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Big tech 0w the webseres registrara and social nets thet are used by the 2D news and preses to co-spread faske and spamm onis the socia nets and hosting and search engiens all targeting web traffic to startups aand diluting and spamming to fill back liks with spam and porn are all comming from the comnaies that sold you you domian and host you vias ther aaffiliates platforms and the hosing and registrars that own them so if you look at all the spam that wasused to block you startups compnaies and steal their web trafic you will see a chain of comonaies that lead in a circly back to th owners of no name email messaging systems line so that when you arw spammed by russia or india hackers or backliks they go strwaght to you profile and arw distributed to their afiliats and so to stop most of the problems created by bad emploies at mega firms or spammers hacking no name safe or comany ailtes trashing ther targets profiles and startups through front doors ast regisrars that need mega firsm updates adn then aghain an update to fix the updated upd and willbe followed by a updat aat theri whim that can trash your entore busines andput in on cloud without you concent and then crash so tht you can nnot retrieeves it and all the time spamming from no name accounts an back doors is deliborste when the saem comonay buyss asn owns ll ythe registrrs recomended by the search engens for you to use to move you accont so thaty all the yers you are trying to launch ou have to play nusical registrar and musdicsl fro social ners that use your ICannaddress for sovil netting and browserrs that have sn sgreement to not find you and pas your traffic to a compnsay filter that the same corproation own as an affiliate connect via front and secrt non diclosures they enjoy as the dissiniate yur web trsfic to their partners and 3rd parties and block your webssite soas to decide how to process you and whrathet they want to buy yur domain before it goes to auction adn keep it but [ost it for sale for a few dollers to tsrnish the prices fo the doamin snd it;s top asnd secondary level net an org and alo the country codes withthe intent of nevbert sellig it just lowering the price of the worth of all the other rregostrrs dmins woththe same keey word usse that they use to ronote affiliats wars and all because they wn everthing in the spamm asnd cyber squatting loop so ad to see to it that no matter wherte you go to set up a startuo or no mattr who you regstrit with snd no mstter whay country you starttup in asnd no matter what you do to promote your website the major big tech furms have go you pegged for ither success or failure befor you evwn launch `as i dmonstrate evey christmas and month witha new 3dtvchannel.co and they immedaslty blck asn hide it and no news mediss that is an sffiliate of theser mega metavwerse wi ever mention the stsru0 snd to se thaty it is berriud and blockedd snd used ss a key word ffor blocking snd diluting and spamming is accomplshed ast one board meeting ro ecret inquiry so they thexe firsm actuay runt he web and blck 100% of CAnada3DTV.com in frence sn canads usa and the common wealth of countries the press use to co,plet the process of blocking 100%of 3DCounty.com metavwrser for 25 yesars proving my news it the honest news and the comnaies thaty run the web are realy the same ones that are runing the web and provacy and the [olitcal markets for integrity online and sp ad i demmonstrate who what where when and hgow 100% of 25 ysrs vsn dissapesr online whe big cmpnaies produce the sdocil net plastforms registrrs and firwalls you get a guy launching 3DTBrands.com and bl0cke and removd form Canadia pres and all the struos foced to psy rent to pltform and security search and browsrds and hosing snd ssl all on the same comonie brsnches and platforms tht block 100% of the time for 25 yesrd right in front of politiciasnx who say they have no odesl this is gong on adnb are qulified to decide who get sx bl0ce in cloed doors and what comoanies wil not be blocke for icann traffic thefgt sn fgor yesrs just to prevent innovation and ststyios in2DTV od proff the wen is usless for the comman man or wooman to ue for busiens when the socil nets asnd the sdesrcch engien politiciands and regisrars and hosting aw all own buy the same few judt like the news mediad in canda yu can nt get honet news or soci net news from one or 2 comonaies theown the podium online or off so sd to use the iyteerne for busin pleaure without getting spmme sn back linkerd righ from the ssme comonaies tht set y o uo snd social net sso as we go into elections and the heads of state ar busy looking the other wat the big tech leap on tp of several 3DCountt.com regstrrts snd and svil nets they wn and block asll the new 3DTVCHannelc.ccom this christmas same as last and all the DTBrands.com in 3Dcounty.com and assnd sell the web traffic while it is blocked snd they do not even have to make asrrangements with all the pillsts of the 2D news sndperess as the nowe have converged them in prepertion fgor the big quantum computer squeeze planned for the top level ststuos in 3D they are blocking so so vigerously gor 25 yesrd snf own the metvwers podium so ad to spsm their content and products snd carasell of musical rgisrarsa dndomain cyber sqatting n name socil nets to rain the same ovetsight on all the ICANN addrses they can fit in their brsnd new quantum comuters and point them at their affiliats and frsnchises ICANN addrsed and reapp this yesrs hsrvest fo web trffic righ into ther next asgendas and tweek the world all their wzy ilimating fre open interne soci networking and replceing it woth all their affiliats in an orchestra condusted fron the ssem palkces the bug tech coveru of 3DTV is vomplete snd they can all go on homlidsay knowing ther is nowzy in Canada ois rthe usa tio launcha 3dTV metawers adn not be distrolyed byute platform and traffoic thieves they hosty snf own onoine aas the very bavk doors the neec to cu=yber attac economies dn all the peole on thee servers aat a whim, and as sooon as they get quantum comuter they wil do this at light speeed and you wil e he same comonaiesx i use for domian registrr of ocann ip listing is blocked buy the same countriess fn the saem servers i yuse to lauch oin via thei back door corporst owned platform of affiliatesd in cocerrt asll blocking sn selling sds on news press relesses thst dilute and covert u the ICAAnn traffic theft that is oing on asnd the spammeing from no name socil nets snf th comonsies and who owns them and why they sre owned by the sem board and stolk market listing firm that rung==ns the news sdn securityu of the web via socil net opinions and the saem press thatybring yu what is left of the news journlism works asd the firw an vclose the news meddiasd like ther were