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The writing in on the walls of their clouds, traffic theft scripts tell it all. Read all about how preditor source coded in A.I.Botware mersonarries silos steal web traffic and resell it via computer scripts and code compiled programs plus a Consortiums of medias and megacorporations help cover it up...
The writing in on the walls of their clouds, traffic theft scripts tell it all. Read all about how preditor source coded in A.I.Botware mersonarries silos steal web traffic and resell it via When their source code is examinted it will all come out in the wash.
Llook at the Bot code it's all right there in black and white when they were not AI.Bots, it was human intervention blocking and stealing the guilty culpret , now millions of time a milisecond as A.I.Scripts do it it sounds like computers running a script is the villable link here, the medias do it daily vy b;ocking and screening startups that are 3D out of the news unless they are affilite like a search engine the tv medias engine is in the race to do n end run on competition via scripted compiled code that is uninspected before compilation into a "ra da artificial intelecant web traffic blocker and silo catchall filler app. it is not is not in the news though these 2d consortiums in tv medias will never tell you they are the ones in their newses and tech investment reports that are pushed in the 2d busines tv shows that are behind 2D tv hideing web traffic in AI.Bot silos catchalls, the robberies are pre written a silver spoon to brand ovwer ICANN startups before they are even found on the medias favorite affiliat search engines un inspected compiled anyways coded agenda lik alegl document it is sighned and delivwrd to the webmaster who post it in the websitws they uase to block 100% of startup for 3DEduvcationsltv.com and 3DSportschannel.com before they even launch it is writtwn in the code to block them. www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DTVCity.com ™ 2000
www.3DJournals.com ™ 2000 www.3DnewsNetwork.com 3DTVnews.ca (23 years of beeing blocked in the presses means we have no moneys left for actra or startup costs any more all we can do is watch them update their source codes every day and continue away gleaning the fields and clouds of ICANN addressesweb traffic while blocking the web sites journals home page and web=book cover and brand itself homepage of their real servers trffic the web traffic ising A/I/Greaning Bots as an excuse will not change the source codesed ICANN address by intent as they strive to "Own THe Podium and it's traffic" www.3DNewsNetwork.com www.3DTVBrands.com (they blocked it)
Google and facebook go to court for stealing web traffic and blocking competition in the world's startups this week. Cirra and Icann , all the wotlds country code registries should get behind the web startups that paid tax on their domaine startup should get behind their custimers and demand protection for their web traffic, and blck the abusers that fake search and fak hide criminals under annonomous addresses gicing out free no name mesage boxes that are not blocked and blocking entire IntRAnet startups who bought their products a a iable address to do business and go after these traffic thieves in court and stip the trooling oand targeting of provate property this week as the courts rad the scripts and find the codes that are blocking icann and country codes lkike .ca and .us startups needing taffic protectuon from sammers backlinkers and fake bewses in their own silk rods in 3D or in 2D has to be addressed before tdhe courts turn their attention away and let it continue on the 2D medias socil nets and feke nes that hides stasrtups to d end runs and shannagins because the authorities are computwr lliterate and the press is converged in to obe or 2 monopolies that have 20 year contracts for sports and business that also block 3DTVSports and 3DTVStartups innovation for 23 years , they act likke a pair of fir tading compnaies in the new world trashinf economic systems to have it all theor way.
It is a september 11 and 23 years since 100% of my 3dTVBramds.com were hit by media lock down on 911 events.
After 911 all the news medias blocked everthing and olny allowedtheir own affiliate socil nets and the traffic theft started and reaveled that sports news fashion and search engines and socialnets medias blocked and preemptivly started brandinbg over ICANN TLD startups and blocked 3DTV startups websites given away free by 3DCounty.com and all the 23 years ther after from monitizing by stealing their traffic with browsers and monitizing ad sales to sponcers who would drop you if you dated their daughters in a second, so that the web traffic then like today goes all their way instead of to the ICNN addresses they sold that we all bought and pay taxed on to do business.
every year for 15 years I bought an ICANN 3DTVCHannel.com startup and demonstrated what where when who and why the medias block this news and the new domain startus and brand over it using the social net and the searches all co-operating in cverig uo 3DCounty.com stasrtups for 23 years and the source codeing of the CRTC news medias still block the entir story today as they cover the courts trial they too are using the trial as a decoy so they news medias and uhf vhf consortium can block 3DTVStartups.com net org during the court case and so the entire investigastion is in 2D on 2D ovr 2D for soas to monitize onb googlle and face book in 2D and themselves b;;ock 3DNewsnet.com and my startups in 3D like they have for 23 years and they pretend thweyr is no 3DTVCAnada.com beeing blocked by all the kings uhf vhf newses in Canada they are just a guilty as the search engnes they use in affiliation. because if you can not trust the news for 23 years then there must be somnthing in it for them as their source codes tell them what to do about it.
