the obly news medias left standinbg abd ther is waiting a trembeling left over of what was journalism and we havea 2024 bastiles fill=ull of 3DTelevusins ICANN addrses black linkded and imprisioned and the public watwrboarede woththe saem contnetn and ads forn[m the same companies thagt are not reporting cyber dos attcks onb the very domain staruos they redact and for 254 years they make so much mney that they can build fake news and avatars to fake the news and fre and imprision in the hight tech bastile and searcjh prosions and own the podium in 2D everhy election so tas to perpetuate the bastile like imprisioning nd radcatong of 3Djournals..com and ay othe head set on 3DTV for 25 yesars.(bastile is an histrical french Canadian worlrd for discrim=bing 3DTVMontreal.com 's www.3DNewsCHannel.com ad it;s web traffic's situation .

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

It may be good or bad gut it is great when yiu can report it stealig web treaffic and tweeking politicians and runnong a scam that allows it to own the pocium and improson cometiton in a web bastile and prevent jurnalism and politics in 3D soas to make milkins faking they are doing somnthinbg abut it for 25 years whie they ate supporting and giving grants to the very big techs and 2d tv newsst hat are doinbg it and ala the tie bastileing nnovsation and 3DTJos.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

if your a tffic thife it is the best thing to come along since the bastile.

3DTVCAnada.com comoanies online for 254 years it bl9cks head set metaerses like 3DCounty.co and all the ustarus in ot so as o sell the dilutio of stolen web traffic the AI bots block and big tech get to launch porn on demand over cable services and block cyber viction of traffic branding traffic while the politicians pretend there is no 3Dtvpoloitics.coj or a singe shanaginb in 2D tv searc and traffic theft does not even raise an eye in the house of commons competiton bureau the cyber crime devisions and the copyright and ICANN address system and political integritym where for some reasion not a single politicoans is constitutionaly available for coment in3D on a singel 3DCopyrighTV.com channel that is blcked by th comons crtc channels. and untoll ther os integroty in the ICANN eail and web traffic the entiee thign is just anthei way for big teck to cyber rent eveict and the 2D t5v news to redact innvstion for 25 yesrs and 1/4 od the century and last cyber traffic theft is the biggest industry imn the world and 3dworldwideweb.com streaming busiems politics and socil networking s blocked and the steafic stolen and the websites surgicsly cyber attacked day and noght by cccchatchals and AI bots and the 2ED tv news is making money askig an obvius qquestion os AI good or a bad thing , while the news use to to own the podium evry electon and every time you turn an ICANN addres intoe big tech key word in search and web trafic and so for 25 years ther is nothign to do but eport in 3D on3DTVCopyright.co startuos that are blocked and living inthe web steets o r bug tech city AI bot traffoc theft and ICAnn over branding and when yiu are marke-ed and monitored for 254 yesars t si impossible tp evwn have a ICNN