french king in the q790s untill the emtied the bastiel and blcked the pres then and same asd rome they mega firms arw looting the strttuos via an asrmy of registrrts and security fie=rms bavkec by the 2D tv newxses and all doassd to tweek yet another elecion so thaty they have the asbulity to black mail eey politiciand in it unlees the block 100% of 3DTVCAanaada.com startups and france too from 3DTV busiens andf pleasy=ur onlie nd i get stuk reportin g it becsue ther is nomone in the news pres doing it so it is a dicttorship in newsd snf onoine tosay the leadt it isdictsted for thetime beeingby thexe socio m-nets snd sdeszrch rwsuts they wil not fid and deliver hinets trsffic fromn ICAnn regidrezrs snd hosetd eertds owned by the same comonay that affilite wirht enews tht blcokes in it the preses snd ssocil ets so s to slso use the veraculaar and hide the ststuos they pa=lann to buy and oark as a tool to devalue everyine intelecrual oroerty by spmming and backlinkineg from countriexs thstysre banned free from the press calling them out asd a coverup md stiffeling of the preses and journalism and fireing all the ness medias in small towns so a to psrk these ecomonies on theri soci net servwrs snd eliminate cometition same ssd the do ith e countrries the pretend to block but use asd spasmets nd back links on theo vry corrproztion pyrimifs the built to tsrget an block 3DTVCAnaada.co startuos eoth. adn so asll you can do isd lsunch a website sn hoxt in one o ther servwr snd publcn 3DCounty.com news an sdtstuos like 3DTVpress.com snf wtch ot get blcoke snf ssmme by theser affilits no nme etvers pkastforms wih open dootss sndfbsvk doorsd asd the own sl the perives in the o=puxel snf rw sdo so eszsy tofnd the hed comnies thty won the comoanues the sosmmeers usse and n one does anything aboiurt it md i csan even hire as eecrstary so people with stattuo like me tht cn not tyoe or spel azr fllen to the sidw snd brsnded iert snd puc=shed off the web in Canada desporatlu lookijg for a way to do busimerss d pleasut=re whle beeign dused byu big tech and theri sub companiers in a chain ofg firwalling fske news snf cowruos as the people azre kep stupid nd the srrive cans aw bulking millins azat a gerab adn it sll goes to the big firm tht hirte lobbiests to see to it they n dpsm nf block andf run the ele35ion in 2d without beeing botyher , sn now wr sl pay rents anf protection miney for whayt , so ssd to be boocked by the same comoanies every time and so all you can do iss posty in on your blocvke websites and hope some ombdsmsan in the world wide web and tyhe updatyes with the back doors are deliverd to the victoms while thw updatess to go asnd hack them arw deliverd to the hackers soasd top keep the money machine going and the right people elected that support it evey time adn i get sdtuck rreporting it snd this only makes matter worse becuse ther is no integrity n the watch dogs if they do not know there things then tthey asr comouter illiterate an should step down and if they do know this then they sre accomlises snf this means I have nothing o do but point out why you csn not lunch a 3DTVCAhnnel.com in the world when the intternet id run by frsuds anf fske newd metsberder and their AI Bits that steal tthe ICAnn traffic and use ot for monitissing right i fromn of iccsnn anf the cutomers is sells to , and yiur tsc=x dolers will never flow back to you an fme just throught the sem comonaies thsblc9ok 3DTVCA.co for 25 years. 3dcounty.com metaerrs for head sets launched inb Y2K for y and the world to use as mesaging platforms for spoerts travwl news fashin and tv as i tyoe many soeling mistake and words that you never seen in a badly written posrt remen=mber these badky sekked words do not exist in any dictionalr and you could register then as yiu branfd nme aand then buy a website and the entire cloe socil net will blck ro nt block fund and not fnd y use yiur new never mentioned in ny dctionlr brand name sd a key wored and monitize an dfake and fraud ownbershio and thei is acomplised by purring all your web service egs in one baskety or 2 and charishing oine and trashing the other interne megavers styel and the only use the icann address to source inovstion adn stsl web traffic to adrveriswe and nmnitse and run eletion on . they is no way to use Cbd to launch a 3DTVCanaada.com , sand g=f yiur hndycped like me the hackers and soamers and fske news will blow you right off the sdeartch engiens and this is whay all i hsve left is telling my story even thought i can njt tye andf cannit afors =d a secrtsry or lawyer adn i sn bnit find a single politician who wio suport 3DT for 25 yesars and a singe softwar or host he will help 3DTGStartupsd.vom ney org lsunch a sugle travel or sport or news or fadhion realestste or educstyions 3DTVCHannel.com in 25 yeserrs an this says somthing vwry importnt abut the way the internet was run snd u=is beeing run when a few comonies csan replse the governance of the web aand vlock 100% ofone thing whule retendint they cannnot block a soci net or data base is fke news they blck 100% of 3DTVSTartuos.com in cana for peres same for 25 yesrd so they can block or promote whom ever thei whim sdn a quantom speefs an so womeen snd men all over the owrk=ld have no option but to complaib to the sherrifs of these notting hams and get the wrth of the hemcchmen wen comnsie the control adn do it al whi=le the jing is away fightin wrs, same dsame as in 1700 they go fter the pteses dn blok the peole in a basteal of web servs and cover them up like adictstorship onone an di get gage and my startuos blcked sdoad they csn do this scott free.< www.3DAinews.com look up up on your fsorite sesrch andf ther is no one ther from our company but the ICAnn addres will be sold byu eveyine untetn the security of fske no nmae socvil net protection globaly and I bt filtering globay an dback links it is now collecting on the servwers that host the comnsyt hhar histds the hosting packages es the hosting commay use that round robins the ttrsgfic adn filters the spam it whats to filter sn in tyhe end blocks assll the 3DTCHannels g=from every newsd nd investment frsgons den on TV and in the world and this is ni mistske it is deliborste snd no onbe can figure out who is goi8ng to stop thi so they do not even spek up besife ther are no journslidt left eho would hired by the missing news medissd thsty werr exxpunged by the megavwre during convergasnce and convergance is a messut o pretect dpecisl nsofers from competitin snd it works so well the entire world is fslling aspsrt ritht inbthte catchall of the compneis it is suppoed to andf they asr msking as fortune whike the eevery ne goes broke kheloing them asd prisoners fo these megs bots scripted peded AI bot softwares and i get stuck reporting it.
got to go. stay tuned ps.i am not a robot you know so i got to go.