Well they re buasted caught red handed scrits tell it all , ther is no way to denry thescrits they used as the truth is in the source code when they freez it and rogrammers examin it it will all come out n the wash, when you examin the source codes they used it is as plane and the syntax o their couudsface - platforms, the scripys fimds your website ad ignore the rest do not ind your ICANN address they steal the traffic anpass it n to their affiliates who trol and block brand over and disimminate it millions of times as acomplises so the solution is for a fine that pays the top searched websites suffering fo stolen traffiv for the longest years by source codes scripted to stal trffic and so case closed . the writhwring is on the swrvwr walls, right there in the clouds , unmistakenly written down in the very tell tale sripts they scroll past their screens on a text egitor, the codes they put in their software they use to hander searches and social net content is geered to do that very deed and sell the web traffic ovr and over again to many affiliates to use in their sorce code spreading lies and fake information so aso tlo have it all their way, evwen elections and cbranding are not safe when the sourc code plainly ststew stesl the tesaffic and dissiminatw it this way and thay. a scamm i found when i searched the TLD dmains and found none so i registered them as the first vernacular spellings of my trade names and brands never used in the english language spellers as a word too, not 1a, 1b, 1c, 11d or a1, a2 ae or ab a3dtvchannel.com prefised TLD but 3DTVBraands.com simple new things and online the future of the metaverses 3Dglasses so big deal the entire social nets tv and news medias go aand gag and block my startus for 23 years and the news medias integrity went down the drain when they blocked the news 3DTVCAnada.com is blocked by the presses. that was proof they were in on the traffic theives payroll or for some reason afaraid of the search engne wrath or any number of speculations but they haave a reason why they block all the startup today just ask for them to have to tell you and see if that request is blocked too.
Simply put shannagins,
3dtvchannel.com was registerd before ther werw results on a search engne for the 3D news websites while the traffi is still beeing stolen as i speek, used as property and a tool for ads as a "key word tool " not an ICANN address of a business or person used to commit fraud unless payment is msid is ilegal, to do it as a toll to make income first and not usd as an ICNN address still to this day and supported by the cinsortium of silo Bots, scripts that plainly code the theft instructions lso Blockd in the presses.
go figure. how that can happen in a open free press that vlocks 3DTVVancouver.com startups like they were 3DTVOttawa.com or 3DTVToronto.com sam sam not a social net TWEET . and the entire medias and soial nets we had at the time in 2000 had no such words in there dictionaeies or patten offices or internet registry used them for key words or to block and steal the yraffic but today they all use the trade names as if it was theirs letter for letter they are not a password for a business but a tll for phishing by search and social nets snd newses to block so as to get at the traffic and steal its worth untill they started blocking my startupos for comnpetitoon and knowing no news woud reort them blocking 3DVtV.com as lomg as they controled the news content it would be 2D elections and debates all the way t the pols for 23 years and no one would know untill 50 years and the etire thing is blocked by the presses,
so i pre searched a 3DCounty.com app key word icann address to see if it was for sale befor i bought it and if no one Was aware it could even be a word , i knew it was a great website for 3DCounty.com media content so i bought it , if you could go back in time you would too, so t the next day i searched my new name and found 5 results for 3dtvchannel.com lucky i printed both results copies to proove it, but even then ther was no results for years the number grew to 30,000 in the first mobth and still no mention of the ICANN TLD so every Christmas i demonstrated this Phenimina as a present to thoes who knew in the press but zipped lips is part of the taffic theft game and so the news media are a pqrt of the 23 year coverup of cometition online via their social net endorsing the wrong groups and covering up 3D businesstv.com net org is in their source code too.
3DTVCHannel.com was targeted and code was there seeing it was blocked and it has been Cybersquatted on ever since it launched and was coverd up for 23 years along with all my shows in a massive database the silo group tun in synergy in every country including here where 100% of all my startups are Gagged by the presses and tv medias and for the first 8 years ther were no bots coded it was manual blocking of 3DCounty.com as the CRTC Promised they would call me when they were going to licence 3DTVCHannel for my dot coms and I am still waiting for the call bocked and all. Stealing millions of dollars worth of startup time and on going online while blocking 3DnewsNetwork.com startups is news, on or off line stealing web traffic for 23 years is also proof worth looking into in a comptition inquiry any day, www.3DTVCHannel.us will not gide this news, or the traffic theft scams that www.3DCounty.com has been cyber squattd on with for 23 uears by these script tunning on my evry keu stroke and even replaceing text befor i type it but using by web traffic to make millions whole fakeing my address with no reciprocity. www.3DRealTV.com the www.3DEducationalTV.com channel gagged for covid home schooling and so as to scoop all the educational searches durring covid too. I can prove it just show me their source code as it is all thrt no need for locg court cases they must turn oveer thir source code for inspection and bot a news code the one they usd to steall all my traffic for 23 years so iI can sue thwm for doing it as targeting and trolling ICANN domains is ilrgal in 3DCounty.com too. www.3DCopyRightTV.com

