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Is your web traffic being stolen?

Are the CRTC meidas blocking startups for Canaian's streaming content online even#DStreamingTV.com content on www.3DTVNews.ca or just US newses or both for streaming their own Canadian content , so why , for what reason do they block Canadians and dissables ones like me too, from their social nets and from 3DTVBusiness.com launches of new 3DVirtualTV.com and virtual3DTV.com Canadian content starting up 3DTVCHannels.com they must be a good resn 3D?
This month we will look seo vrs search keys results for some one elses ICANn addraess when searched and who uses data scripted AI to do this and why,along with who what where when why and how the CRTC medias block 3DTV startups for traffic scooping and the internet camadian content using their monopolistc streeming online consortiums to cover up discrimination against canadian content in secret as they hide their doings behind search engin AI bot scripts engeneered to block 3DTVCanada.ca startups for streaming medias and sell ads on it for years thet block all the Canbadian streemong content but their own.

Is the CRTC blocking your canadian streeming TV strartups and Canadian content for 23 years/

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Is your web site blocked by the CRTC medias and your traffic being stolen while markmonitor followsyou on an established link when ypu are not connected to the intwernet for over 14 years while the CRTC bully internet TV startups off the news and hackers steal your atartups TV channels knowing the CRTC medias will never tell on a dark web of CRTC medias blocking Canadian cntent so they gegt all the web traffic their way ?



Is your web traffic being stolen? www.3DTVSports.com ™

www.3DStreanngCHannel.com www.3DTVOttawa.com

Disabeled people get discriminated against because of their dissabilities, like me,
I am dissabeled person ,

I represent what haopens to a dissabeled person starting up 3DStreaming websites IN Canada, they gget bounced around and bullied off the socil nets and radar, (discriniated against)
I work from a home trying to run a usiness and startup up internet streamong websites but Canada press discriminate agains the dissabeled staing up websites for charity work pleasure and to make a living while beeing disabeled , ther are not many jobs for dissabeled and when you start ip websites andb apply for a job at one of your own startups and fnd the startup is gagged bhy all the news medias for 23 years it is plane discrimination.
MY company hires dissabeled , and when a dissabeled person comes in and gets angery at my dissabeled emploee they go to a socil net the news mediasd use and they say hurtfull things about the dissabeled worker and hold it against the cmpanhy and this allows the socil net to attack the integrity of the company and it ruins sales as customers read this and shy away and when aearch engnes and all the crown licenced ovwr th air dissabeled news medias and press are angery ay at a dissabeled person starting up 3DTVchannels oline for strwaming Canadian content then they discriminate and block the startus like it was therws to useand do with as they like. 3DCASA.org a 3DTVWebssite for charity redy for the mdias to abuse or discriminate against www.3DDR.com digiral reality is hard to take some times it is fake news. pretendong to be a nice thing. www.3DSportsCHannel.com says be a goof sport to the dissabeledas is you are ging to block thier work and property and the right make a syreaming Canadan content on somthing other than a socil netor search enginbe cloud, so, at least admit what is going on as the dissabveled have have to make a lveing some how so they should stop discriminating against 3DVirtualTV.com startups and dot orgs set up for charity if they are gong to block the net and the com too.

Launching a www,3DTVCHannel.com only to have search engines advertise all over it without even going to tender is ilegal but search engines do that so as to steal your ICANN adresses trafic and make money advertising on your www.3DStreamingTV.ca www.3DTVOttawa.com is an Insult to Canadian content even the CRTC must consider when they also block startus and when you can not trust the news or the periodicals and press thn I guess search engines have the rule of what is Canadian Contnet not Ottawa constitutional speaking that is. www.3DTVCAnada.com the startup that god stiffeled by all the crowns press for 23 years 3DTV is ano no in the no o newses.as they tweek the Canadian cobtent so that search engines can advertise on OTTATA and www.3DTVOttawa.com is not CTV or ROGERS or ANyhting a CRTC licenced over the air media need advrtise it is 100% 3DCopyright.com 3DCanadianTv.com and they block 100% of 3DTVOttawa.com like it was a nothing and Ottawa looses face and canadian streaming internet startups content is sold off as a search key word as ICANN is used for advertising on ppeoples addresses what is next search engines advertising on postal codes oe dirverslicences or passports or cities like Ottawa, wait a minute they alreadu fdo cyber squatt on iCANN addresses like 3DTVOtawa.com and they can do it in les thana millisecond , luck ther is www.3DStreamingNEws.com to report Canadian content cubersquattibg online.

www.3DTVPress.com www.3DDR.com here!
Still working on my sebatical here at 3DeducationalTV.com looking into whay 23 years all my 3DTVCHannels are blocked by all the Canadian presses as if they were targeting my startups for discrimination of Canadian streaming content or somthing, so, i continue my www.3DCounty.com 3DStreamingTV.ca Canadian content postdoctoral researcherand reporting on 3DJournals as the 3DCounty.com 3DTVDoctor.com of 3DStarups in social net systems and messaging schematic vernacular and computer languages and cgi C and unix code online before bulitan boards bacame messaging systems addressing sold by ICANN in september 1098 and even before pc osbourn and radio shack or apple IIe becames a course at university same as in 6502 and Z80 1970 when microchips came out and faculties did not know what an apple II was for or how to run a data base or a micro switch. or that Canadian content is 3DTelevisionNetwork.com startups , getting blocked in the news for 23 years and during inquires on Canadian content news blocking this week and today so I guess industry for the 23rd year In a row I am the authority on this subject seeing as no one from the news and journal institutions cme frward on this I guess I am the worlds authority on 3DTVStartups.com blocked and the interent traffic system.
THis Month we report on the how traffic is stollen and you have to pay close attention as it happens and morfs in .27 milliseconds fromn a startup into a seo ad bonanzy on search engones that can't (refuse, or are told) not finding your startups , instead advwrtiing on it. status of 3DTVCAnada.com and it's metaverse of startups blocked by the crtc news medias as they d an end run on ICANN addrese starting up for uainss and pleasure and for www.3DStreamingNews.com T Christmas launch of the first 3DTVNews.ca for 3DVirtualTV.com gameing news and Virtual#DTV.com shows comming on the crtc over the next 5 years so that you can see how the agreement with searche egines and browsers use UCANN addreses and hwlp create Canadian content in 3D blocked for 24 years report news in 3D on 3DTVCJHannels.com wirh 3DCopyRight.com equal rights to www.3DNewsCHannel.com Canadian content streamng online on 3DTVCAnada.com .