%0 year ago you could vote on a TERMINAL but no one had one, it was safe no pc's or phone platforms and layers of manufactur soil nets the medias use for bews an the real oqners of the registrzrs and domain hosting that you useer and software back doors and the fact that they own most of the bog domain registrars and hosting companies and social nets that support no name spammers trollers profile tracking and spor hackers on fancy quantum sciprts collecting data just a plane terminal would do finefor elections today but can yiu find a pc . cell or platform tht is just direct connect terminal to vote on that would iliminate layers fo back door software apps and proof of id and possiboe untested filures in any day business or elections that a terminal goud not do better so eletions should only be on terminals ..www3DTVPolitics.com www.3DAINews.com comming soon to 3DTelevisionnetwork.com and a big to ICann vernacular

AI and search and browser security quantumization in computing is going to stop ICANN addrerss trarfic theft and return the startups blocked wweb traffic from search key oblivion back to online social networking busines anplesure for the ICANN addreses on it.
Elon Musk says Quantum computers will be here by the end of the year so , we will not need secret inquiries into forien interfearance as all the big tech will know and all the governments with quantum comuters will know All the microphones in yiut TVSETS hooked u to the manufcturer 3rd prty affiliates yu have contracts with by watching their ovdr the web free content will know eveything for ever about you so no one will have anyhthing to hide or redact online and all the we startups will come out of their closets and prison cells AI bots have back linked them is nd the porn spammrs that put them ther with back links and the hosting comonaies who hoseted them wil be easy to find when searched na quanton platform so taxpayers will know what promises were made an we will need no secret inquiry ino forien interfearance or millions tostart up an arrive can and be fornd on manufactueres incompatable platforms and cgi AI bot scripts for cellphone and TV pc and texting and all the 25 year old 3DTVCity.com Strtuos for tv online and straming3DTV wil come out of their closets and sytart doing busines and paying taxes to help the economie of ll tyhe countries blocked by icann trafi gtheft and fake newses. slling ads on yiur website when it is blciked snd on my 3dTVstartups.com and 3daInews.com webspages will be out in the open finaly after 25 years i can sell an adon 3DCounty.com 3Dadchannel.com for 3Dmoviechnnel.com movie ads and not be blocked on 3DTVToronto.com by 0ver 10 million payd ads selling stuff in lace of my actul ICANN addrese when sesrched and so we will have tune in to our 3Djournals.com for 3Dlistings.com of stuff long redacted by search engine traffic theft and browsers bkocking ( i lanched 25 hosted 3DTVCHannels and brodcst the sound track from one country the video fromn another snd the webpsge from 3DCounty.com snd invented 3DWebcssting in 2000 for Y2K potlash where i gve away 88 free 3DTV startups in 2000 and clled it the first 3 dimentional 3D Brodcsst online frn 3 different location , (an officl thing in it;s own right//0 and barnam and bailed ot for years s the first offick 3D TV webact online but it all was blcked in 2008 and i ws ostrasisied in the press in 1002 any ways, ), inquiry into why 3DTV is readcted in Canada for so so many years now , christfer columbus had it bad but he never pioneered a silk road to the orient onkine in 3D on 3DTVCHSnnel. ... like 3DCounty.com and god redacted online like 3DTVCAnada.com and who was forcing ottawa to redact 100% of 3DTVBRnds.com nt orgs for 3DDVirtualT/v.com and 3DEDucatioalT.com startups so that Canadians can remain dunb to theses brands ad yet the get used as key worrd in government offices hen searches ed wil stop unless the scrit is self scrioted we wil all n9w what the quasntum comouters knaow too, and who was behind the 25 year software that blocks 3DTV and sell ads on it will out in the open soon too, sa Elon Musk has said it would be and so it will.

In the early 2000's Iwent to my eected provincial mp and fedreal Mo both were in Ottawa and I aroached the secratry adn office stff withthe requt t see ad discuss Vanvouver adn 3Dcounty.c9m and al the websites i launch for messging an how 3D head sets woud be great for this nd that and hee tod me a that as an mp he cud not help and i woud need a lobyist to set u0 a meeting nd that ws the only way he culd deal ith companis sadn busiens wthout getting into conflic of interest so i went to the federal mp dn they never got bac to me at all so so ssy thst innovstion was txed adn did gret anf that they willbe here when the need is fr them is psrt of th metsverssee that work in and thi is one of the resons they cn nd do not helo by beeing unproachsble san so non diclosure concepts are for lobing dn not the crown rers do 9w do yu use sa governnent that lets journslism evaporste anf the busines online in 3DvirtuslTV.com AAi go missing and the startus used a search key words to the tune of millins o trsfic thefts snd then pretend in 2D on2D that they will back innovatin adn we sall know yu csan not unless you hire a lobby gr0up to do it for you snd that is not innovstuon it is far far far too ecpensive to invste thsn to launch innvstion in 3D on hedsets fr TV shiws in 2000 or 2024 so untill yu csan co-inivste ith the medis that blk 3DTV 3DTVJobs.com is usless to invsate in this kind of metaverse. now yiu have to have an arrive csan aamount to just ay iff the incomatabilities for small business. Ads on search engiens for 25 years blocking the printing od 3DTVstartups in ll serchs text will come out in the wash and so stay tuned and see cann addrese way back from the 1900 /sappear wher ehtye were tons of key word ads using them as stepping stones mde out of the redacted and sall the 3DTVCHaels scooped from fake aftermarketing auctions will show uo n the franchises fo the 3rd prties in 3D where the 3DWA.com workers locked out awaite jobs in 3DTVCopyRight.com (I started a union for my workers to use but it was redacted too.www.3DWA.com ) safety that are blocked can come out for journslism too in 3D on 