I'm with you www.timescolonist.com

but they discriminate against all Canadian 3DCopyRightTV.com internet startups it it nessary before you are a web tv channel , crtc tv is used to discriminate filter ad advertise rented content and in house they do they have a hard time with sponcers or application for channel on any of my www.3DTVCHannels.com when they can block the entire business on and off line dame as a dictator in ome countryes ethics doo, do how could a CRTC trust 2D news with electios is not up for tender, they do not whant 3D TV untuill they controle the intertnet tv if they did not whant this then their bosses would get fired, thats capatalism-communism same same .

www.3DJournals.com Startups face discrimination so what would you do ,

what would W.H.Upson Virtually do!
May be tell some life experiance stories in an inovative periodical :online" for some new media, instead of nothing but sit and get your traffic stolen by scrips in browsers and searches engines programmed for filtering traffic to target profiles and backlists catchalls in round romin servers. coded seporate and evaluate and approve traffic by rents and payments anualy to br found for protection, "cuz der sun/t none for dot com traffid , see!" bullying from the 1920's in the 2020's plagetising the old con sam itsef and blocking traffic to bully, discriminat or affiliate by creating an acomplice server on a round robin full of porn just to park you b page in along with AI.bots to spam you right there in the turnkey server waiting for a newICANN TLD cashed page and address to come along nd spam it full of back linke for their pals the firwall bots, too . backlink traffic flow catchall "BOTs" are big business every milliasecond and well wprth uhf vhf social nets news and periodicals knighting these affiliates scripts. "A.I Bots", and titled domains grnted theirs to ruler, and plant theor flags plus steal all of ther web traffic blocking every millisecond to fill their wallets and catchalls vis kidnappings of ICANN traffic on their lads to plunder and protect "CAuse" is now a free for all to whim and witch hunt by this social net consortium issued searcvh and news cast affiliation and go to for business knighting the ICANN search engine your traffic this road block now as property and your ICANN sddress is now the search ICANN key wordsthat belonge to their "A.I.Bots scripts not yours" and these consortium of scripts are policing your web traffic their way with inhuman speedsd via coded scripts they religiouslly clame is the rule screating the very social net they fake is real. and to use to put the sheep in their paddocks and catchalls for later use when they need to tweek international political and business A.I. metaversrs.
Traffic theft is toleratwd by 2D news and medis for 23 years 3D TV web casting startups have been blocked by UHF vHF even befre they were web sites themselves all the 3DCounty.com startups were blocked by the news medias and presses first then the searches got the ideal that if they block all the 3DTVCHannels.com net org tv too the presses would look the other way and no one would stop them sp withthe 2D nreews and press hideing all the YK and 23 yers of 3DTVCopyRight.com startups on 3DTVCAnada.com the social nets qnd earches had a fild day blocking companies from the markets so as to habve it all their way.
if you can get away with it is never press news ot called cyber squatting and with a social net in yiur pocket, as affiliated gold mine bt if the medias play along then everyone is a winner but the ICANN system is uslwss or anything but confusion and startup metavrse oial net fake news and more blocking traffic wars that draw in the news medias as it sells copy and make it viral simply by blocking ICANN addresses and supporting the continueof fake newses and fake fake news for the money they bring in blocking traffic for press banned 3DTVSTartups.com is huge I have startups classed by the A.I.Bots and so cool they are blocked for the traffic www.3DOttawa.com went from 29 million to 20 million in .o?sconds just today 4 days afte writng the first journal on this that 20 million times why they block it at 1@ a listing why whould they tell the truth and report traffic theft they can buy all the lawers and judges to get of scot free and torment them ever after for doing it too, unles they pay for protection.. Mean while 3DTVBramds.com are now cast as key words the bots scribe now deserns traffic usable vis cast class discriminat and untouchable TLD available for traffic theft backorder sale and 20 million other paying things of yur 3DTVOttawa.com and Ottawa already has several of it's own tv channels it needs not my www.3DTVCHAnnel.com same as hockey has a 20 hyears dwal so it needs nort my 3DHockeyCHannel.com , domian but finding everyone willing to pay so much money when it ias used as a key word the bots steal the traffic and it all goes to the same https://3dtelevisionnetwork.ca/ but they manage to get it and kidnap the traffic anyways, 30 million results foind in less than a sec found shipped to the same ICANN domains they use for clouds to catchall it's traffic and fake more results and to news affiliates and social nets they use to tweek news and for more ads for the ones that pay most and help fill websites ads for affiliate silos with appropriat relevent content ads ready and waiting to to steal traffic by a scrited key sroke that makes them money, value and elect opinions that brand over the ICANN compnaies startup 100% for 23 years is no mistake by a megafirm ' universe, traffic makes them trillions ofer 23 yewrs and no trickle down period, mllions of TLDS cathaled and profiled by silos of affiliates ob a dial uo was ipossible 30 years ago but every cell phone and car logs onto my wifi every time they park around the neighbourhood for a sports or consortium convention and this is treafiic atheft payibg for these silos to get away with this provacey theft same same, millions of times internt use end uo is trafic theft FOR THE MONEY like they can fill catchalls on the fly when they go viral, with positave content, find the TLD and report it is off line for affiliates but block special TK+LD addreses for years for silo bots with fake integrity and lease it along their networks , but now they will police it thenselves and finding it is in the same catchallserver used by backlinks page as like hundreds of others web traffic goes that pass they just block it for the money they get blockking itl
So there is no way to get to or make your website pass this winfall proffet cash grab security but they can filter your traffic through backlinks first to taint your profile data then pass it on and supply affiliate silos but that costs extra again with the rents, extra money again, like backlinks to their filtered porn catchall sites then patching your traffic through to round robin database logs as not fake and porn to their video rental sights active for years provided bt cable services cot using your black listed as your profile to discriminate your startup if they park you on a round robbin then the first time a customer visets they are sent to the other servers abd pricessed bt coded commands in the browser server silo, the viseter is cookied by a robot running a catchall on your web page cash for 24 hours or more and your home server page is off line and the cash is referanced and blocked as there is no websites there just cashed pages so you fail security, whith the backlinks never that are not live and troll real taffic becaue all the traffic is pre filtered by the software especilly built with settings for dictastor ships options as a standard server tool in all of them so their news medias can also block 100% of the sICANN netwirks addresses if they whil and shut tge option off so as to play gamees with people, as they whim but in non dictatorships the erge to use it seem left to the consortiums not the courts, but who they please for a sort pf "pay to be found" replace for the domminion directories fir business gane totaly yello and filtered for perofiled sports 24 7 on all ta paied CBC channels bow and then while blocking 3DSportTV.com startups for years from gambeling ads on new 3DTVCHannels.com for sports launched in countries off of the 3DSilk road built for sport too, and where they block the news of startups. and this sftware is avlable all over the world running on servers and round robins all you need is to turn it on or off and call it an A.I> Bot an your are rulong the web and stealing traffic and monitzibg on it samer as if you were a 3DTVCHAnnel.com for sports or travel or news or fashion your traffic wouuld be pre filtered and cashed and put through known spammers and backink banned web sites and then sent to you website where it is blocked for beeing a security tisk for 23 years when it is realy 3DTVBrands.com blocked so as too transfer a 3DHockeychannel.com and no eayu to report this in a news that blocked 3DTVSports.com for yers and yesars using the same A.I. terracotta of medias and vconortiums to block 3DTVNewsdNEt.com or any other news right here in Canada o all y startups face this even before they vcan sell aa as for th 3DStores.com a news stsartups 3DShoppingMAll.com or for a 3DSHopping.Wall.com for a new uhf vhf startups fr 2D tv online for sports with my www.3DSportsCHAnnel.com because 100% of politics here is secret for 50 years and shannagins are affot and no way to tell when the politics swings every 4-8-or 16 yers in a 50 yewr wundow who is incompetant and or even faceing the same A.I> Bots as me starting up in politics or law filtering their ability to govern or judge what is security online and meanwhile I am blocked and can not even run a ad myself because my traffic is stolen and no one even cares this is goin on for 23 years ven the intenrwet villians know thos and protected like pirates on the hight sees by a 50 yer ban on the press it is difficult to startup a metaveres in 23 yers with all these affiliates doing and end run on busineses and innovation I can even run an ad myself.
Fromm the poorest postal rideing in Canada for the 23rd year in a row www.3DTVTime.co here in 3DCounty.com from www.3DTVCity.com anyways..