this month we will feature www.3DTVToronto.com "my Home town' and 3DVancouver MY province and all our 3DTVSTartups.com beeing blocked on these startups , who , when , where , why , and how, adds and millions of seo payments later all will sshow up on the search engines instead of 3DTVToronto.com ot any 3DTVCAnada.com startups as they all get blocked and advertised onver right in front of the CRTC medias as colateral damage ina streaming video blocking frenzu as they fght ovr controle of the internet iCAnn addresses on their socil net, 130.000.000 times a millisecond as to who gets to be first to be found on the address I launched 3dtvToronto.com as it advertisies 3DStreamingCHannel.com on 3DTVCanada.ca

we report on the how traffic is strollen and sold and resold so, you have to pay close attention as it happens and morphs in .27 milliseconds from a startup ICANN Launch into a seo ad bonanzy on search engions that can't (refuse,to say no or )so your traffic is stolen and you are told they are not finding your startups , instead advertiing on it's web postal and site's ICANN address and collecting data for 3RD parties onn it's traffic and status sayu of "3DTVCAnada.com" or some domain for Canadian streaming content and it's metaverse of startups blocked by the crtc news medias as they made a deal or deals to get away with it in journalsby 3rD partis who never agree to agree but on this they do inegrity, in a 23 year press ban on 3D tv social nets and their startups and who knows what politics or more cultrual anthropolical studoes on businesses ther could be to teach for 2023 as they can do with this system of blocking and unblockinh using tax dollars over and over t block and unblock once you pay the blockeer to unblock they will be back, with more shanagins online in 3rd party streaming web cover ups buying and sellong Canadian and global ICANN traffic as blocking 3DVirtualSports.com startups so as to do an end run on ICANN addrese starting up 3DStreamingNews.com during a CRTC convention for Candian content is going on and the web is blocking 3D Cadain content but making deals to inblock newses in battle blocking eachother is for uainss and pleasure and for www.3DStreamingNews.com T

re 3rd part "AI.Bots" stealing and blocking your web traffic yes or no ?
Can robby the AI.Bot can answer that ?

Universities and politicians note what happens,
and the speed of the cyber squat and how little it takes for a company nd 3rd parties to block an entire 3D atreaming Canadian content startup industry or a web site to demonstrated hoew by the AI.Bots scripts and cyber squatting intents from the past 23 year still unfold today , fully matured and seasoned in ICANN startup syber squatting, and some of the AI.Bot. the return retoric like results such as , we are not having any lusk finding your website, or thos website , so the question is , has the Government made an agreement to inblock this meida or everyone blpcked by search anf browsers 23 years in a row? Is this agreement payed for by the people the company squat on 130,000,000 times in .24 milliseconds or not, an agreement with search engines to un block news websites in Canada so we will be able to launch www.3DTVToronto.com www.3DStreamingTV.ca www.3DStreamingCHnnel.com free from discrimination by a consortium of 3RD Party AI.Scripts (buts) from each city on 3TVCAnada.com out Canadian network for 3D news and advertising launched with good intent on 2000 on www.3DCounty.com ™ 2000 >p>

www.3DTVTechReport.com Looks like THe CRTC made a deal with Canada to pay their news journalists coast to coast for Canadian content blocked by companies blocking internet companies onine , so, what does this mean to companies blocked by the CRTC newses for 24 years?
Paying contnet google to block or unblock is dubious enough but the good thong is AI.Bots scripted t block specific compnies adn industries will have tp be reprogrammed, nither will block other news startups like www.3DStreamingNews.com and this is why it tke 24 -48 hours to launch a startup on spme platforms ad it gives enough time for cyber squaating to occur and time for arangements to sell the traffic before it aunches , even if it goes to tha same page and is a news for 3DTV channels abput 3DTVCHannels and the 3DTVProducts and startuos on 3DTVCHannels all parked on the menue page of a 3DTVCHannel.com the ICAnn addrss get pre-emptivle sld off to cyber squatters doing the job of b;locking news of 3DTV games and sports trav;e and fashion even if they go to the same wesbite and this allows me to demonstrate how 3rD party vlocking works as searches alreadyy have 30,000,000 results for a statupsaddress as soon as it leaves the rwgistrs parkeing page and goes to a 3DCounty.com website the 2D mediad do not like they block it under fake pretences even when it goes the the sme pag as ssl content and this is how they block www.3DStreamingNews.com of gamea and services , seasons greetings.

www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DStreamingTV.ca Launches in Vancouver Toronto and Montreal At.Johns Salgary Winnipeg askatchewan ottawa and Canada for the www and search engiens to sell ads on as they fail to find the Icann TLD addrwses as a demonstation of how the internwt is taylored and engeneered to block cometition via 3rd party I.scipts (bots) with write iQ databasses adn proceedures as they replace the integrty of the ICANN address system with soory your not found ads.


www.3DTVTechReport.com 3dstreemingtv.ca as it morfes from not found to a key word and then gets mnitized and blocked as it's traffic is stolen and sold off by AI.bots"?

3dstreamingtv.ca Launches to prove that even 3DStreamingTV.ca startups in Canada are clocked on 20 tear old starups for 3dstreamingtv.ca and this also demonstrates whil sesrch engines post not found the CIRA TLD is blocked and filtered to a "nothing found " page when it is clearly parles on CIRA advertising or what ver , and this gives searches time to com[ound an AI engeneered script to nlock and adverise all ovwr the address before it can even post a web site it is fully AI.BOT cyber squattd on by fake contnet stealing CAnadian content and naking the startups wworhtless as aplace for nusiness and pleasure blocked by browsers and searches and it is not even a news wwebsite .

Every year i buy some new 3DTVCHAnnels.com and shows for 3DTVCAnada.com and for global contnet and every years in a few day the searh engiens cyber squarr rught on my 3dstreamingtv.ca startups and my 3DTCOpyright.com 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com and the 2D CRTC TV mdias are theyre to help nlocl every single obe soia s to do an end runj on 3DTVBraandws.com in Virtual3DTV or 3DVirtualTV on a 3DTelevisionNetwork.com as they block the internet to pieces and get away with it politicaly every christmas I launch some 3DTVSTartups.com so you can see how the medias tweek the web so it all goes their way from politics to fashion forom sports to travel from news to advertising I prove that ther is no way to use the web for busines and pleasure when all the meidas in the dominion are spoon feeding a consortium that blockes the startuos online so it can all go thier way using 3rd party AI.scripts called "AI.Bots" they woll have to reprograme them t fllow the ICAnN address system maticiously first beforw the qeb is o anty use to 3DTVToronto.com startups for 3dstreamingchannel.com busines an plaeasure. www.3DStreamingCHannel.com ™ 2023

www. 3dstreaminhnews.com www.3DSportsCHannelCanada.com are the same website same home page and are parked on the 3DTVChannel.ca here in 3DCounty.com but the very next day after startups ther are cauht and filtered by the same AI.Bot who has been engeneered to cyber squatt on ICANN Domain names starting up for 35 years and this is what happes to atartups they launch an ICNN domains and the search and 3RD party spocial nets go to work diluting and brandng ovr and stealing traffic pre-emptivly and every christmass i buy a batch and new 3DTVCHannels.com and we all watch them get blocked and monitized ovwr buy whom and where when whqt and why becoms evident as the day we launch the searchs have no results the registtrars have no results the world has no ststup for that addres and , bingo, the minuste you launch a 3DTVCHannel the next day we get many conflicting results and pre-emptive blockings of free speech too government should do sothing to stop this catchall theft and monitizing of startups in the newses even they ones that vlock eachother.

