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What Do you do when they redact you bad boy, bad boy I did-n't know,
Can the world run on fake search and news engions and is anyne watching the 'AI' Bots scriots?
Did Your ICANN web addess get used for adverting by search engiens browsers and TV medias too!, I north America search and medias fake!
Are ICANN address for web trasffic squatters to catchall and medias redact your address and take the traffic for cyber squatting marketers to monitizefor
IS the address system ip and domain addresses for you to buy so you can pay seeral manufacturers adn software tech compnaies rets and still get bloked and use for milli0ns of ads and links by a few fake scams and ssocial nets the medias spoon feed to use youraddress, works , social networking apps and traffic for their pleesure, because it only works for big tech unless you pay them to be compatable in all gtheir indevidual incompatable ways and this was not mentioned when yiu bought the tkd it was supposeed to be yiur global branding portal to the workd nigt a thing to sell ads on and be redacted for 25 years buy insider tradng in the preses . How can anyone fund your when yiu are blocked and in Canada starting u and the government lets anyine advtise on 3DTVMontreal.com if your a 3DTVCHannel.cs redacted like Vancouver is on global news, nd ther are no more journalists left like on the crtc medias that cover 3DTVStartups gaged and redacted in the press internstionaly interfeared with abroad and at home.
Internationsly interfeard with for 25 years so any does one else have these cyber bully kind of problems launching 3DTVStartups.com net org streamng media and sports ebsites in montreal too i have them in every city i Canda and that is nt a good thing to brag about, it is supposedd to be a redacted sectret for 25 years i guess,

ICANN have to decide what their addresses are for, as most sesarh enginbes just block 3dtlds.com net org right off the bat and the name goesuo for aftermarket sakes before yiu can get a website in 24 hurs to go live in Canada as the border is throtteled for a long time so that yiu have to use a us proxie to build yiur website and see it in canda , bhy then it is filled witha quantum of ads on the search engiens abd ICANN mus decode of thei is fair use and can they then sell your trffic and use it to sell tyat are nt converged like the crtc medias are, and used for sellijg backorders on hundreds of registrars they franchise posting targeted ads backlinks smering and dilution of products adn brands look us u and see how yiur sesrch engine handels ICANN addreses for your startups right on tramarks How much does it cost to get them to find yiur ICANN addres becuase u=itit looks like a scam and are they working together one selling and the other blocking for money to get unredacted mking the emsl and streaming 3D tv industry and your www.3DTLDs.com %t traffic absolutly theirs, so Icann must decide to look the other way or tke their dot coms away for doing this , or stop the trsffic theft globaly of ICAnn addrsez traffic.
What is an ICANN www address is for news medias to redact for 25 yesr is it for ICAN to garenttee trafic saftey and enforce email delivery and contact integroty of sesrches ICANN results and information , is ICAN the hand above that sold these thngs when the hand below get nothing and the traffic gets sold at the markets for millions so they musty decide if the onterent is real and trffic is safe becuse it must be real and not fake and have integroty for elections and business , workers and for plesure as the hand below give their money to the hands above in good faith for business, plesure work and web trffic security.

www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DTVNontreal.com ™ , Vancouver look it uo see whagt an ICAnn addres is for and then let me know.

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