The untouchables (3DHockeyCHannel.net org stuck in transfer and no way to report it www.3DTVSports.com ....3DTVBrands.com ) are grounded in india put on on ice ny techinical difficulties as 3DHockeyCHannel.com can not get teansfwre back to Canada Ironicly when a 3DBusinessTV.com builds a silk rod to the orient anytging can happen on the internet highway allon the way. www.3DTravelChannel.com ... for the Entire 23 years 3DTVCanada.com startups are pressless journal-less and even rdio-free as 100% of the news fo;ow the ban on 3DTVCHannels in the news. what cananda needs in an elected consortium to look over the internt and police the intRAnets filtering traffic their way... www.3DTVPOlitic.com ....Startups that are banned by uhf vhf newses evn when they go oline need an ombudsman to look into who what where when and why traffic is stolen some times and pimpee ips advertising on provate property un announced... www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DTElevisionNetwork.com news from www.3DJournals.com is not the opinion of ths portal. www.3DPresident.com of 3DNNTV.com www.3DNewsNet.com ...When the pick drops it is nice to know your playing with people who follow the rules and the the referee has not picked sides in business online as it is a like a casino they is self policed when ther is no way to stop sorce codes running around in the news calling themselves A.I. Bots blocking every faceoffin every startup game online www.3DNewsNet.com like blocking a traffic theft for 23 years from www.3DFaces.com (3D bust)or www.3DHockeyCHannel.org , net shannagins like 3DTV was one of the untouchables in Canadian news cultures and a secret is in back of this coverup and throwing away the Johnson wrench that could fix it is to creat ad clicks is not security...www.3DSecueityTV...www.3DCopyWriteTV.com

I'm with you www.timescolonist.com

but they discriminate against all Canadian 3DCopyRightTV.com internet startups it it nessary before you are a web tv channel , crtc tv is used to discriminate filter ad advertise rented content and in house they do they have a hard time with sponcers or application for channel on any of my www.3DTVCHannels.com when they can block the entire business on and off line dame as a dictator in ome countryes ethics doo, do how could a CRTC trust 2D news with electios is not up for tender, they do not whant 3D TV untuill they controle the intertnet tv if they did not whant this then their bosses would get fired, thats capatalism-communism same same .
www.TimesColonist.com it is long long past www.3DTVTime.com the egg is on the crtc and their fake newses forced "block www.3DEducationalTV.com" during covid years 30,000 educational home school products form ads ad 3deducationaltv.com traffic stolen a sold by search and backorder over and over i the background silos because this is not abouut education tv in 3-D it is about the traffic online and catchalls filtering ethnic citys for a convergent catchall. (money) not to promote but to profile for ads, 23 years no 3-DTVCHAnnel.com reporter of any ethnic oridine here in Vancouver on a 3DWorldCuo.com hockey, golf, tennis curling cricket cr boat or sheep sheering here, in D even possiblemwhen 100% of the CRTC medias discriminste against 3DTVBusiness.com startups to do it, world cup sports is blocked by CRTC news and thats news it discriminates and they is block 3-D workers and target who is blocked , are you, how many yers have they blocked you in the news?, see ,
3DFAshionTV.com is blockd all ethnic content for missing , no mention in any journal but the www.3DJournals.com a boat afloat in a sea of hostial socisl nets and ethics that blocks educastion and women like we were in mesopotamia, -6000 it is the crtc's fashion to condone mews medias that did do and would, block 3DDTVTime.com as they makes too much money faking INternet news to let 3-D TV channel sytartups, out for 23 years thats why there is no ETHNIC 3D TV shows or a licenced 3DTVSTation in Canada it is better for them if they et the world brand over 3D snd then rent the technonoly, there are none at all alloed just a coverup to sell on the iCANN domain names when blocked, and fake tech news to get big tech ad money like when the sortsGambeling came online and 3DSportCHannel.com went off with a cyber attack, and no one reports it a domain raffel game and ad scam by a few advwertisors who alkso block intenret 3-D tv business scam, to keep everone stupid come elections too and convergance, agendas by co-operating with webb traffic spcial net faking trending together and no name email adresses they provide they tweek the world free from any other news even 3DNewsNEt.com startups for pleasurw and 3DRealestateCHannel.com and all the 3DRealty.com reveneuw from 3DSHoppingMall.com startups for 3D tV shows all gagged by the very CRTC news cloud. It is not about ethnics, It is about web traffic theft, they make more money blocking 3-D TV Channel oppertunities for all the "CALL sighnes they convereged and are going after the rest as they drop off the radar and off ROKU it is obvious the CRTC have hidden agendasd andf if you are in the news complaining then you are dicriminated pre-emptivly because they do nbot tell the truth they cover u 3DTV aand they let yiu alk about it making you an accomplise colaterrl victome of their shanngins as the feed the news and do not make it or report it as it is, most medias have t sit and go broke while they gety cut from the silos" they would report there own 3D right over any ethnic startup same as they do sorts right over allk the tv stations that went broke because they could have used sports gambeling and stayed afloat in stead it is now 24 hours on CBC and a monopoly hackey game with the 3DSportsCHAnnel.com blocked , thats all folks, 2d TV sports is an intrRAnet nodes property use for sports gambeling and few ads a facume for any ethnic or 3-D TV channel for decades where have you been all these years if yiu did nt kniw this than how could they let you have a CRTC channel and join them? .
The 23 years block on www.3DVTV.com agenda is so big it can stiffel 100% of the world journalists and block in this news agenda 100% of CRTC 3DTVApps sonig and agenda even when 3DTLDTV.com TVPIN.com is advertised on or entire pairs of domains they are stolen and flipped and scalped so it is not www.3DTVTime.com ™ 2000 or 3DTVTime.com in when 3DEducationalTV .com is blocked in many ethnic countries newses too, even 3DEducationaslTV.com is blocked in masny ethnic countries culture lke women are i some countries and 3DTVWEBCSTIGG scooped up and sold by the very registers who pretend ther is no reaffic or interest, some countries have aCRTC like ours that block CAnadian ethnic 3DTVStartups.com too, in thoes countries then if they are 3DEducationalTV is the same as 3-D educational TV they are ICANN illiterate too.
A dot com CRTC sight is no different under the law as any other , the content is comyrught same as everyone elses their social net is not the intERnet and they block 3DTVTime.com and it;s news channels that's because they maske more money selling ads this way especialy sports gambeling on converget website silos, gwet with the programme. >br> As the CRTC promisses you the same as they prommised me they will let you know when they are going to licence a 3DTVCHAnnel but not a 3DTVCHAnnel.com that's taken..because they promised me in 2000 they would let me know if it was and I took them for their word you will have to waite in line untill i get turned down for applying befire they even were a intERnet presence in 3DTVBusiness.com net org global blocking and targeting too, after all this is globaly important to all the ethnis groups when a 3DCAnadianTV.com waiting for so long to be a part of the tax payers CBC and other CRTC TV channels get together and see to it a targeted person is gaged by all (your journalists must quivver in their office al day from fear they scoop a story and get fired), of them for 23 years it is aglobasl news event and stalling , makes it worse. Hpw can a crtc tweek the news when they alrewady broke it and it blocks canadians by discrimination aginst 3DTV dot coms. tweek of the intEERnt business is blocked by news integrity. and important for all intERnet ICANN startups starting up 3DTVCHAnnels.com net org in the future.