This week we lerned that the search engine , ICANN,the medias and browsers all run their own independant and 3rd paety interne worlds or systems followed by countries and politics and all the journals in the word to mahe several divverent internet metaverses each blocking and filtring and using eachothers vernacular as key worrd to monitize while bloking 3DSTreamteleviison.com startups so as to hav them blocked and never found lost in a hellpit of ip addresses usied to soam and backlink startups for 2DTV so that they can lict up to 100,000,000 results right on your very intertnt address and stel your traffic.
this makes all o the platfoems fake and the content on them social usless and inb spme cases pits social nets agains eachonthwt like they wer gockey teams and thw rwffs look the othr way the all cheet until thy are caught and basicaly theer is no way to use any of them to launcgh a 3DTVChannel.com while they work in synergy to actualy pre-empive block your startups with their own products they create by cachaling your traffic and monitizeing on it. we arelucky they do not cyber squatt on our postal traffic and phone callsand just uour starrtiusp as invation all get put on hold intill needed the startups have np country pr market in which to grow as they arw picked off by AI Bots scripts and politics goes it's own way never looking back at their 3TD parties use of the onternet addressesing system and the money flos one way in rents online that are never going to get streeming online video away frm consortiums they are blond to constitutions to protect propert and the right to work free from discrimination by aI.bot scripters and engeneered soctwarw to steal your traffic and resell it on platforms woth ICANN addresse that steal other ICANN daddresses and use them to monitise .
IN conclusion Nothing has change ssunce 2001 and 2008 when search and browsers politics and country aftwr coutry shut off the wwn b and restarted it blocking all the cometition acept 3rD party platforms what now run their own ICANN addrwssing systems in spite of ICANN:s concept of an open web we have a closed web and a dark web that keeps it closed and is used to close oposition and cheet free from reprisals as they steal everynes traffic thagt us not paid affiliate or a 2dTV meds.

stay tuned we have so many grat starttups and can not go anyware wiurh them so qe wiil covr somthing interstwing next month to ther shouldbelots of 2d tv elections and new 2DT 3D metaverse anounceents and more 3DCounty.com startups to come for the meany mamnyu ICANN deviate startuos to pre-emptive block them too. www.3DStreamingTelevision.com busines is blocke for 123 years and still put ther waiting for the closed social nets to monoolisw thenm for their pleasure and we wil; behere in 3DXOunty.com stuck inVamncouver blocked by all the 2D news media on google. as blocking ouit ICAnn addrses for 23 years is the most profitable shannagins they ever got way with in hstory of digital messaging and usiness . what platfrm are you acceprt in is a good jurnal entry to document next month but qe will se what the 2D news medias arw blocking and faking next month as they pretwend ther is no 3DTV under their sociql nets blocked by their social nets soas they can steal traffic in a dark web they fsake as the real world and fovus on theri social net practices on closed web platforms that pretend ro practice inclusitiity as a blind to cyber squat behond and block 3DTVSTartups.com from staetups themselves. www.3Dcounty.com 3dTVpess.cm and from www.3DTVSTJohns.com to 3DTVVictoria.com in Canada the social nets are all runnng and blocking ICANN addresses for their own use while we all watch and get blocked for not paying to be found by socil nets. Lucky for everyone ther is 3DCounty.com lest we forget. Canadian content is www.3DStreamingCHannel.ca in canada and 3dstreamingchannel.com on the www ansd blocked as soon as i launch it bhy all the closed consortiums in the dominions online as they steal traffic in a dark web of socil nets unseen. 3DTVBRsands.com are still stattus looking for a socil net were 3DTV is welcomed and used for 3Dstreamingtelevision.com busiens. >

THe Government of Canada in a dispute ovwer Canadian contwnt streeming online has made an agreement with Google the biggest blocker of 3DCounty since 2008 3DTVnews.ca and 3DTVCHannel.ca and 3DTVToronto and 3DTVMontreal ad all the 3DTVCAnada.co startups in Canadian Content steeeming 3DTV startup busines for 23 years so hw could they be able to find Candian 3DTVToronto.com or 3DTVMontreal.com or ICANN TLD addresses that have been around for 23 years ;ike 3DCA.com and arw blocked by monoplising nernacular scripts now posing as AI bots.
I should think search eng9nes the government use should at least honor the ICANN TLD registratio and platforms like 3DTVNEws.caa sira platform and after 23 years if they still can not twll if a startups is a crimina tp a streeming D TV pin .com then why would you bother trying to get them online they do not care about 3DCopyRightTV.com conyent and they sall the domain names as a seo blocking search key so I would not use a company that is using ICAnn addrwsses to monitize and blocking traffic to resll for ads if I was a Canadian gvernment i would gwt my own search engines and call them the dominion streaming directory for news like mine in 3DCounty.com if i was t be compatable woththe crtc canadian content. news when they can anot even fimd 23 year old ICANN TLd and still afteyears of complainging think ther is a risk so they advertise right on 3DTVNews.ca an yet they fooled the government into thinking they are going to help Canadian content online streem internet news of Biusinesses streemiong online that are used as ket word search ad bulitain boards for selling as back order and for blocking to steal the traffic like 3DTVTorobto.com or 3DTVNews.ca on 2DTVCanada,com and cnsadoan steeeming onine content .
rught in fornt of an onlgoing XRTC consortium looking into Canadian streeming content in ness. this is called FAKE NEWS brought to you in Fake canbadian content while the Canadian news and the entire web security watch them doing it while the entire www.3DWorldWideWeEbTV.com www.3dCopyrightTV.com industry is watching. OH LOOK AT THat! www.

Is the CRTC are discriminating against 3D TV web startup businesses even 3DVTV.com web startups for 3DTV that grandfathering their 2008 intrusion into web streeming vidio startups market and blocked with search engines that are affiliates and engenteer a trap that blockes 3DTV streeming medias and 23 years of sensorship in News sports travel arts and politics they even exclude public 3DTV streeming web with 3rd party affiliates 3rd party affiliates sensorship arrngements to carasell advertising right on the ICANN startups web address and then the medias covwer that up for years and years so that the streeming 3D TV web starrups is sensored and their browsers block so as to pass your traffic to the dark web.
The medias should not do this..

Pretending to be an authority on what is Canadian content starts with enherant rights so as any 3D streeming web cintent started up stolen buy search engines and passed around as free use and blocked content and streeming intent on 3DTV covered up but posted on 3djournals.com pages on edtelevisionnetwork.com and other web streeming blocked startups ,
is not CCanadian content streening online I guess. this 2 week look into how 3d sensorship in media and demonstrate examples of how the 3rd party engeneer canadiancontent online, you will need a few 23 year old 3DTVCHANNELS.com and their history launching in Canadian media and apply them to a semar or to to see if the entire subject is discrinated and ignored and with 3rd party supports see how it is sensored premptivly sensored in the press.

