www.3DNewsNetwork.com. Hi Webbies, Welcome to the pages of www.3DCounty.com.s intRAnet web book full of www.3DTVStartups.com looking for advertisors on the 3D World Wide Web TV .com silk road, 23 years and around the world and back with stories to tell in our search for an affilite advertisor and 2D medias and websites to promote as the world wide web closes its 2D TVStations and put uhf vhf broadcasting into each tv set they must decide who gets to put their A.I.Bot's apps in the new 3D TV sets first by country and manufacturer and sponcer before 2D tv social nets catchall filters close the last uhf vhf coast to coast press filters and electins all in one 3DTV app security firewall or somthing to block ICANN addresses for sure to complete the end tun on the public startups as part of their conversion in to 3DCopyrightTV.com net org copyrights that the A.I.Bot catchalls currently catch and sell by the millions that they use now so as to filter 3DTV right in the tv sets to their ads leving 3DCOunty.com to find it's own affiliates as they do not socialise with 3DTVCanada.com for years now i gewt the picture and am left to add pages in my journals, waiting for the new 3DTVSets apps ro startu updateing like they do on your browsers and searches for 23 years on mine, to filter traffic and resell it from their catchalls is worth more money to backorder and catchall ICANN addresses traffic payes billions a years and for 2D tv to be inside your TV set is like a another operating system updating all day in heated battel with each othe's A.I> bor in rivl TV set manufacturer secret going onb like blocking whom when where wnd why today is but right in your new 3D TV SET APPS chips in your new TV set and that proves 3D is better thsn 2D or they would bnot be so secrative about it, A.I.Bots are new to 2D over the air brodcasting websites blocking online os new for them too, but on the silk road A.I> bots block social net startups by the millionss and all the 3DTVVAncouver and 3DTVToronto.com and 3DTVMonbtreal.com (french english they block both here, ) is all the rage, current A.I> Bots catching filter traffic up to 80,000,000 times for some 3DCounty.com ICANN TLD addresses iliminating their use for anythinbg even for advertising and scouting this out is a good indication they are getting close to 3DCounty.com vertical social net metaverses 23 years old once again on the web silk road and their mission is to conqure it not integrate or join it for 23 years but brand over and block same as they did in 2d on2d for 2d for 23 years, that's what they do to get rich trffic theft of ICANN addresses on line, so we look for a way to join the medias 2D social nets and now secret 3DTVNetwork.com advertising as they surround our startups and block traffic like in 2000 , 2001 2002, ... 2023 they do when they vie for apps in new 3DTV asets ovwr the next 10 years, we find fewer and fewer openings and 3DTVCAnada.com friendly A.I. Bots galore blocking catchalls in 3D TV medias more and more each day looking for 3DWorlWideWEBTV.com affiliates becomes an aventure story we can hardly wait ti tell and are still poping up as metaverses converge into 3D TV apps on your 2d tv uhf vhf cable 's stations we are still 23 years later , looking for good places on the web silk road to launch 3D TV channels for Glasses Free 3D RVv so, in the meantime... It is www.3DTVTime.com online and today we feature more 3DTVStartups blocked for years as we ask, Is the internet hopelessly insecure and dysfunctional for starting up www.3DBusinessTV.com and www.3DVirtualTV.com www.3DRealTV.com www.3DTVCHannels.com net org websites for business and pleasure for 23 years only to be blocked by all the country presses and elections an neve ever sell one ad o anyone wheine each startuo can gert 80.000.000links on search engine... I think so, as how else could you get 80,000,000 stories to talk about in a 3DJournal.com blocked by all the press in a Sherwood like forrest of close medias converging and moving online to do 3D TV right on your doorstep on the intERnet's silk road? ... www.3DJournals.com read all about it.. brought to you by www.3DEducationalTV.com %t in the www.3DBroadcastingNetwork.com ™ 2015 are you advertising on the shopping www.3DSHoppingWall.com ™ 2010! or do you have a shop from www.3DStores.com ™ 2000 in the www.3DSHoppingMall.com ™ 2010! for Real3DTV.com shows using a 3D head set yet?, and do you have a www.3DTVCHannel.us the free speech capital of a refuge for banned 3DTVBrands.com and startups for 3D and 3DTV blocked by 2d social nets like we are for 23 years do you want to be left to advertise on the intRAnets that block small businesses and dreain off shoping from yiur town then advertise and do business free from the social nets that block 3DTVCHAannels.com net org startups for 23 years , welcome to a place where 3DTVBrands a are copyright and not blocked and you can advertise on your own 3D pop up free way on a solo page in our search and alone when searched via you@ or.yourname or phonenumber.TVPin.com, Vupin.com, 3DTVPin.com, or www.you.3DVupin.com ™ 2006, here and free on all www.3DCounty.com and www.3DTVCHannel.ca www.3DTelevisionNetwork.ca 3DTelevisionNetwork.us intRAnet startups in www.3DCounty.com database so we WELCOME your advertising and 3dlistngs.com or get a 3dtvpin.com coming soon as the 3DTVSets are in the works so save up to buy one and more...www.3DJournals.com a CHardan AI.ltd * Computer Hardware Autonomous Robotic Digital Analog Numerically Controlled Artificial Intelligence ltd Tm 1988. <br>

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www metRAVerse intRAnets are popping up all over the intERnet promising AI and VR and AG intERnet startup, possibilities for 3-D social net Portals for Business and pleasure to come.
Happy MetRAversering MeTAversers!