The CRTC social net will block you business startup and akk it's tv shoes movie titles and trade names and trade mark works and your www.3-DTVCHannel.com www.3D-TVCHannel.com www.3DTVCHannel.com .net .org .ca .us business startups and your dreams, if you build it nd they think they can block you ad get somthing out of it like thay got for 23 years of my life they will issue a press ban on your web startup business and news of it;s progress even if it is robbed and back listec and covered up by the press and their fake tv news that is missing it's fake audience the fake laugh but uses fake bots when they realy meal unix soyrce compiter programs to block www.3DDBusinessTV.com shows, and www.3DTVBusiness.com with all their news rooms coast to coast it is a global message to journalism the CRTC and their affiliates are blocking 3DTVCHannels.com online too. tracks the since 1960's the .and all the other intERnet startups dame as they currently block businesses starting up www.3DCopyRight.com and www.3DCopyRightTV.com coast to coast www.3DTVCanada.com and 3DWorldWide Web TV.com for 23 years and their entire medias affiliates will block you in the prss same same as me they do not whant any ethnic or up'n'cummins webcasting 3DTV anything from 2DRelTV.com to 3DReaslty.com tv show on a 3DTVNetwork.com they black list and freely let hackers mass backlinking evil contect site raffic from behind "safe firewall" social net clouds they use cams conerups of thieves internt back doors to my hard drive , register scalper scams targeting brnd and titles ICANN addressecs all nicely cover up without a single pres tweet. protected by 4 2D election tv shows complete with 2d debate they were ad ae not readt for 3DTTVPolitice or startups for 3DRV anything I ptoved it and fake security walls castch all the traffic and when you put them in your 3DNetworkNews.com the block tht as if it was not free soeackblocked for 23 ears so theer is somthing going in in the background as orgnised edias coverup of 3DSTVStartups.com like 3DTVCHAnnelCHina.com www.3DTVCHanne.America.com www.3DTVCHannel.uk www.3DTVCHannel.de www.3DTVCHAnnel.asia www.3DTVCHAnnel.ca and all the 3DRVCity.com cities in Canada.com on www.3DTVCAnada.com face it Canada RTC is biast against eve 3DHockeyCHannel.com casn't make a move and the entire 3DTelevisionNeytweork.com is bloecked form the crtc news to tell anyon. it is not 3DTVTime in the Eyes of THe crtc for 23 years they promissed they would let me know uness they have other planns for how the we is filterd they only filter 3DTVCAbad,com net org so far as i can tell. www.3DewsCHanel.com www.3DTVcity.com all blocked orr some reason they are discriminators and to think an ethnic group would want to work with discriminator is a worry... .... get the messaage ethic is not part of the question as to why they do not licence requests for a 3-D tv channel going back to Y2K and they just block everthibg that has to do with www.3DTVCanada,com for decades, even before shaw bought global the blocked 3dtvcanada.com 3D and I can prove it in the times if you like . 23 yeas of how the crtc managed to hide 100% of a mans works in 3DTVCopyRightTV.com business. that is a story for these times, www.3DTVTome.com was gaged in 2000 along with all the other tv shows I launched and startups i gae away that were stolen and sclped kept secret too , . I can prove this in any court of the law but they would not cover the story or allow free speech or www.3DTVPress.com . Ethnic Channels Group asking CRTC for approval to carry 3D TV channel is somthing to build but they will see no one comes.(br> www.3DRealTV.com ™

www.3DJournals.com 9/6/2023

www.3DListings.com Is your whois record blocked so domain regitrars can sell it using A.I. Bots who monitize 35! a pop the traffic which is re-sold over and oner About 26,500,000 results (0.27 seconds www.3DOttawa.com 30.8 2023 see pic) backorded and never tell you a party is interested scams.
take the ICANN Search Engine registrar Integrity Test.

Look www.3DJournals.com up on www.DuckDuckgo.com's MetRAVerse.www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.com *
Look www.3DJournals.com up on www.bing.com's MetRAVerse.www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.com **
Look www.3DJournals.com up on www.Google.com's MetRAVerse.www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.com ***
Look www.3DJournals.com up on www.Sogou.com's MetRAVerse. www.3DTVCHannelAsia.com ****

What is Bill C-18, will make everyone online a dot com the same as eery other dot com and no special laws for some while ther is no taking the law into your own hand vigilany world by mersinary searches or news medias with no disctimintion by Big teck.