.www.3dtvpress.com ™

Are the CRTC news medias engeneering online what us Canadian streeming Content and blocking your Canadian Content streeming online internetstartups and other ilegal acts claiming to be the aurhority on what is Canadian streeming media online same as it is ilegal to define what it is to be Canadian.
. Canadian 3DTV startups is not even part of the last 23 years of CRTC news and business medias yet they block all this Canadian content in a DARK web fashion and 3DWWWTV.com web 3DVirtualTV.com and Virtual3RTV even Canadian contnet during covid, virtualy they did. ther is historic discrimination of 3DTVBrands.com for years in teh content of CRTC steeeming and search engine results and thaty is part of what it is to be a streeming medias in canada duh why not stsrt in 2000 and ask is teh crtc going to regulate internet 3DTV streeming stsrtups and historicly look at their record and give them aall the stars out of five your like it is history.
channels for 23 years so a to have it all their way?
Are they yearly faking an convention on how to regulate online streemng medias without blocking social net and just blocking canadian 3DTVCopyright.com net org startuo via and srtc news DARK web where Journlists talk about 3dTVCAnada.com they mumbel about 3DHockeyCHannel.com and 3DTVSports.com and how to bot mention 3DTV for 23 years in secret then script the next CRTC convention to look into streeming online medias thatv blocks 3DTV canadian s and their startups?

Are the crtc medias putting them selves on trial because they do not even know what being a non secular Canadain means , when they landed and adopted the 7 rrows way of like here in the americas and everyone because equal did they not get the message? in Canadian content disernment?

This week we will be closely watching the CRTC inquiry into Canadian content streeming online and importred content rebroadcast over yhe interne as they bully the internet TV industry with their Copyrights unconstutionaly for the 23 year in a row (24 if you count 2000 as a full year) during their 2 week convention to look into Canadian content online ( which was alrady theyr yeards before they converged and went on line themselves and startd b;coking 3DTVSTartups in 2001 here is a big differance betwen AI and AC artificial controled devices are not intelegent and ai is still not invented yet but the medias can not stop marketing anything that pay them to advertise anytime anywehre they can.

Who, what , where , why and how did the entire Canadian press manage to miss ovwr 1000 3DTVCHannels,com desporatly begging every day for years to get answets as to why do the CRTC medias block 3DTElevisionCanada.com and 23 years of Canadian online streeming startups and pretend they are not blocking Canadian content online when they have , they do, and they are blockimn it all week as we look into why for the 23 convention yer in a row. So why so much Dark web activity and fake Canadian content are we talking about rebrodcast right s that should not have any problems of copyrights or stealing traffic from Canadian content creators lready online . mark monitor should be able to tell us because they are always onb my data bus even when I aM contitutional off line so they should be able to answer thei why are they present for years while I compalin about 2d crtc mediss bloking the entir canadian content of 3DTStartup.com .
Are the crtc medias putting them selves on trial? Www.3DNetworknews.com

Are the crtc medias putting them selves on trial because they do not even know what Cadain means , when they landed and adopted the 7 rrows way of like here in the americas and everyone because equal did they not get the message? in Canadian content disernment?
guilty of blocking Canadian content because they do not recognise it they just block it deliboratly like they do 23 years Canadian content providers online are they setting up the online streeming genda to cast Canadians and their content ads Canadian or non Canadian content and then block 3DTV again this year and over the nexr 5 years while they increase 3DTV 25 % in lew of every biby else in the world moving ahead with 3DTV in spige of the CRTC blocking it? Are the CRTC medias blocking your Canadian Content online so as to have the same monopleythe sam as they do over the air? Www.3DNethomes.com ™

www.3DSecurityTV.com %t November 2023 column

will Bill C-11 close the door on Canadian internet TV webcasters and startups gagged by the CRTC for 23 years ?
Did they forget that internet webcating is garentted as free speech is by the canadian and american governemtn to be good in Canada and the USA like any other product sold in Canada and the US is. CRTC news and medias are not gsarenteed they block eachother but the postsl and internet business are not regualted bhy teh crtc and web traffic can not be stolen by consortium blocking their streeming stsrtus in the newsd andf online serverces nor from the courts.
23 CRTC conventions later and they still block 3DTVCopyRight.com startups in Canada news adn medias politics asnd sports.
The entire canadian television industry either did not pick up on this or are faking the news to hide thos 3DREalTV.com fact.
They are the wolf regualting the sheep on tneor menus. 3DFM.com a 3DFree metaverse blocked by 2d tv in 2011 so as to do an end run in 2023 -2028 read all about it it is news everywhere but in the Canadian CRTC press becasuse they are the ones running fake bills to block the internet ( i begged the CRTC to sell me a licence in 2000 for 3DFM.com TV not radio and they said theyh would never regulate the inteernet so they would not allow an internet TV channel and would call me th first time they do , this was a lie and they now asre trying to regulate the streeming tv webcasting industry like it was an over the airs 3rd party licenced tv channel they coverged into 2 or 3 companys that are obviously too much for them to regulate so they were right they never could or wouyld be able to regulte streeming vidio content ina free speecj ssociety. so they fake the news in 2D foa come back n 2023 -20228 read all abput it in France news. or first nstion news s they block them too.

A judge not a consortium of 2 or 3 cable and telcos should investigate Canadian content so as to legaly run a coandian medias act con the web and why the CRTC medias block it and use search and social nets that block and promote annonomous users use while blocking 3DTV and first nation content so it all goes their way, especialy when they consortium hide behinde charities and war news so as to block startups Canadian content is 3DTV web startups in English French and FIrst nation but they block 3D first nation , 3D eglish and even 3DTVCHannel.Montreal.com plus all the eglish french and first nation startups for 3D tv for 23 years and should be sued fo discrimination of 3DTV french , english and first nation Content and called out for it globaly too they arew an imbarrasment to the dominion .