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AI in schools and AI at home but no AI allowed during an exam!

www.w The calculator replaced the slide rule , the PC replaced the calculator the AI bots replace spelling errors and grammar and the new tools chat AIs translarwe and correct even in medicine and data retrieval the make life better, faster and help via connecting databases and messaging or prople and alerts or when shopping and accessing services or just ordering food AI makes it easier for students in schools and in the English classes it can help student express themselves and even spelling and grammar but none of these tools will help you when you have to sit and write a 600 word essay for an exam or get and hold a job in any proffesion as they are not allowed in the examination room during an examination, so that your knowledge is tested and not the AI bot tool, come exam time.
As for chat AI, it can help but it too is not allowed to be used during and exam or it would defeat the purpose of schooling and exams.
I will run an AI spelling script now test this text, so that you get some idea of what I am trying to say when i can not even type or scribble into this PC to get my thoughts across via AI hardware and a keyboatd plus help in spelling. lucky They still have oral exams and by the way, chat bots are not allowed in those exams either. www.3DBlogTV.com ™ www.3DEducationalRV.com ™ www.3DVirtualTV.com ™

This week we will see if www.3DTVStJOHNS.com www.3DTVMontreal.com and www.3DTVToronto.com srartups are blocked by fake search results as they do not search the words you input but change them to get paid advertised results from your ICANN address vis Fake A.I. and fake backlist traffic frameing catchalls servers serverd up by IS. Bots instead Ignorant ICANN illiterate Script Bots following scripts codes in a co-op scam to steal ICANN adresses web your website's traffic by the millisecond for selling paid advertising money alone that you will never see and with it's advertising in hand, showing rapacious contempt for your website startup, ICANN webisites addresses and global search engine affilite advertising integrity. www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com Tm

Launching www.3DCounty.com www.3DStores.com on www.3DTVCity.com and www.3DVTV.com startups for 23 years.


Is your search engine ICANN aproved or is it a web site intRAnet search engine that is the question when you trust the ICANN seal of aproval that is a web search engine but when it ilny searched it's silo affilaiated data bases and screens 3DTVBrands.com net org web site addresses it is a thief of teeaffic if it lies nd sell ads on the domain as a key word. used s results then it is not a web search engine it is a web site search engine a bi d differance in intyegrity, it will have to be an ICANN pproved version or forgwet it beeing secire and honest sa,e as the news fake medas and 3DTVstartups.com the news medias onine have to be ICANN compatable and not like the search engines profeting from blocking startups like 3dTVCity.com for 23 years so they can do an end run on the intERnet startups. like it is 23 years blocked and now is a good time for www.3DTVTime.com shopping and entertinment so throw away you biast blocking traffic stealing search engine and get a search engine with 100% ICANN aproval on it, too.

Last week I searched for one of my ICANN startups fo news and while looking as my 3DJournals pages i got found my web page was not listed and it was used 80 million times to sell ads and everthing but 1 of my 3DCounty.com pages by the serch engine and thought i would love a team of PROBONO lawyers to ge 80,000,000 dollers for just 1 of my 23 year old stasrtups usd for key words and all pointing to the 3DCounty.com 3DJournals.com web media sute but blocked by the search engines socil net affiliats and there silos 23 years and no way to evwn et reparian rights. The writing in on the walls of their clouds, traffic theft scripts tell it all. Read all about how preditor source coded in A.I.Botware mersonarries silos steal web traffic and resell it via computer scripts and code compiled programs plus a Consortiums of medias and megacorporations help cover it up... www.3DJournals.com

www.3DJournals.com by CHardan AI.ltd * Computer Hardware Autonomous Robotic Digital Analog Numerically Controlled Artificial Intelligence ltd Tm 1988.