CTV news, how do I know if CRTC (CRTC is a consortiun (silo) of companies and not public property or elected or bid by tender to the Canadian governmentor are appointed by the courts or governmet to regulate blocking of 3DTVCopyWrite.com businesses content for the job of regulating polkiceing of web trffic and resolving Canadian public's ICANN startup intERnet addresses) but they are for 23 years blocking Collins 3DTVStartups.com hre in Vancouver Garenteed and so the CTV (also block 3DListings.com look us up on google and see blocking my news content?Bill C-18 has to stop web site trffic theft.
Bill C-18 only helps the mega medias and online silos it does not help people targeted for Medi crime silos to use. Proving that this CRIME PAYS. the government has to be in made possible in the content of Bill C-18 and threre is no to police the internet using these fake intRAnet companies and their silo Bots. the police will get the crooks easer if the search engines stop playing cops , they will soon find out who is aa crook and who is a targeted victom of the blocking of ICANN addresses. Blocked Sddresses must be informed by police soas to get the crooks using peoples addreses . Bill C-18 has no method of reporting disctimination by silos bots. IN the 1970 all the commiunities were thriveing and prosperious , eeryone fed their local business and culture through locsl medias and being a Canadian from a place was importans , then the 2D TV decided to doan end run on web t startups so the demonised all web tv as boot leggers and shut them down in silos of search engines and manufacturwrs scripts I new products thsat still block startups icann addreses with bo integrity. Convergence like a dark cloud crept west from the east and all the provate TV stations dryed up and were converged into huge mega medias and sesrch engines like a cell phone they only use their own affiliats and so every community lost it;s ability to work and make a livng free from disctimination by CCRTC news medias in converged silos. The government has to reinstate local communities cultural medias and disconnect the mega silos so as to get our busines and communities back. The world is in ression and we need to get our communities back in controle and back to work and running the same content on a couple of RTC silos is not the answer when they block 100% of 23 years of complaining they are crooks blocking stsrtups. So help steal web traffic for their advertisers and affiliats. Bill C-18 has to garentee the freedome to work and make aliving free from tv sdet softwar that pre-emtivly blocks then like a search engin. Since 1070's when the internet worked well and you could dial up on the private phone line a university by phone number and post a message on their message board and if it was bad it was immediately taken down. Today you can not even buy a dot coms and be found as the government looks the other way so that silos and big compnies are free to block startup ICANN domains and steal their traffic so as to have monopolies gross billions from the traffic by using your Icann ICANN addresses to sell ads or backorder yout domain name and block your addres makes then acomplises . (every year a I launch a new 3DTVStartup.com and demonstrate the process but thwe government block it so how come the dops are not interested when web Traffic theft is used for crimes and sild off like it was a commodidty and not a provate taxed service. Bbill c-18 has to address this issue. When the cell phones came out they only ran their own manufacturers software and would not find ICANN addresses just their own affiliates thats ok. The government has to make them CRTC news meddias compatable with ICANN address system so tax es paid on these products go to see that these products are safe and legaly sold and with good intent serviced and not premptivly blocked but fully on all machines or they fail the integrity test and are to be made usable so tax payers can catch the social net crooks and spammers using no name or fake names. The manufacturrs batteld each other for years { and now in the streets when they give away game consoles the have built in blocking of ICANN address software links) so as to monitize on all peoples startups they whim, espeialy none paying ICANN startups addresses who they brand over instead of admitting they will not find an address with lost of traffic,. Bill C-18 must make that ilegal as you own your backordering rights for your ICANN startups addresses while they make all their mony by blocking your startups and all the competition via their A.I bot scripts making ICANN addresses for business and pleasure usless and you have to register in each silo social net to be listed by tax funded newses and Government licenced TV medias or provatly owned search engines. The new TV sets have built in manufaturrs social nets software and you can bet they will be blocking sports ICANN startups when searched they will be discrimibating against the verry tax paying public and on tax payed CRTC news medias and so these consortiums aof silos will all never find ICANN addresses unless Bill C-!* make it ilegal to use ICAnn addresses or play cops and block them pretending their traffic is theirs to monitizs and unless the message is, CRIME PAYS silos that block are paid to be found making the CRTC as usless as the Internet ICAnn addreses. Bill C-18 has to force internet searcg and TV medias to be honest and not web traffic police so internet traffic and businesses are not blocked.traffic back to ICANN addreses or we will never find out what startups are scams and who is beeing blocked for proceeding startups.
Bill C-!* the New bill will have to force tech giants to negotiate deals to pay ICANN domains to use their traffic from blocked ip addresses targeted for BACKORDERING and targeted for their traffic and for their content and advertising revenews same as every one else online has to pay to be advertisied on some one elses iCANN IP adresses being a search ot CRTC news is no licence to steal web trffic and block IcANN addresses for 23 years and not fess up to it when a BILL C-18 comes along 3DTVNEWSNETWORK.com has to have the same constutional rights kick in.

Look www.3DTVCity.com, , www.3DNewsNetwork.com Politicians, businesses and Lawyers see how news irony works hypocritically repeatedlly co-afilliated silo reporting the 3-D TV startupstraffic theft has now become so dissfunctional with faked newses content harmanized to hide traffic theft of ICANN's 3D head set dot com's startup addresses 23 years so they can spoon feed their affiliate advertising reveneus target for blocking and over branding catchalled and sold via co-op top A.I.bot affiliate silos newses and searches affilated to targeting who's ICANN address and startup's get blocked for whom soas to kidnap web site traffic and undermineing ICANN integrity and intERnet social security and jobs innovations.
The world's social intERnet need bill C-18-3-D and the media newses must come clean on this coverup to save face!?