www.3DTVToronto.com 3DTVVancouver.com 3DTVCalgary.com 3DTVSTJohns.com all the 3DTVCHannels.com here are blocked for 23 years and no one can take the blame but the CRTC cartels so their fake look into streeming online media copyright is set up to fake integrity while guilty of blocking 23 years of news sports travel educastion and bvusines on 3DBusinessTV.com startups proving they are blockinh canadina streeming online content and are the reason ther are no city startups no county startu[s no strtups for first nation or sports and Vancouver jobs in 3DTVCHannel.com they block as 3DTVCAnada.com is snubbed for the 24th year in CRTC steeeming online news so that they can do an end rujn n thestovk markets and online streeming medis biusimess, Duh!!.
AS long as the crt alone regulates streeming internet busines and ICAnn traffic in news they will be the reason Canadian content and business will remqin blocked from mention at the yearly summets on bill c11 streeming nothing in their news and content.
the sublect should be on the next election agenda is the crtc the right consortium to regulate online streeming webcasying or not before they have a look at bills to regu;ate the sreeeming online medias startups. more 2 week commisions on the same thong every year after year onley to be blocked more time per millisecond is the direct result of crtc mediasd blocking canadian and their content as you rush to type articals like this they pump and dum[ content to the contrary and np pthe industry do thaty by the milisecond but closed medisd can evefn take their time asndf dark web meeting at fake conventions to look into why Canadian cntetn is blocking online streemong content , eveyone knows the crtc medis are blocking Canadian stuff and forien news but the Canadian press and the crtc or theuy are incompetant. .
This is the 23 rd year in a row teh crtc has entered into federal government jourisdiction regarding online streeming internet and closed disscusion of bill c-11 use as medias startups on;ine blocked by them for 23 years ar the proof they are crossing the line into public's use of the internet without the authority of a judge or teh public. online streeming canadian content shoudl be like on the riad licnced candna car drivers but they d not allow streeming 3dTV startups on CRYC consortiums and theri licence can be counted on 1 hsnd. 3 weeks of wasted time ust to reafirm a system that blocks 100 % of 23 years of every day, week , month content was here being blocked by no other than the CRTC news and sports trsvle snd business cartels they will not even deny it. proof they ae blocking it.
a simple statement as to why it is ad was nessary to block 3DTVCanada.com that is all they need to be qusalified for the job of discussing the regulation of the streeming onlin contents.and what cpntents they are to be blocking for the next 23 years.
The CRTC medias have undermined the online streeming industry and every city on the CRTC monopoly over the air and now they push to take over the internet and the online streeming media rules on internet webcasting under the guies they are security for the web when they are the means countries block culture and busienss, poitics and religions and 3DTVStartups and Canadian content streeming online DUH!!
coast to coast news blocks 3DSSportCHannel.com 3DFashinCHannel.com DTravelCHannel.co 3DTelevuisionCHannel.ca the list is longer than the crtc licenced medias totaled as they are accountable for the blocking of all CHanrdaAI .com startus in voic mail and AI software for online streeming for 3DTVPhones industry to launch their own phones so it is for online streeming act a fake bill to aallow the crtc to monoplise online streeming and block Canadian and uUS content and resellthem like the search engnes they use sell ads 100 million at a time in /34 million seconds ,(they wish) and be just like the search engiens with a monoly startups since before they were online themselves streeming content in 2D and nthey still block Canadian3DTV.ca startupsontent even election are blocked content exclusive spoots and advertising are handed on a silver platter not to a judge but to a consortium that bllocked canadian content and resells imported only exporting them over 3 or 3 consortiums of converged city and state TV CHannels The crtc are the only ones who could block canadian content for 23 years they block american too so they the content is not avalable in Canada and the USA , they block American streeming medias ads and adverise over them and they block 100% of 3DTVCAnada.com startups and brand over them too so they ae incompetant ant delivering canadians content startups and internet streeming medis and should be fined for it too.
THe are blockimh 3DTV this week in their 2D look into wording the online streeming act to block canandaon 3DTV same as in 2000, 22001, 2002, 2003,2004 ...2023 they are the only one whp ook into why it is blocked.
and so they can not investigate themselves without a nutral judge on oerseeing because say they are not blocking and how to get more Canadian content online than the CRTC do and fast because 23 yesars is too long for Canadian content to be choked off by all the time kings teleision networks media news and business are CRTC EXCLUSIVE we will never see competition or Canadian Content unless the consortium decide so. the online streeming act is doomed to fail if they are the judge that is missing ffirst nation content and small business.
Can the Canadian content difincy be looked at regarding bill-c11 when they can not stop discrination against 3DTVCanada.com startups for 23 years.
Only a judge could or a law suit would get the the root and facts like 23 yesars 3DBusinessTV.com and 3DVirtualTV.com and 3DEducationalTV.com are blocked in Canada by the ver Consortium of 3 medias the crtc usew to block content

How can they the CRTC investigate Canadian content participation when they convered all the city and state TV oveer the air medias in to 2 or 3 companies ? All they need to do is call up t presidents of 2 or 3 of them and tell them to add Caadian content and stop blocking and press gagges on 100 or 2000 22 year old 3DSTVCAnada.com shows and starups after thagt see what happens then invertigate why 23 years crtc news and medias discriminate aainst 100% of all Vancouver 3DTV Canadian content in 3D and metaverse building in D here in Vancouver then they can apply the fixes to the 2 or 3 compaies thaty own and run all the content over the crtc and apply that knowledge to increasing Mate and Firsty nation content in 3D ovr 3D Canada TV .com interwnt startups blocked by current CXRTC licenced medias for 23 years.
Like roman soldures the crtc medias coverged into one big army of closed jounralists and iliminated all the city tV channels and block 3DTV canadian content starups online like they were governing from rome, blocking startups by drafting all the content innovation into 2 or 3 companies and no other (soldures) Canadian internet TV startups are allowed to be mentioned on this new consortium of 2D internet news sports and travel and entertainment as the CTRC medias block Canadian startups for content online from the get go they still block 3DCopyRightTV.com and when 3D internet startup to TLD get gagged , blocked and even stolen they make sur they have a charity to hide behind and untll they top blocking 100% of CAnada3DTV.com bvusinesses online they should not be allowed to even gwt nere the Kings first naions online content because the crtc are why ther is no 3DTVCanada.com content and they are the ones blocking it ,
A Judge in a court room should be the one to decide how to get Canadian content on 2 or 3 crtc medias and in french and english too. www.3DTVPolitics.com


Is your web traffic being stolen?
Can someone take bids on someone else's house when it is not for sale? Can someone take bids on someone else's ICANN address when it is not for sale, and without telling them they are doing it or who is buying seats when the website is blocked and points to the tecket bot taking orders using AI like scripts and codes?
Is your web traffic being stolen?

It more profitable to sell front row seats on the dark web and seats in the rafters to an auction for some ones startp address then ther is in selling the name onece and a cloud server package , if you are a search engine you can sell 100 millin links in a .24 ,illisecond every time you set up an AI Bot in a browser or search or both and rerount the traffic to an auction site tking orders on yiur credid cards for your dot com without telling you a single person was interssted and bought tickts or that they are selling them for yiur home on the internet these day but search engine will tell you in a million second hundreds of people who will and some of them are registras too. I have given away so many fre dot coms and never ever sold one but everybody whants to tke back orders on my companies startup addresses and no one ever tells me thay are so ai guess it is up to some one who knows better all i know is they do it to mine.

Is your web traffic being stolen?

Are search engines and browser on your PC just AI Bot silo catchalls to block startups and steal it's traffic before it can even brand a new website and it's products?

3DVirtualTV and Virtual3DTV are they

Is your web traffic being stolen?

3DVirtualTV and Virtual3DTV are very different, a metaverse is 3DVirtualTV or animated computer generated games and digital renderings, Virtual3DTV film with real actors and man made movie sets is Virtual3DTV on a headset or 3DTV that is digitally created by computer the other is live or video recording of live people and places things and content that is real world not computer generated.
At least in 3DCounty.com that is how they differ

Is your web traffic being stolen?