Should Business, Private and Public intERnet search engines and AI bot codes be inspected and approved and rated secure by ths CSA and faculties of internet script writeing and law as safe open code taught in and open to universities study?
ICANN approved search engines sorce code approved compatable with intERnet addressing systems, with the ICANN seal will replace dot com startups and mwgsearches that block ICANN addresse for years as traffic thieves and cyber squattwrs abuase the ICANNN intERnrt and it's bussiness stealih their traffic , after all wwhy buy a web address TKD and get blocked when you can by a search engine tld or a social net TLdD and be found on a companies intRAnet but blocked on he internet , and when the email addresses and web sites and fake web address is better than owning a real 3DTVCHqnnels.com net org org why would anyone bother securing a web domain that is of no use on social nets and search engiunes and when your trafic is stolen and used for profit why get a secure private web ip and host your own domains and startup when your blocked on all the uhf tv news and their social net because you bought a doamin and stsrted up sam as the megag companies dis but because you do not block them they block the ICANN addresses and get away with the profits from doing it knowing the authorities will get a cur when they sue bt thw rest is gravy for the web traffic thieves. AN ICANN and GOvernemtn seal of seciroty witnessing a script code thet passed inspection at time of aproval was compiled and with its numbers registerd seal included in the compilation would raise the bar on fraud scripts and back door apps and search engine and end the question of are they not CSA approved and stesling web taffic foe the money they gwt not finding ICANN addresses this would clen up all the abandoned websies and catchalls on round robbins full f back link content used to black list domains the pop ups and scmmers stwal teffic from too and may be the medias and uhf vhf newses will support them if they know they willl be found by searches they might even buy an ad spacw from a dot com insteasd of beeing forved to pay a bully or else you will get your web taffic stolen nd advertised on scammer will target you and your web OD.. www.3DCopyWriteTV.com www.3DTVCHannel.us a www.3DTelevisionNetwork.us on a secure Canadian city hidden from the press better than UFO's, (UAP), kept secret by all the presses and consortiums reporters but 3DTVPress.com was found and blocked by gum woth 3DCounty.com and 3DCA.com for 23 years 3DTV ICANN addresses are blocked longer than any political secret by the 2D presses and hidden in metverses as they launch.. hosted this week by www.3DNewsNetwork.ca, com net org they block for the web traffic. www.3DTVPress.com here in Vancouver covering the 3DTVNewsCHannel.com (also blocked in the 2D press for years). Hi Webbies it is www.3DTVTime.com again online far away from the AI.Bots in www.3DCounty.com and today we feature spelling and gramaer mistakes because of the writers are on strike so I fell great about tht and do not use a secratary so goes america on the farm, a n actors and writers strike is better than a 3DTVStartup.com or www.3DNewsCHannel.com gaged by the 3D social nets but we simpathise and viquriously sit by watching the covergred medias and social nets block 3DTVBRands.com when it was found the hosting was a scam company following us for 23 years buying up the registers we went to and then our own register 3DTVBramnsd and cutting off the entire group in a fake hosted cloud that was to be aprison for dot top lever domains, so we have been triking the 2 Dtv news for 17 years on strike since 2007, we wish we were not blocked and could help report in the 3DTVNewsCHannel.com silos the truth about integrity if the 2D TV newses and actors and writers with 3DTVStartups for jobs gagged and when your startups are blocked at whim by all the browsers coding and scripts in searches and medias newses that bock competition and 3D TV verticsal markets and innovations or 3D glasses and metaverses startups for so so so many years that could never ever even be competition at this rale of stiffeling businesses for a CRTC spoon fed media and 3DTVStartups.com net org here in Canada even lost Vancouver tv channel in the news online and Vancouver city has no TV CHannels on the western cable tv news menues plate for months on pluto, the city is blocked and serch and in the press blocked and mercury venus and mars earth ervers too as 3DTVBrands.com and all those round robin servers out there catchalling for backlisters and startups on 3D clouds that are blocked and filled with 3D TV ICANN addreses , "Goly Round Robins Batman", like it was a trolls silo's pit made by scripts for stuffing compititon's web traffic into for pompong income, so welcome 3DTVFans and startups to 3DCounty.com where we are still trying to launch www.3DTRavelCHannel.com and 3DTVTRavel.net in a 2D closed news market place and economy where even 3DSportsCHannel and 3DSPortTV.com itself is robbed of traffic onlne , we feature no catchall traffic theft here and 3DNewsNet.com www.3DFAces.com our first shows and we have more 3DTVStartups blocked than any one else in the 3DWorldWideWebTV ,com industry and that is a intrest in it self, our entire silk road even was blocked for 23 years, no one in 3D webcasting and web casting history of 3DTelevisionNetwork.com businesses was and is targeted more thaan we are targeted for traffic thieving vis source codes and silo meidas in broad daylight. so for that reason alone it is impossible to cover your strike in 3D on 3D over 3DTVPress.com or even hire a screenwriter for 23 years, so for years as we ask, Is the internet hoplessly insecure and disfunctional for starting up www.3DBusinessTV.com and www.3DTVCHannels.com net org websites for business and pleasure? www.3DJournals.com read all about it.. brought to you by www.3DStores.com %t 2000 in the www.3DSHoppingMall.com ™ 2010! www.3DBroadcastingNetwork.com ™ 2015 are you shopping in a head 3D set yet?, and www.3DTVCHannel.us the free speech capital of 3DCounty.com and www.3DTVCHannel.ca www.3DCounty.com www.3DTelevisionNetwork.ca 3DTelevisionNetwork.us and more.. 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