domain and ip addres fre form discrimination by news mediasd adn fre from poltcal interfearnce or redacteation and so when yu use ai to do this it is imrisonng stsrtuos for 3DTVC so asd to be monitised and diluted and usee as a hey searchg word and this is the biggest indusrty in the history of internt use the blocking and stealing of web trafiic identity and traffic . and one day resal not avatar plliticans na dreal searck and ddominio dorectories and real web regisr-ters adn hisitng with huse the vey same ICANN addrses only after thegleeen it adn brsand it a cybwre attack int in sev=cret 2D tv dark new]less web protection by a 25 year old AI and human cyber attaced and trafic theft rings called cyber security thay has not and is not looking onto ICANN traffic markn monitpr consortiums thaymake sre from every country in the world thaty traffic thes=ft andstolen trafc is fences=d by big tech AI bots for 25 yesar and not a single politician looks into this evry time ther is aan election and 3DTVPolitics.co os still 25/7 cyber attacked by the saem comoanies the the internst can noget rid if and the entir thing is used as an oppertunity tksteal the web trsfic and use it for maing miney whule the owner roams the ste-reets fkr the wkd wide web lokking for an affliate a soncer a backer of 3DTVSOorts.com and 3DTVRealty.com and 3DTStarups.co that the politicisn see getting trsfic stoelm and the brands dilkuted and the new blocking every day sk that big tech can have it a ther way cme metaverse after metaverse and3D avatr after 3d aatr is promted wble te 3DWencadtingneqtoek .clm net rg is evited and left ipless teffic lless and living in te streets ust like 63% of canadians and 1005 of 3DCounty.com staruos for 3DTelevuson network.co and 3DworldWideWeb TV.com net org gaged by all the kiks and all the presodents and al the big tech syger AI scriots and no one blocks the recipents of stolen traffic as thehy run to the ban priting 3D money fromm rent evited and cyber squatted on 25 year ld 3DVtv.com virtua3DT.net and 3Dvirtualtv.org startuos used a slaes to work the big tech farms and ip mills soas to have stolen web traffic income an ip blocking incoe ad wen ICANN domain identiry income from an indusr-ty for headset vr and syartuos in 3DstreamingTV.and this is why tthe politicianshave secret s so they can make insider deal everyu time the is anap foe-r an arrive camers=a in 3D and no way tobid for help from a singe poiticians or oh=journslist whe the journilists ar in the steet homless and can not fond a job on a singke 3DTVCAnada.com net or ca becaue the 2 tv is drwzrinbg an en oty ned in busiens and pleasure onliue and rent evicting all the 3DTVBrands..com and even useing icsan addrses for ther income by fencing stolen traffic globaly ther is no wy tuse the workdwide web for 3D. unless yiir pne of the secrte insoders adn tax finded stsaruos that steal traffoc y uou are nt goong to be foind bay any QAI scrioted bots i have been evited frlm fr 25 yesrs adn not one poliyicisn in n this dsame as global warming and00 csarbin energy the politicisn wotiul rsather dossagree and readct instead soas to not be bumed ro cyber squatted on lie thery were a 3DTVCAnada.com for sports. AI