Is your startups traffic pre-eptivly incarcerated and sent to catchalls set up by AI.SearchBot engines and sold for monitization to all 3rd party affiliates or just some who will pay seo prices and buy tickets to your aftermarket auction they have a monopoly with the 2D TV news fir 23 so search and news monitise on blockked startups like virtual3DTV.com for real actors and virtual sets and movies made in firtual reality or strtups for graphocs and AI anomation like 3DvirtualTV.com for gamers and sports Green screen peroductions and metaverses bothe jusst the tip of the 23Doceburg or virtual ice berg all the same are searfh and 2D tv medias stalling and blocking 3DTV in Canada or was 23 years of virtual3DSport a mistake , oops! sorry bought that missed industry in 2D tv business news wirth inegraty, as AI is now so important then why is 3DvirtualTV and Virtual3DTV gagged by 2D TV news and their politics shannains how can billionares deal with monoplies m0ade in 2D who euns 2D that blocks innovation in 3DCanadaTV.com is intelegance missing the coverup of 3DTV by 2D TV? it is so insecurew launching new3DTVChannels and beeing gaged by all the 3DTVPress.com coverups in hpournalism carriers in 3DTVNewschannel.com 3DJournals.com this is a threat to free markets by 2DRV abd a 3DTVnews secure and able to list ob the market should be more than possible after 23 years or is this abput waiting for you to give u looking for a way to launch ICANN startups in a 2 yier news medias system ii not secure when you can not re[prt for 23 years 2 decades and report being targetrd and muzzeled by the nbews in the entire dominion and the usa markets blocked by 2D TV i the virtual truth not 3dvirtual truth but a virtual 3d tv startup historical truth and intelegant people kow this and this is whay i ask are search engines usin ICANN addresses for selling ads on your traffic the nedias will cove for them if they do for 23 years so aare they in this together to hide 3DTVStartups.com right in the front of the business security and political structure so that it is a 2D religious thinbg you can not go out in journalism ubless you are wearing your 2D TV lenzes cult and never mention 3DTVCAnada dot coms gagged for 23 years by 2DTV priests? www.3DWowtV.com 3dtv.news www.3DTVTime.com % 2000?

Is your web traffic being stolen?

Are they stupid AI.Bots or icann traffic catchalls playing web hide and seek with ICANN TLD startups , are websites that get more then 1000 hits a minute get their stack oferflow traffic delivered on a silver platter to 3RD party AI.Bots during election or just all the time in business and pleasure so as to feed 3rd party your web traffic startups the overflow their stack and claiming it is wichery and blocking to steal your traffic , (what ever happened to a busy signal) monitor companies suppliyinh searchcontentservers with your PC before you even connect your internet or yourt website blocked by monitoring 3rd pary content security companies for some searches so they can block you via your content TLD and use it as a key word or backorder product for fake auctions that never do anythng but bilk would be buyers of your atartup becuae it is always blocked and targeted for backorder based on its traffic theft record and blocked resale auction value proves it to be a good search key to steal traffic from if only it were blocked for 23 year then a search could sell 130,000,000 results for www.3DTVOttawa.com as an example and in .4 milliseconds, making the startup useless to use for busines or pleasure and impossibe to sell as intelectual property make web tv ads and shows for travel and sports news and politics because just because search engines can do it when it makws a good search engine key word to sell ads on ICANN TLD addrwsses with a single browser or wiki following the ICANN dominion listings for internet the big intRAnet service and providers search engines blocking ICANN atartups tp steal traffic is happening , all the time it is blocked??
Do search engines and social nets use people INternet atartups by the thousands and own thousands of suffixes and domains while blocking yur ICANN startups too?

Is your web traffic being stolen?

Is it a combination of AI.Bots out to foil an election in syncronous silo-link set up to establish a link before you establish web service some how, the fact is search engines do not find your ICANN address but 130 million other on the serch results have a hard time paying enough to be found on your ICAnn address first, seo silos serve the web ICANN to whom ever pays and the money they pay goes in to blocking more startups and more startups start to try to do business but thoes startups are blocked and mor start and get blocked and this can go one untill all your 3DTVCHAnnel.com are blocked by the same sesarches even though they go to the very same web page and web site for your pages, so why do some get blocked na other not when they go to the same page and same ssl web site, because ther is nore money in not fonding yiu then search.

Is your web traffic being stolen?

Your blocked so as your traffic is stolen and sold that's why your block any way you look at it the fact is some ICANN TLD .com net and og startups get blocked and some dont and they go to the same qebsite meant traffic theft. means SEarch engies that CAn find 130 million results for your startup are nit stupid they are cyber squatting on your website using hacked poluted with bad back link account dungens and pits the store :suspect ICANN TLD Dresses in " and then they sell the traffic because they sell a lot of traffic o your icann TLD when it is blocked in .4 millisecond all day so they must be hard to quit when your addicted to stealong web traffic by fals pretences, but wh am I to judge , the writing is in the cloud walls these aI.Bot s act like kings in old mesopatamia who come out from walled cities and creat havic and traffic theft and then return to hide bhine thier wals of money in ther 3rd party AI.bot silos made of trapped ICANN addresses in catchalls set up on round robin servers,
(google search: "Another drawback is that round-robin cannot be depended upon for site reliability; if one of the servers goes down, the DNS server will still keep that server's IP in the round-robin rotation. So if there are 6 servers and one is taken offline, one in six users will be denied service.")
but all the on the same 3rd party monitor company walled in security AI.BOt policed in house servers so that your nothing but a terminal on their system your website times out and you think your fixing it, on 3rd party search AI.Bots reinacting witch hunting to justify traffic theft and finding your round robin ip off line and so as to be taking your ICANN addresses searched traffic away by 3rd party, an AI.Wicther silo bot moniyotinh anfd ptofilrinh as per nsdyusyiond in iy;s code (who you gonna call 'startup busters') or even worse are they playing police judge and jurry and confiscating ICANN adress trafic in elections for the money they get not finding it since it launched oh say 23 years ago if your a web tv launch for 3DTV venues and glasses or heasdsets in 2K for sure I dddi and as and still am blocked by every single press in CAnada may be they too make money of of startups blocked by AI.bot silos who knows I am not a Judge, , so as to hide a targeted startups on a fake profile fake warrent put pot on a so as to take ICANN adress traffic and monitise on it unconstitutionaly every product , startup and ICABB tld 130,000,000 results (0.41 seconds) for www.3DTVMontreal.com when is it a case of ICANN TLD trespassing, and are they coded deliboratly so as to intercepting startups traffic, block the website and sell ads on it, or not, are they busy stealing traffic and selling ads on 3DTV startups or all the domain suffexes the .tv .sports . home ,understad ICANN addressesing is quite explisid and any AI.Bot that can not read an ICANN address is illeterate and does not is ICANN obsolete because the seach engibe steal aall the traffic or are they blocking and selling ads on ICANN and all the other non TOp level startup addresses before anyone ever even gets a chance to look at it blocking all internet addr4esses TLD and the rest because it can't or because it won't as both reasons or any other reason is not grounds for discrimination by AI.Bot cyber traffic sqquatting Bots no matter who owns them the ICANN addresses and the post office will not work if the messages do not go through and they can not do it just for fun and stay in busines to.

Are AI.Bots blocking you and your ssl just for some one special or are they traffic mercinaries?