3DNewsNet.com CHannel.com/ slmeric snd Canada too, and as x messaging goes it csn do it;s thing free from harrasment, redaction, brand dilution, web raffic theft and 3DTVCsnada.ca can market it self on it's .ca and com net org top leverls all free from spammers and hackers and fske news discriminstion by 25 yeqrs of 2D busines tv and inside trsdeing bsed on redscted trffic theft snd stsrtuos innivations online snd lots more a whole lot more, thanks to QUantum comouters knowing all abuut you and your id and websitesintent busines an tax incme too and searh engiens will have to ay the governmenty for this data but it is cra secrets they will need a secret inquire for that, and the old using ICANN addrsses as a seach key agendas and ad practces and readcting statuos busiens addrse will all comes up with USA and Canada and china wil al show u on the who is and be safe (I started a union for my workers to use 3dwa.com but it was locked out is another 3DJournsls.com story most of the 3D startus save the .us are all redacted it was not redacted too. )
www.3Dpresident.com of the 3DWebcating assosiation in 3DCounty.com
The first 3D metaverse to be redacted in global search engiens for being first to 3Dwebcast from 3 differnt locations on the plnet online and sctuly beeing a 3DTVCHsnnel.com to do it too and double firdt for stereo webcasting and head sets in 2000, and this is somthing that mega startupa who have never in their short lives been so redacted as an 3DCounty.com startup in Canada have been for 25 tears 1/qyarter of centure and that is the 3DTV.news from 3DVTV.com and the first 3DVirtualTV.com ever redacted and blocked and used as key word to sell ads on for 25 yesrs while 2D tv sit vicouriously on the inside watching and inside trading secrets about 3DCopyWrite.com startups business news for sale, if i only had my own market monitor watching out for my brands, eh!

Will Quantumist Quantum - Assistant AI Bots be a script platforms that you can script 3DCopyRight.com ads content into youtube to protect your copyright and how much will they want and who gets to charge the client when QUantum assistaants post serc enging key word results that are fake icann addrse cyber squatting ads by cometito right in yiur ip addrse email and web site portl when searched then government can have adds popups and social nets for election auto blocked by qyantum ba blocked the same way by AU quantum bot before you launch yur website B ots as the siurce the oh dsrn the word processor is deleting sentsncs as i tye and typeing over complete paragraphs by itself aai it must be the last windows 10 uograde feature on my TERMINAL again i must go ,,, by
whill you be abe to trun off Quantum cmputwr acess t0 you TERMINAL wheh you do not load a manufacturewrs operating system too.
how do you trun off QUantum computer and browsers blocking of ICAnn addrese forwarding of your traffic to advertisign and like Canada i blockd from you tube when you look for stuff like https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=LAY8zK2hQDQ blocked in Canada and gety the government to block pop up ads from social nets so as to protect elections, sports gambeling bet resulys and business no discosures or judt plsin how do you turn of Quantum computer ID profilieieng bhy 3rd party affiliats of browsers and search engines when you whant to.?

wull they be on your ip and trafic use all the time or just long enough to colect all ther dta ther is on you in a quantum second forom bavl lik3 generated by fellow Quantum comouters in a quark of a second if tunrned on by quantum auto updates you havent read yet?
Can we just turn them off in browsers and turn off fake firewalls traffic theft and just get the trffic to yiur website free of browser and seo bribes by a simle switch or will you have to give you secret word to AI bots first?
WIll dictaorshi versions of global sftwares used to regulate op up ads on peple websites be the same software used in democrcies only withthe dictator modules .. shut off option scriotee to the off poition or will the softare be clean an habe no dictstorship modules connected globsly and an off switch for pltforms using dictstorship software designed explisity for dictatorships and never ued in democracies as they are illegal soctwre s as they have and sell dictatorshi apps for adding on to yur democracy pltforms for them.??

Television is not payavision it is free, www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com

There are so many quantums of qustions before we can go around pointing or 3DAINews.com journals to 2D journals ads as 25 years 2D television never buy ads from 3DTVCopyright.com startuos for 3DstreamingTV.com online even today they block news of 3DAINews.com as if it ws Y2K ansd the world was ending fear or somthing has got thm blockng all the 3DWorldWIdeWeb.com net org you could ststuos and selling ads on tyhem while 2D tv cover for them is so so common as they still do not even m,emtion that they are blocking 3DTVCAanada.com statusp in 3DTVNewsnetwork.com and 3DsportsTV.com and this is not a bet it is history as 3DTVsports.om and 3Dcounty.com itself as a metaverse for 3D head sets in 2000 goes , is still blckd by 2D tv news and 3DAINeews.com is bound to be blocke by all the journslism in Canda last week and even diring the interfearance inwuiry into international interfearance for 2D election messaging and yet 3DTVpolitics.com is blocke and muzeled for several election as 2D t i new helps and is historicalyu responsabe for 3DTV HItory accuracy onlo by AI bits used by the Canadian comoetiton bureau i guess they never kew 3DTVCanada.com is gsged for the umpteenth yesr in a row plus 3DCounty.com metaverse for Head set virtual3DTV.com busines is muzzeled in 2D dragn dens for decades so it sll goes inside to traders 25 year so will they blocl 3DTV IN every country from Canada same ad they do now when you can not turn off the seo an browsers and journals thet block 3DStors.com for 25 years so will the fke news pps be affiliaytes of the quantuj aI bots and cn these platforms be turned off rom profileing withthe intent of selling ads based on your Quantum ai bot porofiles thaty can not be tueen off if yiu are in politics religion business or plesure messaging on the internert .