www.3DCA.com www.3DJournals.com ™ 2000 recomend that you see how coperating the cover up is perpetuate and blocking with IRONY at work from medas that also block as acomplises to domain nsme kidnapping if www.3DCA.com www.3DJournals.com www.3DTVPolitics.com ™ 2000 and all CHarDan's startups (every single 1 for 23 years means it is no mistake) it is descrimination cooperation to steal web traffic and prevemt innovation and against the laws of free speech ww.3DTVCHannel.us and www.3DNewsNetwork.com startups for metaverses themselves!
How do you know if www.3DJournals.com 23 years and all www.3DCounty.com MetRAVerse startups is big big business, and newses get their web traffic when your ICANN addresses are stolen for every www.3DTLD.com launching when they are all blocked because there is no bill c-3D-18 ir a crown attourny there to protect www.3dListings owners from silos of news 23 years that blocked 3DTV holodigital tv 3DVirtualTV and hundreds more startups by using one only search engines and other monitizing intRAnet affiliates silos, even the CRTC news medias in Vancouver even today .
https://www.3DTVNews.ca www.3DTVPolitics.com what is bill 3Dc-18 and see why we need it to append to bill c-18 so The medias know if google and the CRTC medias are blocking www.3DCopyrightTV.com startups news content and 3DTVCAnada.com's www.3DStores.com right to use ICANN addresses for business free from discrimination by other startups online.
Look for answers on www.ctvnews.ca report and reed how they some times block 3DSportCHannel.com for sports event and www.3DTVPolitics.com . Some searches ask for a donation to cover costs other silo bots shop lift ICANN traffic and brand over ICANN Domain names so as to BAck order for more than it cost imediatly after it's registerd A.I.assures this is the quickest way to silo profet-sharing and monitize by reselling it many times , raffel off the names at fake scalpers auctions the monitor affiliates get the sent names on their affiliates catchall pits and back link cash trash and porn so as the nexxt A.I. Bot affiliates block for the browsers A.I. Bot and back to the searches A.I. Bots who monitize from the traffic which is re-sold over and oner About 26,500,000 results (0.27 seconds www.3DOttawa.com 30.8 2023 see pic)

Is your www.3DTVCopyWrite.com TM ICANN address and startup's traffic being ambushed and kidnapped by the 80% of the employies that work for the press and the mega intRAnets that benafit from the stolen traffic and companies owned by the 1% who also will never have to care not for 23 years or the next so if 3D Headset startups for years have a press ban and search engines sell their trafic even if it is their taffic stolen by A.I Bots scripts , it doen't bother them nor why would they risk their job if it benafit them if they do nothing so yout traffic is sent to a second by A.I.Bot silo of affiliates who can't make a living unless they steal top key words and ICANN addresses to use to advetise on by client content ads so they plagerise ICANN addresses and pay hackers to take you out as no one will hear of it if they can block for 23 years then politicians are gunseled like an ICANN TLD and it;s abuse by silo bots shop lifting traffic to advertise on and are the worlds biggest traffic thieves that you can not report on national TV Radio or newses that are ow blocking eachother and 3DTVstartups whgile the social nets and searches clean up. Blocking to use your web traffic for monitzing via shannagins like popup ads undermineing the reliability of ICANN TLD addresses for business or pleasurw and rerouting iCANN adresses traffic to sell as a commonity over and over in every way ( if they syop they will go broke because they never find your ddress and are usless to pay soe and promiums to be found when they iGnore people blocked for 23 years branding over and ovr by the millisecond selling advertising and backorder for the TLD that they can not find too shannagins?

www.3DTelevisionCanada.ca ™ www.3DTVNetwork.com ™ Canada's first and only www.3DNetworkNews.com www.3DNewsNetwork.com startups on the 3DWorldWideWeb.com with the integrity to repot this arangenent to target and block makes all their affiliats and silos money and web politics traffic safety on it has no integrity like a A.I.Bot cult thay target trending dot com addresses and kidnapit, block and steal the traffic like it was 3DTVSports.com in a dictatirship on a sports gambeling social net for 24 hours or for 24 years? www.Sports.3DTVCAnada.com

Look up all our intRAnet www.Virtual3DTV.com intERnet startups on your favorite Social (or unsocial) network or MetRAVerse to see if you need a cyber cop or a lawyer.


Coast to Coast www.3DTVCHannels.com.™

www.3DJournals.com www.3COUNTY.com ™ Sun Apr 14 10:29:34 2024

A story from the past , in 1980 I was a rep for the top printer company and we had a client who needed a printer that would not fail for a unmanned weather station in the arctic, and when the printer came in as broken we were adtonished untill we opened it up and inside we foubd a mouse who had wet the circut board and shorted the chip and fried the fuse, may be the search engines have a wascaly wabbit has wet himself in them as the ICANN addressing system search A.I.Bots they use for filting traffic is all wet and it's fried too. jobs ....>

ACTRA, SAG, Were still on strike since 2007 , www.3DVTV.com when we gave up and shut down in 2007 as 3DVTV.com was put in some kind of bress ban an blacked out on and off line as social nets replaced the ICANN domain IP infostructure in 2007, sins then it is like a sin to mention 3DCopyrightTV.com net and org comains on a 3DVTV.com net work or any 4dtvstartups.com today for that matter we are still blacked out inb the press libruaryies ansd journals and ther is no one in yiur union comming around here so good luck and try not to get fired for beeing associated with a 23 year old 3DTravelTV.com intRAnet or you will be blcaked out by the same medias you are on strike with like me.