ICANN address are the postal address of yur business online so do search enginbes actualy search and block yiur website before your traffic even gets to you instead of directing traffic to your ICANN Top Level Domain in broad daylight because they can make more money doing it than you could when they block itwith ads and use your web's ICANN address as their vernacular and not a brand or trade name on a whom or are they paid to block you for a sport event or all the time by some one , why do they even bother blocking are they cops, do they have a ourt order to block and sell ads on ICANN addresses or are they cyber squatting on ICANN addresses, using them at will policeing as words they can use as a key word to sell advertising to your web traffic with no recourse (somthing the phone companys would love to sell ads on your phone numbers, plus profile and violate the telephone users businesses before they launch using your phone nuber as an advertising platform) to violate and profile you selling yur users inheriant non disclosure rights especial when a dark web IP address follows your every online and off line use of a windows 10 upgrade or are AI.Bots codes handeling your TLD traffic legaly and compatable with inheriant NON disclosure rights in business search data get shut off aanf forced off line or are search engines just collecting data for their 3rd 4th 5th party silo AI.Bot affiliates to block busines on the whole, do ICANN domain startups for business knw they are just TLD adresses search engines get theeir supply of traffic as "hot" and they are a "chop shop" of ICANN TLD adresses search for resale by auction in aftermarkets phishing for customers when the blocked startup quits trying ang gives up so the domains can be scooped by companies that own thousands of tlds like sea4rch engens do, is your web traffic stolen by AI Bots in it's cookie catchalls and part of an AI. silo voyeurism bot ware right in your operating system and fully compatible with stealing your works while it blocks your traffic and sell as ads on your TLD via search engines traffic selection AI bots right in your browser or upgrade, this is no way to run an election for AI.Bots are not used in my campigns as 3DPresident.com in 3DCounty.com? Who of the two have the rights to be universally exempt from non disclosure in business?

www.3DVirtualSports.com ™

3DVirtualSports.com would love to support Canadian Football, hockey , soccer, sheep sheering all the sports are suffering because of the monopoly in media and sport tv especialy when for 23 years they 2D TV meidasrefuse to be team players and block 100% of 3DTVBrands.com even 3DVirtualSports.com and 3DSoccer www.3DWorldCupTV.com sports and amature sports of all kinds started up for several 3D vertical markets amd even 3DTVGlasses all blocked so that 2D TV can have a monoply on sports and wwith 3DTElevisionCanada.com blocked how could theses teams even begin to support a closed industry set up like a movie with 1000 block on free markets, it is suposedt be a sport for peet's sake not a monoply tv searies. so all the sports, travel news even 3DStores.com are gagged from selling sports parafinalia when the crtc licenced news medias block 23 years of 3DTVSports.com how could it be in any other shape then in trouble , when you put all your sports in one basket and that basket closes the lid oin all the fans and their startups for sports even 3DTVCanad.com coast to coast your get what you sow.

3DTV would love to do stories about web startups that went viral and success stories online and news of movies and sport events auctions and realestate shows all in 3D but how maney viral 3DTVCHannbels.com in the last 23 years or in the last 10 yesars have 2D tv doens stories on in 2D and why are they stiffeleing 3DTVpolitics startups for business with the story of successes in 2D only is it a tool to pretend everyoe can launch a viral startup or is it a waay to pretndt the market is open to innovation in 2D and bvlock the same politician promis and the same stsrti in 3D for 3D marketing soas to have all the web go their way and via their search ctchalls and aaAI Botas that axe news of 3DTVCAnada.com being discriminated every election nd sports event evenb football blocked by the need to have 1 or 23 spoorts monopolies run the entire sport and their search engne block 3DTV for 23 years in sports so it all goes theoir way when sports ambeling is launched it is 2D sports gambeling so tht 2D t can block 3DTVSports and their ads for dcasinoaa and have all the bvets in house on a monoply in spirts or somthing that is able to block 23 years of stsrtups while pretndin startups are everywhere in 2D news means there is no 3DTV startups in 2D@ news for 23 years and that is just the way they kike it.

3DCounty.com sports would love to promote soccer and football but 23 years has proveb n one is invited in olymics or the news in sports media and shopping in 2D is a monoply so how could you ask for sports to be popular when you spend all your politicians on see it is blcoked and covwrd up. so that no one evben talks abour a new sports channel in 3d or anotheione and another and ovwr and over launching you can not give away free 3DTVCHannels.com to sports franchises because they attack you as if yoiu are a squatter and they turn their monitor bots on to yiur website and ever year when the playoff cups in sports are on 2d tv your website gwets hacked by big bucks in gambeling online in sports web traffic thieveing AI.Bots that choke off startups to use the bandwidth for gambeking rel tine becauwe tneyh run the internet service cables an they run the sport as a monoply and they block all other sports in 3d then what do youexpect and blosiming industry you do not get, a dryed up media with the sam ads onver and over in the same ad break is not d=going to help any one but the cmnpetition as the 22d tv bilk their sponcers by playing the same ad over and over nd using this timwe consuming practice to block all come upping, is the reason no one can or is allowed to even give 3D tv channels away as they are blocked from auction and handed on a silver platter to the dark web billionares companies and slo the onis in on the 2d tv news to unblock football and baseball and basket ball and cricket or sheeo sheering and becaue they blok www startups it is iimpossible to promote or even mention a sports event without beeing suee and that mewans soorts are off the menue for startups thanks to a consortium of meidas th4at do not team play the gsme, and periodicals and even the radu block news of 3DTVSports.com startups for ...not a few years but for 23 years as the 2D TV medias still ban news of the entire 3DCopwriteTV.com and 3DSportsChannel.com even 3DSportaTV.com even CBC a public meida blocks the publics 3DSports.org startups along woth 3DTVBusinessTV.com and that is the problem we live in a fake open market locked by 2D TV and their agendas for 23 years and sports is sufering the same way all businesses are blocked by a consortium od AI.Bot internet sorce coded fake Bots created by computwr scrupts running on the web stealing and blocking startups and their traffic so as to advertise and block their works with contnet that blocks their works.= so that football in CANAda and sports are gaged even 3DHockyCHannel.com get gagged by the 2D sports monopolies and the old saying , DO NOT PUT ALL YOU EGGS IN oNE BASKET " proves true as all the sports eggs are in a 2D TV consortium of closed market monopolies so that even if you launch aa dozen 3DSPortsTV.com startups in CAnada the 2D TV Monopolies will block you for 23 years , , so tis has a trickle down affect that stiffels free markets and growth and lets satchalls online run by AI.Bots filtwr out aall the web traffic to a few egs in the same basket nd no one is invited but the fans . in 2D yet . meanwhile 23 years later in then CANADIAN metaverse 100% of the 3D th industry is in the same boat s sports, travel , new, fashion, even realestaste as the entire world is gagged in 2D so that theer is no way 3DTVStartups.com in Canada can participate in or on a 3DTV consortium that blocks 3DTVSports.com and 3DFootballTV.com
www.3DTVSPorts.com %t

Bill C-18 makes it illegal for fake web search engines and fake names on social nets to use Canadian Internet news TLD web addresses and content for advertising on, forces them to comply with standard ICANN address records same law as phone companies fraud so that they can not sell ads and not find your phone number when globaly dialed. www.3DTVOttawa.com www.3DNewsCHannel.ca ™ www.3DTVNews.ca ™