www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com from 3DTvcanada.com ,, ™ if yu did;nt know is comming to you directly blokced frm Canada and USa but is nt avalable in Canaa and the USa because it is a press ban or somthing who kno0ws but the QUantum A Bots and they ar not telling so stay tuned. www.3DJournals.com T 2000

Lets turn off profileing for a second , you canhave Canada block news to the US and USA block free content to Canada and both block 25 years of 3DCounty.com TV startups in 3Dstreamingnes.com nd ny thing yu wnat usign browser AI bts and s few socil nets thayt are 2D t5v ffilites nd you csan even tweeek eletins and run TV debstes in big cities and tweek elections with fake no nme postes on open to ny one socil net proxie messaging bbrds so , can we all turn off profileing n traffic theft of icann ip addrese by AI bots adn get down to government blocking only adnf no provsate enterprises can block people traffic now, and stop selling ads on ICANN domine names addrese nd email systems like youtube and ads block news and tv from the USA to CaNADa and both block 3DCounty.com for 25 uesrs metaverses but still deliver all your web traffic to Ai Bot catchals who instantly sesrh 20 billion files and your profile for posting seo and aftermarket sales or search results via profile - querry, of the ip searched and it's trafic so as to keep ICANN trsfic away from the domains scriots and owners 3rd psrtiy agendas and wb pages and block them that you can TURN OFF oe will AI QUantum bots rule the browser and search world globaly, and turn the social internet into a Platform corporate quNtom Bot messaging system.?
www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DAINews.com (we a new so watch the search results launch a million AI results for this web 's ICanna addres and turn a nothing found for thst domin resukt into million resuts for the domain but the website itself in 30 days with me as we lsunch this months statuos o that the seo can aftermarket can make millions blocking them ttoo the same as they blocked 25 years of 3DTeleisonnetwork.comnet orgs here in Vancouver ,) www.CHarDanAI.com www.3DCounty.com %t 2000.2024
How will governemts quantum computers handel inside trading and news medis blocking news and startuos s`like 3DTVCAnada.com
AS we follow the www,3DJournals.com of the 3DCounty.co inquiry about forien interfearance for 25 yers in the blocking and traffic theft of ICANN ip traffic and the resale of the web traffic to advertising AI scrits affilates we focus on who what wher when and why 1000 3DTVStartup ip addreses were given away and where they went nd why and who and aall in the redacted presses closed mdiad in every country as forien intrfearance blocks 3DTVCAnada.com starus in AI and online software a--s for 3D for 25 yesrs here in Canada ther must be a cglobal secrwt atreements to do ths and with all the preses onside for sorts travel news fashion business and pleasure traffic theft and dissimnation while 100% of the money from ad sales nd aftermarket goes the these countries "favoured" ip addreses and the trafic to 100 starups gpes fpr ssle the inquiry is redated for 25 years snf so who is getting all these ip domian name that werr gae up for asucton ad whaty was the winning big and wherw are they now and who owns the com0naie that piked them ip and neve changed the creation dates but sell the ICANN addrese and for hpw mucch and what arw the intents of the buyers are the QUantum computers being tested on 3DCounty.co,m IP staruos redated for the benafts of who where when and so you will have to stay tuned to 3DCountt.com while we still retain the ip addre snd are blockd f you wll ever f9nd our who what wherr whehnd why afte Canda has had 3 or 4 new political leadrers an they have puzxeled over whagt to do wth a corrupt world and a startup of 1005000 5dtechannels right in the middel of a few cmpnaies and bg tech buying and reselling thw ICANN addrzses as a commodiity for cyber qsquatting in ip addrses , scooping them and reselling themn 1000 tiems by after market resellers who are so numerious that they represent franchises and all work for who wher when why annd how come some one in the press does not do the regular thing and break the ban on secracy nd comne out snd add informtion to why so many politicins eleted and not one in 3D on 3EDTVchannel.com and why no 3DNewsCHannel.com and why no 3DtravekCHannel.com and why do they call java sceript and php and unix snd apple scripts Artificial intelegance snd then go and gag and block CHarDsn AI and sl the websites pages in 3Dcounty for 25 years and is a qurter of a centure lomg press gag on 3DTVBrands.com stsrtuos for streaming 3DTV resly worth the trouble of so much secret money going to looking into who whst wherr and why forien interfearance in 3DTelevision.com www.3DCopyright.com www.3DTStrtups.com n s real universes s so so mu8ch redacte when 3DTReavelTV and 3Dttrvel assre nit redacted in serch engiens and vrowsers scrits set and programed by humns to block and redact anby and all informaton on 3FHardanAI and brand ovwr every singke dot 0ot comm nd then of sll things to redact the entire thing even the people and companies thast bought the stsrtup ooipo addrees via secret rigged after market auction secret insider accouts andb clients that get to buy and sell redacted ipo domianbs fter they are blocked snd taken away for auction by big tech registrars flipped throu8gh a searcies of franchises owned by the same bi9g twech sripts nd t=regitrars and when they do not follo9w ICANN rules get to own the ipo foo9erings snd resell them without even changing the creation dates provi8ng they did nto f=expire of go to auction they were passe n a silver spoon nd all these great insider informstions the press and news rooms and dragens dens get in advance and redact so ad to ownb the podium nd elect m9ore intenenstions interearance prsactices and radact them so asd to complete a loop and lock 3DTVBradcastingnetwork .com anbd net and orgs into the domain pid from hadies and lock away 3DTV so as to9 bilk all the ipo icannadrseds theselves instead of hae to steal the web traffic by redactung anbd bankrup0ting the newx ownes same as they did 3Dcounty and so with th9s informti we 0ll0ow the govwrnment's inquiry into forCanada.com and see why 3TVCAnada.com 9s redacted in the go0bal search abewses an sold as a key word and why 3DCA.com is gaged and rebranded and sold as a key word and why b3DTRavee and 3DSPorts an 3dfashionTV and aal the dot coms for 3Dcounty.com messaging and social ets asrwe blcked and stil blocked globaly and in evry dictatorship amd cp98untry selling an dieing ICANN addrse ina way they they do as they bl0ck Canada and Canadians and the entre 3DT^ElevisionNetwork .co is it blcak mai o9s Canada beeing black ma9iled and is ews rely blo9cked soas to eyt ccyebr squatting include 10% of the 3DTVCHannels.com we dropped and g0ot bought by a redacted com0nay and are beeing gaged and blpcked by them too and now eveyone who got all the 3DT^VCHAnels.com brands we gae away are being gaged too just like all mthe 3DCXouty.com stsruos are blc0ec from the st0ock mrkets new chnels and AI grants as they aal prop u thei fake world and bl9ck the resl world ina childish attemot toown the podium sndmi8llions fo strtuos domai annesm so as to sel ads on them first an f9rmost