www.3DJournals.com ™ 2000 * * 31, 2023

Were still on strike since 2007 , www.3DVTV.com and all the startups layed off workers in 2007 when we shut down 53 intrAnets and all the 3DTVCHannels.com and park them in the 3DTelevisionNetwork.ca dn 3DTelevisionNet.com www.3DJournals.com internet all so that ther s no confusion as to their security and that they are al the same .hhtps andall but the y do not resolve because we are 3D television stasrtups o the web and the world blocks that sort of thing as I am the proof even here I am a crysalid stranger in a strange brave new world the metaverses and thoese are the only reasons I can tell why all the neqs media and film and t and radio and print and periodicals would block the news that all the 3DTVCHsnnels.com ent org here in 3DCounty.com are under a press black out for so many years it is very convincing that shannatins are foot . well that my journa; entry this month . n july we were cut off and on by our router cabel unit, in August we were hacked and forced to load from backups on new windows 10 and we still do not have our apachie connected to the old version , our roku was cut off and on fr every wold cup sport from golf to forrball and windows 10 seams to block everthing often and is like a tree coverd in toilet paper by each app as it trys to buuro past the firwall thet blocks it , just in case. but thts they way news search and browsers aps are the work together to change things that worked fine (from 1978 to 2923 so as you hve to search online to see what wheee whn why and who and how come it is changed and this is an oppertunity to sell ads and profile backlibk and thats also next months www.3DTVNetwork.com news so happy Labour DAy from 3DCounty.com and the www.3DTVPress.com here in Vancouver Gagged by all the search engine ther are . if you know of an ICANN compatable intERnet domain name browser with an optional add on regular browser and search engine silo intRAnet groups data A.I botss attachment then I can use to compare the 2 intRAnet systems and see which one is good for business and pleasure then please contact me as the ones I am usinbg now can not even find my dot com net org ca us and uk startups they just fin millions and milllions of liks in milliseconds instead so cantact me if you know of one , like they had in the 80's would do, a browser and factual database with optional pop up social net browsers affiliates ones the ones I can only install so far or that come withthe internet connection manuacturer and the media's recomended ones as an app not a replacement for the iCANN domain addressing traffic system would be grea. option
When the writers for the news medias go on strike and Canada and America block news ad internt intRAnets it creates a paradox, as they are the ones blocking 3DNewsCHannel.com and 3DSportCHannel.com metaverses are now blocked them selves and blocking each other like they were search engines, a paradox becaue both are blocking startups like, www.3DJournals.com www.3DTVpress.com www,3DTVCity.com www.3DCounty.com www.3DNewsNetwork.com, www.3DNetworkNews.com, www.3DNewsNet.com www.3DNNTV.com, www.3DNTV.com, www.3DNewsCHannel.com ™ online and the ICANN domains are banned from the presses or somthing like that script is the tune in the medias social net player pianoes as they block www.3DTVStartups.com™ TV Stations and more intERnet in the last 24 years have been blocked by American and Canadian search - social internet affiliate's news and Cabel-over the air social networks search and tv broadcasting conten and ICANN ip addresses and now the block each other and see. we are all the same, we have web addresses and can webcasst and stream business but when ther is organised blocking of news startups missing entirely and address trffic like internet ICANN ip adreesess traffic tagged and blocked by A.I.Bot script comands and formulas in codes a not on a player piano scroll we are to be corrected by type ahead to the bot fodder catchall pits as A.I.Bots whims set up to target, filter or "block", the pretend to educate and school intERnet socialy at work and at their pleasure so as to prevent web traffic to 3D metavereses gagged by the news medias and searches so as to use their TLD and monitize it directly, for their own affiliates companies and block free speech from to stop them from making a living free from A.I.Bot scripts following thieving codeed scripts instructors whims.

Are the medias fake like the bot's scripts are? .
When they blocked metaverses promoting 3D head sets and hundreds of metavers VR AG and 3Dholodigitaltv {HD} startups since 2000 and even now as key word traffic theft affiliates and the presses to back them up all in on it there is no 3DCopyrightTV.com startups in any news library after 23 years of reportinbg the scam traffic theft is now the nnorm and the news medias converged kust bilk it, they even today still block the 3DJournals.com and they still block this website and it's ICANN hosted pages when they all go to the same cover page some are blocked and othwer not but they are all targeted and hidden byt th very press that report fake news, whe they block an amateur internet 3D journal and 3DSportdCHannel.com metaverse stratup's traffic addreses blocked by the on paradox-press and hidden by it,s affiliates so they can get in on the traffic theft and pass the blocked traffic on to their A.I.Bot minion thanks to search engines partnerships and co-operating clients who deliberately ignore the ICANN internet domain address infrastructure rogether with the "right" journaalists on affiliates news TV shows startups scripted to sound like walk like and look like the key word but really are mnitors domains names sert to brand over or back libk porn rults scripted to hide the searched domain in amungst the fake affiliate doaminanbames, uaine ICANN address to make a living off of by steaking thwir traffic , if the stop they would go broke like the startup they block and so they carry on steaing traffic and reselling ir millions of times a second distroying ICANN and it''s clients brands with impunity and it's integrity too co-op-blocking in conjunction with content launched on affiliates, and including affiliate press bans on intERnet businesses is their bread and butter racket, as if ICANN is spoon feeding them instead of helping the world on the intERnet it is their traffic to bully, monitize, to brand over, do end runs, phish, confuse, steal traffic, profile, target, block address and who is email, or news of co-op-ersion of all of the above traffic thefts that are blocked free speech and all, discrimination in news journalism by news content for 23 years when ICANN addresses are entered in good faith, the media news look the other way for years because it is a 3D metaverse news startup reporting 2d news blocking dot com startups too , of startups blocked the press go along with the search engine as affiliates promoting fake search engine taffic themselves, that's convergence's intent to set up a closed turnkey media and block and steal traffic and force a terrif or you will be blocked socialy, in locla and national news from their intRAnet metaverse I posted in 2001,2001,2003,2004,2005,2006.2007 then i gsve up as the newses merged with silicone vally, and lost for every the ability to use ICANN and social nets and news medias and politicians in their closed 2D social net. hence search engine promote confusion and do not respect ICANN addresses or traffic if they are 3DCopyRight.com 3DTVBrands.com or ICANN adresses like news is 3dcounty.com ™ 2000 metaverse for headset tv shows and news and both US and CA newses are to be blocked by "Metopotamian VR A.I, Bots bosses" themselves hippocrates creating a paradox in free speech in news journalism every About 26,500,000 results (0.27 seconds)? www.3DTVOttawa.com

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