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

The courts order Amazon to give them some money and that wil make eerthng swell whil they do not whan t to ask 2D tv why it is gaggign 25 years of 3SDVTV.co 3DvirtualTVcom stereo graphic ad animated stresaming webcadting is imoortand as it arrived and so why not ask amason to give yiu some of thoses di ocuments to prove they ar interfearing in 2D tv news casting medias that block 3DStores.co for 25 yesars becauwe the news mediasd do not have any documents in 3DTVStores.com or any 3DTVShoppingmall.com in any busiens comoetiton and if they are mllooking to how it is possible to have acomoetative free monoply in anyhting the first and most obvious thoing besof does hockey in 2d ois the crtc news amd medias siege on 3DVirtulTV.com news. anhy comnay that is Aritficialy web marhed an dmnitored adn search key wrded and resdacted for 25 years is going to leave a huge void inthe markets thagt anyine who is smait ,( clever is less than smart0 could make a million when the 2D tv neews is faking busines in online streamign tv fo 25 yers it lease the web wwwwide open to anyine who is not gaged by the 2D tv newses and so when they wil not allow a cometiton thern ther is no competition to investigsat is a cop out. Wspecial when 2D tv gcan not hust pull of dioctatorship and get a way with it in 2D, it is a 3D chatgpt faking the disctotoor for life AI bot thay has no licence palte on its fake fohead soas tobe arrested for fakery in news hs got to be licened and insured. Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Your web traffic is profilrd targted backlinked and taincted so your fail sesrch ethical firewalls (old waybak machine scrit) criteria then their AI bots can advertise on stolen traffic and this is international ICANN interfearance >www.3DTVCHannel.com www.3DTVNews.ca have documents to give befor yiu can report on AMAzon yiu have to report in and on the 2D tv newses integrity in news consnted t they report and the content they rdact if yiu are going to get the "angle " the news wil take for any political or ccyber inquisition they have their own "angle" to the nightly neews that wil "get that audience" and it is no scrioted it is deliborate.
The courts order Amazon to .. the courts have to make it a law for politicsal , religious, businss and pleasure reasons of accedemia o=pss a lqw that all online avatars have a number plasterd on theri FOEHWADS so thagt anyine any moron or gifeted intelet of any religion or financial worth can rell if they ar dealing with a humaanb or a fake AI bt and this is a legal matter as if your going to drive yiu AI bots all over my hard drime dtat pach and make avatar footy primnts all ver my idedentity then yiu had beeter have a licence plate on tyour aaaaai viehacle ;s avatrss bumper or yur avataring withut a lince and in politic busines or religion every one have a social securt avarts bot licence or they can not exisit and that is the law rro 10 ooo years. the bots wil have to ge had to the licening bureau and gwt stamped on the forj head rhwr are n hit and run ai bots on the www interstate wwwn 3Dwa.co 3d webcasters associaton aaaaaaand unionless actors guild.www.3DTVCars.com The courts order Amazon to ...if the courts let AI politicians in dictatorship gpt fake presidents of fake whitehouses adn fake pentagons and fsake nuckinghams adn fake faces thayt prsch agendas without the presents of shuman at their side endorsing the fake AI bits avatars then they wll need a licence and a number on thir forhwad proclaiming they are fake AI avatars andnot humain in www.3DCounty.com mtaverse avatars will have to where a number on their forhead and be associated woitha person to be lin=balk for their slanderings and shannaogns. THis way we wil not end uo woth a dictator avatar for life lie a sci-fi horrot move where avatars run the country and a consortou behind then plot the fsate of the millions and fake integrotuy in news and the face of journalism . and it;s historical role on politics work religion and the right to fee speach and to persue happiness fre form discrimination by a fake Ai avatar town cryer.
The courts order Amazon to look into ... when you lauch a fan club web page the people who hate the us or the queen or canada or on social nets who are spys and international election interfearing in politicians in Ottawa or startups oin 3DTV fr fan clubs adn socil nets dn coffie breaks link when tye attack 3D virtual TV and 25 year old web magazines for attack them socialy and when yiu launch a 3DBuckingham.co or 3Dwhitehouse .co and get cyber attacked and dos attcked for 25 yesrs day and night and 2D tv news do not reort this going on for 25 years they also trget adn mi-uzzel 3Dtlevision so yu can nit report it adn then launch fake avatars to report for them andfire al the faculties fo journlissm on a few covid years clean uo like the banks and all the 3DTVBusinesa.co startuos go homeless onine as the indieerd in politics in 2D nefer report this then why btoer a,azon they do not gag 3DTVstorss.co for 25 years the news did, this makes ot easy for any big tech to do as they pleae when the 2D tv news is busy blckomg 3DTV head set statups for shopping they have to fill the gap created by 2D tv antcompetetive content in business news aoas to position iself in captining the podiums of polits and web traffic for grandfatered tech innovstions for 25 years by fake news, and dot com sonain slavery.