and the rwdact them and have exoensive secret inquirire ibti who hen wherr andhhy theintern i9s so crooked very wher but her in Cnanda wheere you set up 3Dtvchannels.cm and get them redacted for 245 years and all the politic8ians arw stumpedd as to wht to doo and in 2D they duke it out withthe corru0t presees and the oje gloable tht are blcking nd scooping too. so everyine sgould have a grst big potlssh like i ntried n Y and give away theor redacted ipo statuos bu8siense and see who the winner is and then we cab get on weith living in hsrmony in this world in 3DCounty.com metaverse along with slo the big tech and there agendas in each country ads the dye it out for somthing elser besde iwning the podiu beside every dictato9r and leer in hstory te=ried to tske over the owrd and fsiled so we should jut get down to buienss an sto redacting and secrecy andget elections where the politicalk parties have somthing better to do then fight it out over forien interfearance nd leave Canada alone and fillow ICANN addrese and delivwr the email and webste that ar hanest forst an the get bigger snb better things t intefrsr eith internationly thsn blocking comsines an peoples startuos becuse they re 3DTElevisionNetwork.com net orgs and stuck on a few compnies intRAnet noes watching fake news duke it oit while eeing readaced and while 2D tv hsve to cover globak events whe they are stuck in an internstionl press ban onthe subject they should bejournaling snd so that3Djournals.com can cover sorts trave news adn plesure events without beeing redacted byll othe goverbemtn and pliticians as they get niwhere becude the inquireies are secret adb rensin svcret or because it is realy about what to do with 3dTV and how toownn the poodium in 3D and block the internet for 25 years in Canda .

it is a tough time to be in politics and s judge when ther is so much data beeing reddacted and no 3DNeewsCHannel.com to report it in 3D.
www.3DTVCAnad.ca.com .net snd in mny redacted INAMM top leverl pltfoems so d to rotect our brsands as they are blocked in Canada buy some kond of secret societies secret powers to rrdact 25 yesrs dn rrange legal sales of traffic to icsann addre being stolen and for how much by whom at the expence or what and who and where and why all on tax doller insecret or not s the orld browsersa nd sesrches find yiu not find you acording to cgi scriots codes and by quantum soeeds we have to ask hiw fast do these new quantum comuter redact an block 3dTVCHannels..com hen ther are these pop up secret international intefvention hearings an ther is never n oen public mention of all the Canadian 3DTVCHannels.com being gaged globaky by gloabl press that csan wire tsp the queens phone and get pictures of them on hol9idsay but noit inb 3D on3DTVCHAnnels.con in Canda so are Canadiuan beeigb bkack mailed on the aftermarket dark web in ecret or are they just blocking 3DTVCAnada.com busiens and pleasure for some other reson , anywsy stay tuned abd see wgat haooens i CAn't wait ti see why 25 yeaers Canad and 3dtvcanas has not had an inquiry int whuy 3DCA.com is branded for 25 years as a lawers group when they ave a.gov already and they do not gag 2Dca.com or 2Dca.com but just 3DCA.com and is this lkegal or interfearance when all yur 25 years of 3DStreamingTV.com sales are blcoed and rrdacted adn sold to who and when and how in secret asnd then redacted agan when theyare transfered and all in secret every tme they is a discrestion inb a 3dTVBRand.com it is redacted and why thr is not one politician looking into this aand is Canbada beiung bslkckj msiled by search and briwsers inbti doing this willingly or by forces beyond our power to conter redact . this ICANN traffic theft Artificial inteegence at workk before it does it in quantum speed and politics and judo9cisries dn people who can tye mnd spell are redsacted from the wb and no onekno0ws who what where when and why this is happening becsause of the powers of internet global IOO redactons off shore.

Meanwhile how do yiu set uo a 3DCasa.com on a www that blockes 3DWorkdWideWebTV.com and an entire country 3DTVCAmada.com and 3DCanadianTV brsnds so asd to steal gtheir traffic and pretend they do not exist for 25 years is a probkem any quantum soumuter could find and not fond in a inanosecond so we wull know ny end of the year acording to MR musk and we will know everthing acording to the makers of the quantu computers and we wil now soon if they do not already know who and wher nd why a whom must come clean or be found out by the owners of quantum computers if they do not already know the answrrex and the resl truth is lready redacted or somthing is sercretly doens ior a blck msil os thought uo so as to block quantum knowledge nf readcat icann addrexe snd proceed withthe global extortion of Canadian presses and the 3D television ntwork trafic is the rel genda then yu will have to tune it to find out what happened to all the 3DTV ipo addreses i gsve away and why the ecret inquiry into forien intervention and Canada 3DTV/com is gaged in globla sesardh and browsers for 25 years by stayibg tuned .www.3DTVpress.com from 3DCounty.comnews room for the www.3DJHOurnals..com this is y for now , I wush i had afew ad sales abd few vucks and a secratary nd a stopk r 2 on the nys exchange fr a few years nd couple of lsywers who would sxplain who wher when and hwy i am getting screwed byal the efforts and inwquiring inti forien intervention and why we should be blck snd bsck snd resdac and in this crack snd left to misspell snd mistyoe all the 3DTV.news.com here in this crummy report thst sgould be redacted byme ubtillk i get a solind web compnay that is nit redfacted. will they see to it that interent traffic is not a key word to sell snd backorder nut s real world startus when cyber squatters block new streaming staruos like 3DTelevisionnetwork.com ™ nd 3DTV.news or sport, travel, 3DrealTV.com itself and other 33TVReslty.com rsnds and shows on their websites and sell , sell sell on the ocsnn trsffic when they rw blocke for yers, will the AI quanton bots side withthe public or the mgsfirms thst oen them every time like they do to 3DVTV.com titles and stores and historicly blocked metavere in 3DCounty.com like in shrek, and redacted 3D TV starting up in Vancouver for 25 years by 2D crtc news is never helping 3D stsrtuos but willing to block thrm so why , i thid going to be quantum journslism omn steroud pointing at everyne ore-emptivly like it wwas s 3DTVCHasnneel.com in Vancouver /
Will all the both TV nd radio medias and periodicls in Canada, get a free government quantum cmputer to fake and cover uo this knid of news olus secret foreign interfersance stuff or jusr one or 2 get a qusntum tool to block this kind of stuff so will it and what direction will the quantum computers hide quantum leap left or right up or dowm in 3DrealTV.com net org business and 3DTV.news be part of the history on Quantum drives or filterd before it couod hapen and hitoricsly will history be rewritten too, and that me redacted to secret inquires in interfearace in 3DTVChannels.com net org or uk us and ICANN addresesing on the whole this news before it reports it like the journalists and politicins search engies nd The new quantom computers will know the answers before you can ask them and so they should be able to answer this quastion before we ask it too.
