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www.3DTV.News www.3DEducationalTV.com . Does your domain name on meta have to match with your legitimate domain name from ICANN ?
Do AI chats treat ICANN addresses like searches and sell ads on them created by chatgptbots> www.3DJournals.com

There is always hope for AI when it sorts our posted lettwrs , it delivers millions of wensites email and traffic , it ginds your address of the place yur looking for , but is it good or a bad thing depends on how you use it, when you filte out 25 yesars of 3DCounty.com metaerse after metaverse for vr and ar using all the AI in the Television news and search engines to brand over 3DTVCanada.com for decades so as to have a insider trading scoop on the stoks that are not filterd by the searches and presses and when you have 1 or 2 soil nets vote on eletions withthe same news medias that block 3DnrnewscHannel.com startuos for journalism in 3DTelevision streaming online for 25 years or when you use it tlo trget and sell ads on a ICANN address that is for 3Dsports or traverl and fasjion and shopping so a yheyr is no way to ewven bid for agovernmnet travel ad or a website for an org on 3DTelecccvisionNetwork.ca in Canda and yur international 3DTVCHannels.ccom net org and country codes are blocked in every country and al yu can do is type spelling wrrors on yiur 3DJournalss.com for 25 years becauee Ai and scits are making sure ther is no way to find yur ICANN addreses for dades then AI is not so swell .
Like i said , AI bot is in the hadds of the holders and scripts they tell the story of wat they are to do and the their commands are written down in plain script so it is up to the user to point their AI at people and take the trafiic and colatersal damages with cconstitutional rihhts of people vrs AI scriots, and how it treats people using it, Lucky for us we have Judges and they have laws and the AI bots can not do anything that is ilegsl same as a hguman and when they steal your web traffic and sell ads on it or point porn at your strtus s browswrs will blick you due to back link data it is plain to see the tyriccks in the scrits and their doins arre un constotutional anad so woththe judgess and the boo of laws we are in good hands . all we need is an AI scripts to catch ICANN trafic thieves stealing web straffic and seling ads on your blocked or incorrectly installed websites and we can stop a lot of AI cromes online woring inthe press and news vccumee and crimes doen by AI bots to people they medias blkock and it would put a lot of light on whay is going on internationaly interfearng withthe political and social net fraud and fake websites using peoples ICAnn addrses becuee they are incorrectly installed and blocked or just coverd up by 2D tv medias and preses so they are targets for abuse as no one wil ever find out ablut it so fake AI bot owners and fsaake news and fake AI bots re a problem but luckyt we have JUdges wwho are on our side.

AI is the best when it is used for good thongs and the worst wwhen it is fsake traffic theft catchall traffic sold on a deep fke website business run by AI bots the news wil not mention or hackers same thing. and AI set u p amd runnong milions of times a second selling ads on safe AI scrits is unconstutional in robot code too, as robots need protection form the law and a web site script is unprotected when a traffic thief tsrgets it for 25 yearsa dnthe press target it for 25 yeards and socil nets trageet it for 25 years and it is just a 3Dstores.com blocked and targetd and never mentiond as a target for traffic theft for 25 years then the humans are moreeeeeeeeee of the threat running bloked ccorruption going on in the preses ssoas to have no 3DTVCHannels.com to spesk of for 25 years is not a cript it is deliborate .

So it is humans that make ai a threat not AI itself. AI only does what it is tld to do We all need AI laugh tracks on our content on TV shows.
IT is only dangerious in a nafarious persoms hands. otuwise it is harmless ai. www.3DTVCHat hav your chat gpt call my chat gpt so they can do lunch some time.


