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There are news medias willing to report on the Spanish inquisition .. oh di i gt that wrong th Canadian interfearance inquisition bythe preses and their 3rd parties, interpretng the Canadian inquiry into forien interfearance in iternationally released rdactions to the preses they socially netowrok that are nit pres redacted and on the very very few canadian platforms for news left after consolidataing the over the ar local t preses and iliminatong 3DTVStartups.com net org from the news for 25 yesrs and posponing the resilts without a second oppinion or a bid to tender resilts , we report the enquire redacrting the news ftil next year when the deside to be ther to se that they can help att that time too, and by the continious redacti9ng of 3DTV for 2 years like they have for the last as they inquire like a spanish inquisition ( thats where this line goes i wish i coikd spell and tyoe) and so www.3DTVNewsnet.com and 3DTV.news will carry one redacted and all the ads tsgng along making big tech bu=illions every second too, while we look into the spanish inquisition . oh ther i go agsain the Canadian inquiry into 2D tc news redsted sectrets in the news and the election results deliverd by the news that redacts jourbisyts and locla v and 3DTVCAnada.com (all mu 3DocalTV.com met orgs are given away adn ther never was a way bock for then it was redacted, ) as the hand that rcieves the news from the hand that gives the news is redacted by news medias in 3DBusinessTV.com 3DYVPolitics.com 3DSportsTV.com or ICANN traffic theft and when yiu are in 3D TV startups .com net org busiens here in CAnada and yiu wi not have to waite for 25 years or till the end of next year to watch and see how interfearac=nce worrs when 100% of he 3DTVBandscom launched in Americas get interfeared with for 245 years and all this years it will be better than then waiting for next year to get the news frm a 2D tv edias thayt already interfears in busines and pleasure online and blocks 3DCanada intefearing by redaction every day and we will show you who what where and how 3DTVCopyritght and 3DTVpolitics are interfeared with a bl9ocked by the 2D fake medias every day so why wait k=jusrt sat tuned and watch internatiinal interfearnce in3Dtv metaverses and head set technology rght here in 3DCOunty.com the metaverse from 1990's for busines and plesasure snd the most interfeared with staruo in 25 yesars in Canda . right here on th 3DBrodcastingnNetwork.com from 3DTVOttawa.com live from our VAncouver3DTV.com studieos and blocked on international and Canadian search engines for 25 yesars the official 3DTVCHannel.com www.3DNewsCHannel.com and the first 3DNEwsCHannel.com to be blocked internatinaly withiut interfearance from blocking them we will be here every day bvringing you the 3DCounty.com news and the front loines of the 2d medias wars as they block 3DNewchannel.com with seo ads. bd intefear like t ws an election run on 3=2D tv and socil netwrks busines WIll the the redcted reality for the inquiry inti arrive can and interfernce and no news will report 1 single 3DTVStore.com launched and blced so this will have to be the job of the 3DWA.com webcastin association dan=and consortoum of 3DTVBrands.com that they block religiously for 25 yesrs interfearing in 3DWorlWideWebTV.com busiens and pleasure then redacting and inquiring it will not make it go away for 2 yesars so we will have to do their job and repirt for them so stay tuned.

Redacted startus and traffic for them sokd millions of times by the platform that redated them is common for 25 yesars and reporting this is like reprting electioin fraud in a closed media thsat makes it;s lvng off of arrivecan ads ansd contnet fillers abut diversion medias subject so that back doors can be c-secretly used to str=eal web taffic every election adnall the year ling as we demonstrated for 25 years by beeing redsacted mysteriously ourselves here in 3DCounty.com wher the 2D mwdias park and rwadact all the icann ip addses they whant to block , like 3DNewsnetwork.com or 3DTVPolitics or 3D<}MOvieCHannel.com or 3DStores.com and whe 3DTVToronto.com and 3DTVVancouver,.com and 3DTVMontreal.com and 3DTVOttawa.com and all the Canadian 3DTVStartuos.co for 25 years are blcked and the news covwr it uo then ther is garenteed interfearnce in ternationaly and during electiin s too , if yiu think else wwise then i have a froend who will sell you the broklin brdge for sheep all i beed is yiu back password, , do yiu belin=ve that...
news of metaverse being redacted. online for the podiums of over the air TV traffic be reported on the news or will the news medis redact the attacks on websites and the dilution blockades set uo int he war of the entertainment industries and the midddle classes .
It is obvious that I can say the election will be and has been interfeared with online because ther is no law protecting icann web traffic to the email and ip of the owners of dot com addreses and this is true for new org bis and therfore .gov or .politicalparty so when 100% of 3DCounty.com startups for head set metavered messaging are blocked in Canada for 25 years sed as key words and search engines and blocked by porn backlink scammers while everyne in the world uses the gtraffic for my every single dot com as a key word while fakers actualy post ads on yur trffic and so i can say and attest tot he fact the i bet mhy 3DSPortsCHannel.com thagt ther is interfearcane oin politics religion business and 3DTVBroadcstingnetwork.com 3dtvstartuos.com so why in the world would there not be political and internations interfearace in law redacted too. the medias love to start a war in any business or sport then cover the reactions like it was a hocky ouch that slipped pt a golie and the cameras favorite cameo a guy who faild close up .
The internet is not a hockey gsme and the war onoine has mede it usless to the courts and the busineses and pleasures and provacy of eery blcked ICANN addrses used for ad sales dilution AI scriots. The legal question the moral question the business qustion and the political question is why is nothing done aburt this 3DRealYTV.com and messaging redaction process as the public get caught in the cyber media's warring gofr yiur attention every day online and on news and tv , entertainmnet , business and pleasure, , how can yu have an electuon news when they arew the same newses that block theinternwt traffic news . so the courts, the politicians , the public and not the news have to look into this before we can even have a election report the winner with integraty so we may have to go back to the ...dum dum dum ,, secret hand ballot election and reporting platform as the news and internet are the same as the last 25 years and fake to say the leat not even integritous enough to run an ICANN addreses platform with integirty . no one could belive the election was not inteferqerd with for that are are lots of peole smarter than me and I figured this out easy peasy.... again. It is obvious the covert blocking of 100% of a startuos 3DTVCHannels.com is a war shannagins and ablockde against Canadian 3DTVCanada.com and a cyber squatting of 3DTVSport.com 3DTVTRavel.com and 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com after all we have been holding the salieent trying to give away 3Dwhitehouse and 3Dbuckingham to give away 3DTV and sports channels but i csan not find any hinest platforms and big tech to see that they are not stolen same as the 88 ftee stqrtuos i gave awayu in 2000 before i became collteral damage from the dot com wars of the 1990's in the preses as the crtc medias battelet the copyright download content thieves and the elections coverage moved online and the secrt services of every big g 7 investend in cyber warfare the very comonaies that scrioted the Ai for them actully blocked icann addrsses and posted fsake neews and sttole election onoine traffic and i fell into thie9 dot com hell pit becaue of pre-emptive ccyber squatting and find tunng is still i=using my startup works and i csan not sellan ad on any system i build because the we=ar online is seeing to it 100% of my works arew redacted when the r is a whim to block it and use the traffic for the war online they are fighting to own the podium . www.V3DTV.com ™