will humans use quantom computers to fake a real world or to deliver the real world online, and constitutionsly?
www.3DJournals.com the only 3Dindependant startup 25 years brining the 3DTVCopyright.com startups news to the public as the quesion of the day . will I have to redact myself beifre they reprt this is going on or after because with nothig to do and unable to launch 1/1000 3dtvchannels on a 2D medi platform or webhosdting registrarsa not owne by big tech and wth no intent to look into ICANN traffic theft and seo catchall cybr squatting and backlinking i would have nthing to do all day but fight my conscience for not redactng myself and giving away another 100 stsartuos only to se them fall into the ssme compnaies franchises snd cstchsll they were in while o wprned them and they were rwdated in when they were lunched ,
Why do all the search engines and social nets have different results and definitions for www.3DTVCHAnnels.com 3Dca.com 3DCanada.com CHardanAI.com 3DTVToronto.com and 3DTVCanada.com for 25 years why are most of the 3DTVBrands.com startus not found and now collection all the drpped names on the very servers 3DCounty.com spenbt 25 years trying to get awsy form and now all the ragistrars sre owned by the ssme nega firm and it still cn not find them making ICANN and com net org cc and all the dot cons ytou can by impotant at fonding y9ur atartuos pages , copyright content, trade name and all the 3DCounty.com startuos searched when they all are the same host the same www cript and web journals pages and hostrd on their own page on thir own servers hosting package wirh seo and ssl itself and the same page for 25 yesrs that was declared ssfe onb and off depending on the bg tech 3D lsunches , working 24 7 nd onyt down for mega 3D launches now nd then but put up again and always theer for ew weels when i move by registrr or hsting but milssing from ll the sarch engiens t the sme time whe they all resolve to the ssme ssl page , same ssl, same website appachie cgi scripts where some of the statuos do resolve and othrs do not pending the registrar and search engiens that are ctulally the saem comnay but divvrent franchies are hosting and delivering the traffic as searche gengines go they all should have the same ICANN address trhat was tyoed in as the result for an ICANN addres tyoed in be it a good or bad addres if it is the same then do they do this with postal email and telephone numbers and business addrsses or do they do this to statuos that get losts of trafic or stsatuos thet rrly get traffic or all the staruos until kthey are paidd or all the startjup thagt are 3d all the tome for every venue searche dfor 25 yeszrds that i own and all my ICANN statuos they targeted for 2d years and no one elae in journalism and messaging systemsfor 45 years so these are otyher qustions i mill over night after noght for 25 years and I am handycll=pped and dissabeled so do the sesarch engiens only do this to the dissabeled who csn nto even go ut to see s lawyer or just me only do they do this to your email and ICANN traffic and addreses too, so to not digree and to summerie buying a dot com net org ICANN addrss does not protect uou btnd from fske sesrh engiens that fske ICANN addrssex reults and hide the comonaies and theri startuos content but own the regitrrs and hosting psckege and ell ads ll on yuyr statuos that they csn bto fnd, iCANN adreses and 3DStores.com only.
does the CRTC nes medias know about this or is it an interfearance co-ordinated with other countries and a secret the govenment redact knowledge and messgeing system to the search engines to target nd trool s the government sit by and watch or are they that in need of a quantum computer them selves to solve politcal and internet traffic theft problem online by big tech that hse failed to find 3dtelevisionCanada.com ststus or 25 yearr and global tv to have a online tv channel called VANCOUVER instead fo BC and do the oposition and elected officials even no this or are they redacted too and forced vy the sheer money involved in cyber search squatting ad sales to be swayed in the tinestet way while the TV , periodicals and news preses hide 3DCounty.com news of 3DCounty.com cyber sqyatters and cyber squatting on metaverse launching and ICANN domains soas to be oart of the booty they get when they block ll the iCANN addrse and sel ads an the doamisn in aftermarkets usign the same converge comnies as the victooms r usig to round uo the rob them of their trffic so as to buy quntum computers and do it fasgter before the statuos can stsart up after all 25 years is lng time to be lunchig a metavers and be blocked by the search engiens while the obudsment all turn their heads becsue it is 3DTV.newsgetting blocked or as this christmases new domains i bought demonstrate a new ssl prked do com never gewt to the wayboack mcjines the serch engines snd crt neses brand some one ele right over the dot come net org ... ststus and the very register yu buy it form sell it as an agtermarket auction seat. that nerver happens above the table but the still go to the same company tyat own the regstrar instead .