IF the international inquiry is not bust any more and woud look into 2D tv medias news documants on 1000 or more 3DTVStartups.com in 2D busines news ovr the last 25 years and reported on al these streaming tv startuos online and competition bureau inquires into 2D news blocking and gagging every single one for 25 years they would inot find a single news item on any of the 1 o 2 thousand ICANN addrses and they would fnd no neews on cyber squatting on the 3DCopyRight.com net org stsartuos on evry 3DTVNewsNetwork.com and they wouold not find a single news item abut orwgansoed cyn=ber international interfearance in 3DworldWideWeb.com or a 3Dmetaversot 2 for 3Dstores.com and not one Canadian journal or news wold bve abke to produce a soingle news contnet so ther is no record of a singe 3DTVCAnada..com beeig hacked or aged or bocked by a sisgle news as they blcked them becaue the redat3ed innovstion for head set news in 2008 and ever singe ther is no way to have a 3DTVNews.com show aany of it;s 3DFaces.com in 25 years usijg a 2D tv news consortium or it's AI. ther may be link to politicians in the house and 2D tv newses interfearing on 3DTVStsrtups.com and internationsly too as they block 3DTCCHat.com so it cannot associate woth 3DTelevisionNetwork.ca for fear of being cast id profiled like in country where yiu re born intoa sct system and so uour dot coms arw born inbto a caast system run by 2D ai news bots and are iliminated every time yuur ICANN addres is used soas to monitize after market sales of yur icann and pr order it adn reserve a seat at a fake auction of the domain name or are cyber attacked for it;s trafic and there mght be a link to a poitician in the house and so the international interfearance or 25 years migtht connect to electuons or politicisn in 2D tv news that blockees al comoetition to and from a cyber attaked 3Dnewsnetwork.com launching 3DFaces.com in 2000 for a Y2K potlkash and getting gaged all year long and cybe squatted on or a 3DTVCHat.com launching in 222024 an dgeting gaged by AI cyber fake avatars in 2024 and the international inquire looking inbto interfearance in politics is no lnget emplooyed in looking into politicians interfearing in elections but they forgot looking into 2D tv newses that are blocking 3DTVplkitics.comn evry election plebiscuiteCanada.com was gaged V3dTV.com and all the little 3DTVCHannels.com for 25 yesars and not onbe politicians as a word to say abut it is aa phishy thing fo oppen source to tabulate in any platform. so would the tax dollers go to se if ther are any pliticians interfearing in 3DTelevvisionnews.com online and wher ar al the 3DJournalists are they fored by fsake AI news avatars just like the real one an do journalists in2D tv avatar news havea pension that wil support then in a big city or is it a penson to line inthe boonys.
an all konds of othrr 3D rithorical qustn ablut 3DJournals.c that not one politician has read and see why the 2D tv news is dicriminatinb g agains 25 year old avatarists and their AI and favouring tax grants and journilist fireing and hockey ovwr integrity . even in greece the fake governmants sacraficed at leadt one elete cast member who was supposed tp be behind the fall of greece demoracy and we are trumped when 100% of he news gageds 100% if canadina3dtv.clm and all the lottle vatars for 3DTVBusiness.co soas to be the podium in elections and news of who gets to be onthe news for busines and ther must be a tinne weeny little bit of international interfearance that the 2D tv newss and rhe interntional inquiry inti 2D tvnews can have alegl go at eachotherr an dcome uo with a fr-ew years if content stalling oveer whether ther iis 2D tv nes or 2D tv sports oe 2D tv r-trsavelk ro 3=2D t busiens interfearane in a teeny weeeny part of a politicians in a it's bit's wb set uo by a ity bitty couning or a phrase ib a single bill passed that allowe 100% of the entire 2d tv news tro pull this of for w=evrr major sport , news , ttsvle , and 3Dfaces.cok of busines gaged by no one other than the 2D tv news consortium and so come on down 2D tv consortoum and take a bow for 25 yeares of silence in ternational in the n2D 5v news coverage of 3DTVCAamda.co gettg tng interfeared woth in evry venue accept politics.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

www.3DTVNews.ca Is a babby boomer sleeping in the streets and his childeren accepting homelessness as ther forfathers rewards for internstionsl or Canadian busies in a democracy? while they spleep the image of a cyber attack is parked in their heads as it goes on day and night for 25 yesrs we can now inquire into iternational interfearance online in Icann address traffiewses starting u in every sity on ICANN asn the ability to interfear secretly is so tempting that not a single politicans in ioofoce ould loby woth inddiders diabolical enoight to pull of 25 years fo 100% stiffeling of every 3DTVNrand.co even hockey sorots in canada soas to set u o a n avatar fu of fake journalism in evry politc is worth inquiring before it could of t was get out of hand a go covid glbaly so that al the newse block 3DTVChannels.com globaly adn nt be knw by the green party until it is enquitr=red a dn why look at aaaaaamazon and hto the poitics of 3DTV is ther o =dicrmination into looking into stiff or is eferhting constitutionaly protected y new technologgies immigrating int Canadia preses and newse that discriminate against 3DTVCanada.co right at home?

Are journalists sleeping in the streets with baby bommers and their childeres homelessly is Ruth left behind ruthlessly?
Now that we have been inquiring about wht he said they sain we said yiu said I said they said wesaid yu said and are sequre in the secrets of the parliment integrity all ee can do now is concentrate on teh millions of people unders cyber attack for 25 years blokced from 3DTVStartups.com for headset and tvset 3DTelevision innovstions in 3DstreamingTV..com blocked by 2D tv convergence and the lak of journism in our babby boomers destitution online faced wth weblessness and homelessness adn the lack of security due to international interfearance for 25 years inb the parliment and inline news integrity . right?