There is always hope!
I hope the consortium of food mega companies (unelected) and the consortium of car manufacturers social net manufacturers streaming media manufacturs health and religions sports and consulting all stay democratic as stae run mega manufacturers and big tech align themselves like state run organisations ora closd sports league and because for 25 years i have tryed to give away a few 3D web sites tht are blocked by state run like firwalls with a referree apointed by the consortium so that ther is no way to aproach a politicias for help because off conflict of interest of lobbying state run consulting and stsate run security , ther is no way to aproacch a lawerbecause i bought 3DCA.com 3DCharDAnAI.com and gave away 80 plus domains in 2000 for social netwroknig , i can not post a 3DTVCHAnnel.com without a consortium of big tech puting ads on them that are negative or host silos of back liks and vlock email s and traffi like a state run secretret international websites are pre-emptivle blocked and the news medias imediatly post a huge state run like flurry of ads and content that omits of brands ovwr what eve i do and in a state ruj like un elected fashion decide via fake social nets and a consortium of big players what te taxesa dn intereste rwates and ther is no way as a pensioner to acess rent encreace or heat csr even internet cheaply as state run taxes increase and limits on oowwr interest bring down the states and they run on a consortium of unelected consulted and AI bot solutions < It all make things more state run and consortium policed problems the social nets and 2D medias and states runnng on theses things can not function any more as the ery processes are undemocraticaly dissasembeled by a consortium after consortium of what gets closer toa state wth no borders running by consortium of unelected mega intrests groups and slipping out of the hands of the states and the infostructure that is ther to see it is open and democratic and ther is only one stste run alternstive to democracy and so ther is only hope that we do not become a state run internet worse than we already are and that democracy prevales in thi state we are not running in.
there is no way to aproach 3DStreamingTV.com or 3DStreamingNews.com or 3DTVCanada.com on social nets run like they were state run vy a consortoum of big techs and give away a singe casa or 3DTVCars.com or 3DGetaway or a 3Dsportschannel.com without running into a state run like structure and firwall or an actual state run firwall social netwrk .

www.3DTVStartups.com www.3DTVCAnada.com www.3DCounty.com.

3DelevisionCHannel.ca 3DTVCHannel.us (in the states) 3DTVCHannel.cn 3DTVCHHannel.uk 3DTVCHannel.asia 3DTVCHannel.in 3DCounty.com (a dictstorship in own) www.3DPresident.com ™ 2024

There is always hope!
3DCounty.com is pleased to offer Legal services and world woth a law firm/ in 2000 we set about launchibg 1000 websites all around the world and in every g20 country and gave away 3D startups and gifts only to be blcked and advertised on whie the domains were taken and scallped , then for 25 years tight here in Canada all the medias and stock matkets went est and dryed up like the 2024 grduation of the journalists faculties and the attntion span of childeren in school. while the tributes domains that web 3DSTreamingTV.com net orgs await integrtions with big tech agendas so as to carry on and launch 3dCOunty.com , bt un the interum . the history of 3DCoyrightTV.com and all the 3DCounty.com 3DTVBrandas.com are a gold mine in ICANN addrsse traffic theft if yiu can get away woth it as yiu will see as soon as yiu ytake the helm of the good ship 3DCAsa.com and and sale off into the web surf exploring the thingas i have found and the bouty ot hold in tu know the law i bet 3DTVSports.com is full of examples pf traffic thesft for yiur clients thaat actualy illistrat 3DRealTV .com startups barriorers to constitutions and ore,

Consult and we will both be happy.
At least here all the sneeky coniving nerfarious and dark web secrets used to block 100% of 3DTVCHAnnels.com in 100% of the venues and social nets for 100% of 25 yesars in the press while it is hapening and more than 1000 launchings of all of the 3DTVBrands.com online using search engines browsers more than once and then ther is webhosting , ssl, and ICANN addresees errors and email traffic stolen and rerouted, catchalled and backlinked to porn and filters tamperng ... goin on on the nternet that is international onterfearance and basicaly so as to get all the eb traffic ging to affiliates so as to mess up everyone startuos with ads. and many othwr shannagns we have experianced for 25 years .
we can offer this vast ]reservoir of knowledgte no one in the world could have unless they launched 1000 dot com net and orgs for 245 years and had them all missing and blocked redacted and branded ovwr and no one inbthe orld has had so many messagting and socil nets startuos for 3D VR and AR streaming medias blocked and internationaly hosted missing in th press adn stock marketsa and none of the 3DTVCopyrightTV.com startups fud when you tyoe onbthe ICANN addrss for 25 years stull blockedd and pointing to big techs than 3DCounty.com net ansd org . Consulting and attesting s all we have t market and so if yur a law firm specialising in qeb security and trafic theft then we are a must to hire. the www.3DJournals.com, The Tortured amature 3DTV Poets Department.

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