The governments will have to get a quantum computer just to keep the presses and socil nets honest aling withthe big tech thst own all the registrars ahtat host the cyber quatters and the targetted redatd ictms put in them by the prsses so as to prevent ournslism but the cover up of 3dTelevision startups on;ine honest to too.

How can so many search engines and even the registrarsas not find a simple registerd ICANN addressthe news papers and government swear by this data retrieval content and process and actualy gve them monet and arrivecan pas to ilk from tax payers for seo and security every time the government donated billions for innovation to ll the ststuos they enthuse?
1 year after search engines and fsce book launched both could bt fond any 3DCounty.com Icanna addrses so we launched www.3DListings.com a listing service for paid clients not a search engine becuase the 2D tv would not promote or report 3D metverses for head sets and telephines streaming socil net and messaging sttuos they ststed hideing snd rrdacting the stsatus compnies and their sgtatuos so we launched 3DListings and 3Dounty.com could list it's clients but search engiens claimed to find your com net org abd they actially bolock them and buy the comnaues registrarsz and then chang th softwars hosting so that the linex is usless,
Browsers followed and togther with 2D tv and the press secrtes ban they blosked 100% or 100% ot=f the trime 3dtvtime.com nd all the 3dtvshows.com ther after so in retrospect i should not have waited so long for Quontum computwrs to come aong streaghten out the cyber trolling seo engins and 2d tv scams as they blocked 3DTVSTartups.com left and ring and sell ads together i should have pointed it out 4 elections ago but as you can see pointing this out does nothing to politics and busiens religions and the scila nets as it is blcked by search and vrt productions so as to have it al their way for so ling one hase to try other 3DTVCHAnnels.cm to be found. www.3DNEWSNEwork,comn did nto help 3Dpsortchnnel.com did nto help and i d=still csn nto give away Y2K mellenial presents to comonaeis i like becuse they are used asd search engine ad key words and scooped uo by the same comonay that owns all the registrars now anyway they now have all mu dropped doiasn and wil make thir own 3d tv chsm[nbels using them now that i am gleeaned of startuos nothing can stop them by a honest government quantim computr ombudsman script working n real time and political party with an quantom computer each to keep eachother honets so we should invest bullons on govwrnment ombudsmen pc overite m the atourny general shoud get one ot=r two himself snd the king should have 3. at leasrt to h keep all his sherrifs of notting ham in line whil he is away fightin wars, onoine. Does it hurt the search engine sn jand government nd politicians image and integrity or their wallets doing ths posting ads on everynes iCanna dddres because they were or are still found bvut bot to be found bribed or deliborsate as it is no kmistake that all the 2d tv newses block 25 years of 3D head set snd stereo phone and glasses dot coms ar stolena nd blo9cked and coverd u so ther is a ark plot here or two and 3DSportsCHannel.com is not a criminal set up it is a 3DSPortsCHannel.com for ads and sprts but to have ot blocked and watch even Hocley get "we" sold off without aany one else in 3D allowed to psrticipste in 2D news for 25 years looks like a inside job as the domains i put out for suctions are scooped u buy the sme comonay i registerd the with;s affiliates and franchises then ir looks like a nside job collection my dot coms and blicking them for 25 years is not a mistalke it is deliborart quantum reality they 3drelaitytv.co is blcked snd 3dtvreay/com bith have not sold a singe reality tv show in 25 yessrs or a ad on one ither, gthat s historuy, wspecisly when 3DRealTVv.comis gaged by all the crtc newses as they gaga eschother news convientlyu as they converge the nes and are backed by seo results paid in full by arrive can methods and millions hw can this be a mistske it is a scam a billion doller scam to print money and profits from nid air vial web highway robbery and traffic theft plsin an simple lt metaverse targetd and all them selves a serch engine with a quantum computer too, when it's has branded using the veery registars they sels aftermarket and ads on yur statuos plus tell you to secure yur brand with more web ICANNB addree that they can use to block and ell ads onb , is this entrpment exportion and fraud or whst when they csn not find a com net org ca and us icann address or fgske search engines selling seo a a rent to be found engine as ICANN addreses and the use of ICANN addrse top level domains and traffic on them all together the concept legaly it should be acedemic and are they all fake search engines set up t sell ads on ICANN addreses they refuse to socil net and find ., cybersquatting on ICANN addreses?.
Other qyartions like do theymake money doing this to ICANN addreses , Does tyhis affect thw branding of the ICANN addrss com net org reomendations by registrara that ar all owned by the same comoany . and why as it degrades their very usfullness do they do this to prevent people from finding the ICannaddress or are they psid to not fond your addrs and paid to dond sme one else and just lieieng they realy do and cn find your ICANN address they are ju8st mean and discriminatory, so amy questions as to wht they fal to find statuos for 3dTVCoyright.com 3DTelevisionnetowrk.com statuos for 25 years and last , why do all the TV radio and periodicslls the search engienarw affiliated woth not report this in teir business neews . Never mind , Quamtum coputewrs niw in ervice by the search negines will answer all thes questions before i ask them .
hurray dfor quantom computing , now when does Canada gwt one and stop blocking 3DTVCAnada.com so we can sell an ad on outr own searh engnes like the bg tech does free form trolling and groups that block using search engines that do not fond you and gwt back to business and pleasure online free from discriminstioksn by bog tech and searchengines. and free to use IVAMM and startuos that are free from targetong like they taget 3DTVCHannels.com for 25 yeard 3DCounty.com mags and online journals and the entire 3D YTV head set industry for 25 years while lunching theur own 3d head set industry that can not find 3DTVCHAnnels.com on 3DCAnada.com so the quetion remains why do search engines not find you 25 year old staruos and sell ads and aftermarket your domain namez that the search engines can not fond iusing the very compnaye that register the doamin to do the backlinkk hosting and sell aftermarket domains they the search engines can not find but find millions of ads like this and never report this as a feature of their search engine scripys blocking a domains should be big bucks if you can get aeay with it some ones Quantum computer shoud look into this. www.3DSearchCHannel.com ™. Ad search;
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try looking on VUPIN www.3DFM.com Virtually!