Now that parliments secrets are safe from international interfearance politicians can sisus can concentrate on the millions of Canadian who are suffering from international interfearance on line and a great place to start is withe dot com startuos fro 3DTV who are geting hundreds of millions of followers on search engines byt their websited=s are continiuosly under dos attack by international intefearance and al the crown newses refuse to tell you as the news medias are keeping international secrts so they can have the internt news go all their way and politicians have to inquire abut cyber bullying and international bullying and cyber dos atrwack bullying so here is whagt it liiks like daya nd night all year in a out an dnot a oide piper in al he land . ICANN may be AI can pitch in and help innovrtion bloicked bt 2S chat and gpt it into interntional cyber security so a 3DTSports,comn cast on a 3DSportschanel.com can 3DTVTechReport.com their 3DJournals..com and seel afew ads to a big tech or 2 on a 25 yesar old fully populated 3DCounty.com of internationaly interfeared with start ups for 3DNewschannel.com afteer 3DTV.news.and many new 3DStreamingNews.com brands blocked or 25 yewars by international interfearance in 3DTVCopyright.com and the ICANN dewey decimal ststem email and web traffic being stlen for use as find raisers for internationaly interfearong search and browses AI bots regulating the web catchall AI scripts and ICANN ip and domain name security so it's traffic goes all their way, so Canada is waiting and waiting ans waiting for Ottawa to stop cyber crimes like dos attacks bombimg civilians startuos ICann addres with AI bot scripts that srteal thier eb trafiic and cotes on social nets they never got to launch as they ar redated and blocked bhy 2 d tv newses and this affiliates even sports and hockey 3D startuos for virtuaal3DTV.com headsets for 25 years and the total amint of stolen trafic in miliseconds in worth millions to search engiens every second. now thats international intef=rfearance in bulk all concentrated in one place just rioe for ciber inquiry if a political and houristic social or intelectual inquiry werew to have apeek they would see it is all geting catchaled and concentrafre into one or 2 news medias thagt block this inquiring for 25 yers Adn that is an indecation of werew yiu shoud stsartuy looking , it's called fake news. frro 25 years .

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Is 2D TV News for 25 years a good thing or just 100% bad actors ICANN reprters on 3D streaming headset metavrese international interfearance?

If you write a 3DTVCgpt.com website scrit with good intent this does not mean your AI "bot" and the owners of the scriot can spell or speak ICANNeese, especialy when it comes to not knowing what yiu mean when you type in a domain anmes and are ask instead , do you realy mean? they negate their use of the word intellegence and search engne and enter the relm of traffic thieverhy but can keep the artificcial title as 2 or 3 consolidations of journalism are all we have left in Canaa politics it id not a good thing if Som medias that block the 3DTV.news startups for 25 years in a row and 3DTVBusiness.com net orgs in Canadian news and preses and global interfearance goes unreportd for 25 yesars so that 2D tv can iwn the podiums in democratic elecions of what to do about milkions of business undr cyber attack by political interfearance and blocking od they way and that way and always 3DTVway even waway and amiture and professional journaism oin 3D on 3Dheadserss for 25 yeras 1/4 f a centure and the same time it took for roram to fsail one babby boom and it's gone too so how about the parliment secure the secrets of millins of tax payers next as oe of the first things on the agenda and internatkional inquiry inbto why 25 years 100% of 3DTVCAnada.com startups for sports are blocked by 100% of the nes mediss reporitng sports .for starts this woud be a ood bet for a plkace tostart and the puck in=s onthe re end and the 3DTVCHannbel.con spoeta net is empoty. so the gae mat be 25 years old the international interferance is the same and the penalty box is empty and ther is no secrwt 3CTVCSamada.co is not selking green bull pop or any ads for big tech and after 2% years it loks like it is time for the government to lok ibto internatiial interfearnce online andit ok ike this about discrimination by 2D tv

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Some times Ai can keep you timed out with a dos attack and whie your off line your web traffic is sold and blockced by Ai scriots by the millions and your web traffic is stolen and this is international ICANN interfearance that is not a secret in parliment for years, an no one can no anything or does anythomng about it , there is ni penalty box for international interearance sby AI bots some timmes the do as their told.


Is AI a good thing or bad thing


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