Welcome to www.3DCounty.com , the 3RD degree in web TV in 3D the 3DJournals.com November 1/2023


Do you search day and night for sponcers to advertise their products on your website but only get search ads selling SEO click ad results and companies try to sell you web site developed pages or advertising space for you to buy and plans on google selling you somthing else instead?
www.3DTVCAnada.com needs Canadians not an SEO bill.
www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.com www.3DTVCHannelCanada.com the www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com industry needs your 3D Virtual TV ad to send traffic now scooped by blocking AI.Bots and send it to you via and ad on ythe www.3DTVNetwork.com needyou ads for 3DTVCHannels and 3DStartups for business and pleasure to put on ur 3DwwwTV.com stations and 3DCopyRightTV.com webpages. every time we search for publishers ads we get the same search result sellin SEO .
If you are launching a MEtverse or GAME , stoe or media or you want to sell in a vertical market then how do we find you ? where do you advertise? how can i find companies who want to advertise on a 3DTVNetwork.co startup channels for 3DVirtualTV.com audiancesusing search engoe that only post clik ads as a pay for service and never sullpies spomcers buying advertising spaces ob startups? lease contect us it you have trouble surconventing search engines findong alternative [kaces to advertise/ www.3DADCHannel.com adminDTelevisionNetwork.com or AsminDTVCHannel.com if you want to place an ad on a www.3DTVTRavel.com www.3DTVRealty.com or any other www.3DCounty.com web station or startup web page. www.3DTVPress.com

. Should search and browsers companys source codes be tested like TLD registrars are and have to display the official ICANN seal of Compatability like the dot com registrars display their officially ICANN seal of compatibility aproval, before the internet was made safe for business and pleasure in 1998 to stop fake news , TLD targeting, ICANN Trade name frauds, spammers, Hfake ID and social nets people using ICANN addresses for www.3DCAmping.com (spam ads and fraud) crimes backlink browser ambushing, slander and porn, and to protect new industries for 3DTV startups from no name fake social net messaging accounts and website catchalls for stealing traffic in 1998 .

How Can you Launc convergent 2DTVCHannels.com net org on anGlobal internet when the global meidas use a search engijen that does not follow ICANN addressing or post people selling ads and looking for sponcwrs to adcvertice on their web for 23 years, that is a problem so yu have to copete woth search engjes that own thousands and thousands of websites and mega regiatrars sdelling aftwermarket auction seats for every domain sold instead of the one they rgistwrd only when 2D tv go and block your companies websites for 23 years you have to ask , how do you start up in a closed social net using AI Bots to keep it closed. >p> well without waiting for the sun to supernove , you have to just start up anyways. www.3DTVCity.com www.3DTVjournals.com 3DSearchchannel.com and a www.3DTVCHannel.com and get blocked for 23 years i guess that is all ther is when AI Bots can't find a single sponcer for a 3DTElevisionNetwork.com you can do. www.3DPresident.com of www.3DCounty.com a place to go when your blocked by all the dominions onine so as to not get blocked by the bullies i gues all the journalists run and hide when it comes to reporting a startup blocked for 23 years because the startup is a www.3DTVCHannels.com the worlds 2d medias see to it your banned from the press so youi have to launch a 3DTVPress.com and they see to it your blocked in 3D realestate so you have to launch youir own 3DRealestateCHannel.com and so on and so on and by 23 years you have so many 3DTVCHannels.com all blocked by the same medias and preses and searches only sell SEO they do not tell you who , where , when , and whaty companies are looking for a place to advertise 3DTVStartups.com as the entire 3DTVBusiness.com industry os blocked in Vancouver BC , (we do not even get our own Vancouver station on global) all the other citys get one) and when you look for other medias ther re none this year same as the top 3DTVCHannels.com laaunched in 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 ... 2023 nd stiull going as 3DCAsa.ca joins the 3DTVNetwork.com and 3DTRavelTV.com startups arrive back in Canada from their trip on the 3DTVsilkroad.com looking for sponcer for 3DSPortsCXHannel.com one has to just carry on knowing that the entire world is going to block your 3dtcstartups like they were a city in old mesopotamia with a wall around it and ther is no stastes or countries just web sities that block 3DTVCAnada.com and it's startups. so you have t carry one . www.3DPresident of www.3DADCHannel.com sombody must be in the same boat as me with all the traffic i get and so many people using the ICAnn domains as search key worlds ther must be some one serious ablout 3DTVCopyRight.com content on a www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com for the 3DWorldWideWEbTV.net industry when it is nno longet used for blocking startups. So we all must carry on an wait for the worlld to open up as it now impossibple in 23 years to launch a website bvusiness for advertising in 3D . www.3DStores.com you should advertisne n your own name at 3Dstores.com and be the first! www.3DSportsTV.com ad or the first 3DCasa.com to be a www.3DListing.com but how can you when a;ll the AI.Bots are selling yoyur traffic as a seo on a seaerch that blocks your 23 year old tv chanel? >br? We all just have to grin and bear their shannagins and carry one starting up more 3DTVCHannels.com untill the day they no longet block www.3DTVCanada.com in the news advertising business onine I guess

ICANN addresses used as an advertising key word make the www internet unsafe, incompetent and useless for business and pleasure when computer scripts are made to ignore official ICANN addresses and media search engines that are using unofficial incomparable ICANN top level domains or any other country code as catchalls for ICANN addresses as they cause global confusion and make the www internet unsafe, incompetent and useless for business and pleasure.
This is why when the economiy is vacuumed off of the internet, city by city gleened of web traffic via their ICANN portings and adresses they startups, and why Canadian youth are shying away from entrapenurialism.

Canada's housing crises is about to get worse because it is going to imagrte over a million peole in 3 years and build 60,000 homes using 1 contractor or 2 , and this does not compute as we arw already experiancing a housing shortage and 3DTVStartups shortage and electric car manufacturing shortage and innovatiob acess shortage where are we going to put the ild age pensioners who have not even got a minimyum wage or medical untill they ate 75 but can't work after 65 or live off of less than 1000 dollers a month even if they get a obe time check for 240 bucks and so with no politicians aenfircing housing and no one abe to launch a 3DTVCHannel.com and hire workers in car manufacturing or innovate in sports then we are in trouble and for the last 4 elections in 2d is a debate that is blocked in 3D is the indication if you can not launch a 3DTVNewschannel.com in CAnada how could you help housing with 3DNEthomes.com or 3DTVRealty.com when the entire system s based ob 2D and 2D block people and startups and innovaion so as to get it all their way and they seem to do thongs that keep housinbg inn the nes and as a main story instead of why we are jobless when blocked by 2d tv every songle time you try to support a trade or political situation or sport you get social blocked by all the 2DS TV jpurnalists and their medias for 23 yesrs then 3DTElevision is just another industry that create 0 jobs and this ,means 3DTVWeeb casting workers join the electric car and home manufacturers workers end up like all the 3DSportsT.com startup workers, homeless too. Ad search;
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