What Do you do when they redact you bad boy, bad boy I did-n't know,
Can the world run on fake search and news engions and is anyne watching the 'AI' Bots scriots?
Why would so may pay a cyber squatting search engine to post their ads rght on top of a A compaanies or persons web sight blocking the ads on it ansd replacong them with ther own ads creating fraud and cybersquatting as that compnahy or bullly blocking the website. Does Icann even care that theri addreses are of no use on a websystem that can not deliver traffic and is using cyber squatting as a meams to block web traffic and send it to their own religious or ileagal affiliate for more anbuse . is ICANN addreses being stolen traffic sources for cyber squatting the real reason ICANN addresees and the internet is used in CAnada because repeating history and all the dirty tricks in history is gsarenteed to sucseed when innovstion arrives and competition changes things from a coloniaal rule off line to a colonial rune online and how can compnies get away with stelaing yiur ICANN address and using it to advertis3e on it/' ip traffic an emails

Is the ICANN address system working for the public or just the bug tech , why do you have to pay to stip search engiens from advertsng on your dot com addrsses for yur work and services do they not have their own website and does the same search sell their web traffic or were they forced ro pay a rent-bribe to be found?
Did Your ICANN web addess get used for adverting by search engiens browsers and TV medias too!, I north America search and medias fake!
Are ICANN address for web trasffic squatters to catchall and medias redact your address and take the traffic for cyber squatting marketers to monitizefor
IS the address system ip and domain addresses for you to buy so you can pay seeral manufacturers adn software tech compnaies rets and still get bloked and use for milli0ns of ads and links by a few fake scams and ssocial nets the medias spoon feed to use youraddress, works , social networking apps and traffic for their pleesure, because it only works for big tech unless you pay them to be compatable in all gtheir indevidual incompatable ways and this was not mentioned when yiu bought the tkd it was supposeed to be yiur global branding portal to the workd nigt a thing to sell ads on and be redacted for 25 years buy insider tradng in the preses . How can anyone fund your when yiu are blocked and in Canada starting u and the government lets anyine advtise on 3DTVMontreal.com if your a 3DTVCHannel.cs redacted like Vancouver is on global news, nd ther are no more journalists left like on the crtc medias that cover 3DTVStartups gaged and redacted in the press internstionaly interfeared with abroad and at home.
Internationsly interfeard with for 25 years so any does one else have these cyber bully kind of problems launching 3DTVStartups.com net org streamng media and sports ebsites in montreal too i have them in every city i Canda and that is nt a good thing to brag about, it is supposedd to be a redacted sectret for 25 years i guess,

ICANN have to decide what their addresses are for, as most sesarh enginbes just block 3dtlds.com net org right off the bat and the name goesuo for aftermarket sakes before yiu can get a website in 24 hurs to go live in Canada as the border is throtteled for a long time so that yiu have to use a us proxie to build yiur website and see it in canda , bhy then it is filled witha quantum of ads on the search engiens abd ICANN mus decode of thei is fair use and can they then sell your trffic and use it to sell tyat are nt converged like the crtc medias are, and used for sellijg backorders on hundreds of registrars they franchise posting targeted ads backlinks smering and dilution of products adn brands look us u and see how yiur sesrch engine handels ICANN addreses for your startups right on tramarks How much does it cost to get them to find yiur ICANN addres becuase u=itit looks like a scam and are they working together one selling and the other blocking for money to get unredacted mking the emsl and streaming 3D tv industry and your www.3DTLDs.com %t traffic absolutly theirs, so Icann must decide to look the other way or tke their dot coms away for doing this , or stop the trsffic theft globaly of ICAnn addrsez traffic.
What is an ICANN www address is for news medias to redact for 25 yesr is it for ICAN to garenttee trafic saftey and enforce email delivery and contact integroty of sesrches ICANN results and information , is ICAN the hand above that sold these thngs when the hand below get nothing and the traffic gets sold at the markets for millions so they musty decide if the onterent is real and trffic is safe becuse it must be real and not fake and have integroty for elections and business , workers and for plesure as the hand below give their money to the hands above in good faith for business, plesure work and web trffic security.

www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DTVNontreal.com ™ , Vancouver look it uo see whagt an ICAnn addres is for and then let me know.

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